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Electric Bikes – The Future of Bikes in India and the World

The electric bike, also known as an e-bike, is one of the most popular forms of green transportation. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries or fuel cells to allow long-distance travel on a single charge. Overall, they are a low-cost, low-energy, and zero-emission mode of transportation. Revolt RV 400 (Rs. 1.24 Lakh), Oben Rorr (Rs. 1.02 Lakh), and Tork Kratos (Rs. 1.22 Lakh) are the most popular electric motorcycles in India. Electric bike manufacturers in India include Revolt, Oben, Tork, Odysse Electric, and Kabira Mobility.

Top Electric Bikes by Brand

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    FAQs about electric bikes

    Which is the best electric bike available in India?

    The best electric bike in India is the Revolt RV 400. The bike comes for Rs 1.24 lakhs (ex-showroom).

    Which electric bike in India has the longest range?

    Tork T6X has the longest range of all-electric bikes available in India. The company claims a mileage of 180kms on a single charge.

    Is it a smart decision to buy an electric bike in India?

    Yes, it is. Electric bikes are the future, and they will soon replace petrol-powered ones. They are easy to maintain and are less heavy on pockets.

    Which brand is the best for electric bikes in India?

    Revolt is considered the best and fastest emerging electric bike brand in India.

    Are electric bikes safe to ride in the rain?

    Yes. Electric bikes are secure to ride in the rain, and all components of electric bikes are water resistant, which means riding or parking them in the rain will induce no harm to the bikes.

    Do electric bikes make noise and have an exhaust?

    No. Since electric bikes run on batteries, they do not make noise while running and do not have an exhaust system.

    What is the cost per kilometre for electric bikes?

    1 km will approximately cost you Rs 10 to 15 paisa. Electric bikes typically require 2-5 units to be fully charged, which means the total running cost ranges from 15 to 40 rupees.

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