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What We Are

Welcome to BforBiker, India’s largest online established community with the aim to create ample resource related to bike, rides & travel. We are meant to make a really wonderful experience for bike adventure enthusiast, covering all the aspects, so you discover the hidden, unexplored, treasured places of our country on your mettle pedals. We come together to build a community that invigorates and inspires biker on a global scale to fuel up and achieve their goals. This is a platform created by the team of motorcycle professionals who are really enamored of adventure, wanderlust, and expedition. BforBiker could possibly be a one-stop destination for thrill seeker bikers to look out and get updated with anything and everything related to biking.

“Reignite the Spirit of Rider in You”

What We Serve

If your aim is to create an unforgettable journey on your motorcycle, BforBiker could push you forwards towards reaching your aim. We cover every facet of touring that starts from weekend getaways, so not a single weekend goes a waste, as well as Single Run if you are up for an unceasing journey. On our site you’ll get detailed routes information no matter it’s a long trail or a short bike ride, also supportive information like, the time to visit, places to cover, specialty, as well as multiple travel places options to choose from like a complete motorcycle road trip ideas.

Besides this section, you can also check out the latest news in the two-wheel industry. We keep on adding news on a daily basis so you don’t miss any single update. Also, a section that solely provides blogs on varied topics related to motorcycle, journey, adventure and a lot more. This will help you become a true rider as well as help you maintain your bike in the best condition.

We have searched, made several choices and picked few best travel places that can definitely be worth traveling to on your motorcycle. Be it the best roads to ride on or the most challenging ones, a true rider when setting an aim in the mind, would definitely conquer the destination. The feeling is similar to climbing and reaching to the top of the Mount Everest, that’s how a rider feel when the toughest possible roads are crossed no matter what barriers and challenges comes on the way.

We emphasize strongly on the Top 5 category wherein a lot of research and deep consideration is put in, to frame the top 5 segments according to our preference. Our information is purely unbiased; you can rely on us for being the most transparent ones when it comes to catering our thoughts to the rider readers.

Biking is a whole new world and it is more than just a hobby. So it is important to add more value to your riding experience. This can be possible only if you remain up to date with all the upcoming biking technology. We are sure to help you in the best manner by providing detail information on upcoming launches, modification, bike accessories apart from being just a travel guide.

We are Different

The reason for our existence is to inspire the rider to aid on a journey and create an immensely memorable experience. We are highly focused on breaking the stereotype mentality. Women riders and old age riding isn’t a taboo anymore. Bikes are no more just the first love of men; it isn’t about age or gender. It’s about holding the spirit of biking in you that makes you a true rider. It’s a riding machine for every individual who lives to ride and hold the passion to enthrall by the adventure.

There’s a mindset that BforBiker is really keen to break, which is “If you are a rider your riding skills is aggressive”. In fact, the truth is bike riders are very cautious, be it on road or off-road, every biker is protective and follows a really strong interest in riding safe not just to protect themselves but to protect the pedestrians and other automobiles on road too. This is the reason it pushes us to start up a Ride Alert section that stimulates the use of appropriate bike accessories, riding techniques, body gestures as well as update on how riding could better our health.

BforBiker also aims to motivate solo riding and we constantly kick on different ideas on how to make solo trips a life-changing experience. A true rider never stops when they crave to ride on their machine, no matter you ride solo or with your biker group, the only thing you enjoy is the journey more than the destination. Meeting new people, exploring new places, help you learn more about you.

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