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Royal Enfield Bikes

"Made like a gun," Royal Enfield needs no introduction. The brand's motorcycles have their cult following. People who own a Royal Enfield belong to a different social class and have a higher social status. The Bullet 350 is the most well-known Royal Enfield in India, having been with the company since its inception. The current Bullet generation also comes in a 350cc variant, while the 500cc was discontinued.

About the company

Royal Enfield is one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers. The iconic British manufacturer, founded in 1901, began by producing motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers, stationary engines, and, more recently, weapons. In honour of its legacy, Royal Enfield continues to use the slogan “Made like a gun” today.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for their class and signature thump. In 1994, Eicher Motors acquired Royal Enfield, critical in the company’s resurgence.

Although the company continues to produce classic-styled and old-school motorcycles that are essentially modernised versions of the early Bullet models from the 1950s, Royal Enfield’s fortunes have turned, and it is now one of India’s fastest-growing bike manufacturers. While the Classic launched the company on an unprecedented growth trajectory, a few Royal Enfield models, such as the now-discontinued single-cylinder Continental GT, had to make do with a muted response.

Royal Enfield was unrivalled in India until international brands such as Triumph and Indian Chief arrived. Despite a lineup with outdated models, Royal Enfield has maintained its position as a lifestyle motorcycle manufacturer.

After establishing a foothold in the Indian market, Royal Enfield is now looking to expand its global footprint. Recently, the company has expanded its global presence by establishing exclusive dealerships in Europe, the Gulf, and the United States.

Royal Enfield’s current lineup includes the Bullet, Classic, Thunderbird, Himalayan, Interceptor 650, and Continental GT 650. The Bullet, Classic, and Thunderbird are available in two versions, powered by 500cc and 350cc engines, respectively. While all of the models have remained true to the company’s traditional character, a few specific models get a dose of modern technology—fuel injection, projector headlamps, and a digital instrument cluster. ABS and a rear disc brake are recent addition to the list of standard features across the board.

With the introduction of its first twin-cylinder motorcycles, the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, things are expected to get more exciting for the brand. With their aggressive pricing, these twin-cylinder 650cc motorcycles promise to usher in a new chapter for the brand in India and globally.

Royal Enfield FAQ

What makes Royal Enfield bikes unique?

The Royal Enfield boasts an all-metal construction with very few plastic parts (except for the Himalayan) and can withstand decades of use if properly maintained.

Which Royal Enfield is the most comfortable to ride?

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is one of the most comfortable bikes available in India right now.

Which Royal Enfield motorcycle is the lightest?

The Continental GT is Royal Enfield's lightest and most powerful production motorcycle on the market in India right now.

Is there a fuel indicator on Royal Enfield bikes?

Except for the Bullet Standard, which has a low fuel indicator, the Classic, Thunderbird, Himalayan, Interceptor, and Continental GT all have fuel indicators.

Are Royal Enfield bikes good for daily use?

With high performance and excellent handling, the Royal Enfield bikes are good for daily use.

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