2019 Best Budget Action Camera


2019 Best Budget Action Cameras to Buy in India

Unlike any other cameras, action camera offers more than what you think they could. They are designed in a way that can be fitted easily to a helmet, in your car, or any other object to record actions from unique angles. From an extreme sports enthusiast to any TV production companies, capturing the adventure & experiences at the right time becomes important, which a megapixel couldn’t offer well. Although, it is not a necessity to pick your hands only on high priced ones because they can fulfill your filming needs or any specific scenario better. There are budget-friendly devices that can be used to record your crazy wild experiences in your life where you can spend less and cherish the memories for life.

Features, Features and a lot of Features!

What do you expect from your camera? Small, simple & tough! Is that all? Well, that’s just some basic features that you’ve been expecting from your camera! Action cameras in India are typically flooded with multiple features, from basic recording to the latest automated editing in high-definition video quality. They are ultra portable, rugged, and waterproof with Wi-Fi that creates less fuss. You also get high performance based cameras with GPS, touch screen control & wide angle lens to top it all. Choosing the right action camera is very tricky, especially when you have too many options to pick from. These cameras stretch your imagination so to capture the perfect shot.

No matter what kind of adventure geek you are, there are Cameras out there, waiting to shoot you! But everything starts and ends with what you expect from your cam, with too many options online, you must know what you are looking for. If you are a filmmaker, 4k video camera suits well, if you are an adventure lover or a bike rider, you expect the features like free voice activation, loop record & few additional features based on your preferences. Once this is set in your mind, the next thing that you can bump up to is pricing. Featuring from cheap affordable budget cameras to 4k definition quality, selecting the most suitable one for your next adventure can be tizzy.

There is quite a huge market now especially for best budget action cameras in 2019. Certainly, because people nowadays value the importance of living life to the fullest & a camera to capture the craziness is a perfect option to spend on. The list of action cameras in India gets updated every time a new device is launched; even the price & features fluctuate depending upon the updates made. Here, we’ve covered the best action cameras which we felt worth buying, that you can pick to satisfy your hunger for capturing the perfect shot of life.

Best Budget Action Cameras in India:

The list is based on the number of features like Portability, Battery Life, Video & Image Quality, Durability, and additional accessories that you get along with the action camera in the affordable price range below 12,000 Rupees.

1. Yi Lite Action Camera

Yi Lite Action Camera

(Affordable, portable and feature loaded)

  • Price: 7,098
  • Weight: 72g
  • 720: 120fps
  • 1080: 60fps
  • 4K video: 20fps

Though Yi’s range of cameras is cheap, this specific one is the most affordable model in the entire range. No doubt! 4K has become a must-have feature in the action camera, this device does offer the user to shoot 4K footage with 20 frames per second mode (frame rate is a bit slow). Addition to this, Yi Lite also offers some really smooth Full HD footage that goes up for 60fps. If you are looking out for best budget action cameras to use occasionally and not regularly, this one’s preferable with core features & sensible pricing also room for creative options for users to show their creative skills. With easy touch screen usability, this tough, reliable, ultra-portable, affordable & extremely impressive entry-level camera is something that you’ve never expected in this price range.

Being restricted to 2 inches LED screen won’t create many problems, as there are various camera settings that can be controllable easily. Whatever mode you choose, with Yi Lite Action Camera it provides color & contrast & good editing options in any condition. Yi Lite proved to be versatile, impressive and pocket-friendly that provides smooth results.

Keeping aside some negative points like No GPS & voice control, this action camera will be able to film 1080p and 720p quality video, with image stabilization & high frame rate. Other creative features like loop records, slow-motion, 16MP stills, time-lapse & burst as well as timer mode with standard tripod thread for group shot can be enjoyed with this device. Also, the decent Yi Action app manages to upload the video/image on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While talking about Instagram, uploading videos and pictures without cropping becomes now easy with the resolution friendly options that this device can serve you. With all the essential features inbuilt in this camera, it proves to be a definite option that you can choose, as you won’t find a better camera at the same price. Talking about the battery life, it can stretch up to 1 to 2 hours.


  • Best results in Full HD footage
  • Simple in use
  • 16 MP Still images are generated in Satisfactory Quality
  • Comes with Waterproof case
  • Additional Accessories


  • The frame rate is slow & jerky
  • Without voice control
  • No GPS
  • Not able to measure your speed

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2. SJCAM SJ7 Star


  • Price: 11,999
  • Weight: 74g
  • Internal 4K: Up to 30 fps,
  • 2.5k: 60 and 30 fps
  • Full HD: 120, 60 and 30 fps

This one looks similar to the GoPro action camera; in fact, it is designed as a direct competitor for the GoPro camera. The design of this device is quite trendy and decent enough. Easy to use with fewer buttons & dials and is lightweight as well. It provides 4K quality videos/ UHD recording with sound plus the video is colorful, lively, detailed and doesn’t get blurred when you zoom. There is also a 2-inch touch screen for smooth usability after all this can help you navigate quickly & smoothly; with that, the design is compact, simple with a waterproof case. For recording your everyday moment, you also have the feature of HD 120 fps recording option which can be played in the normal speed to secure amazing and memorable footage of your everyday life.

Though there are a few things that you’ll miss in this device, few mentioned here are lack of professional quality image, Image stabilization not possible in 4k shooting mode and few more. But neglecting the negative points, you still get to experience a unique set of features with this one. It is not like any plastic camera that you held in your hand and feel like a lightweight waste, it is a solid one, decent enough with good features to offer an affordable price. Totally proven to be your best budget action camera! For a smooth, dependable Full HD video, you can rely on this one as it does good justice to giving high importance to your Image & Video clarity. This one falls under the best budget action camera for capturing all your indoor and outdoor fun.

Additional features that you expect in this device is (built-in) Loop recording, Time-lapse video recording, Dual files editing, Auto Low Light feature, Slow motion only for Full HD quality. The sensor inside is 12.4 megapixel with a variety of option to capture still & videos. Also, offering an easy way to publish the video or Image easily on social media without any hassle. Talking about the Battery, this one comes with a 3.8 V 1000 mAh battery. SJCAM website claims battery life to be for 120 minutes. This action camera isn’t just restricted to the features mentioned above; there is another additional thing that makes it unique and classy, also considering the fact that it does fit your budget. But with keeping all the positive & negative aspects in mind, we’ll move on with the pros and cons:


  • Raw shooting
  • Feature loaded (Auto Low Light, Gyro Sensor, Time-lapse Video)
  • Rear touch screen
  • Smooth Full HD video
  • Additional Accessories


  • Less professional quality
  • Still photos can’t be taken in Raw Format
  • Without voice control
  • Basic Smartphone app
  • No GPS
  • No image stabilization for 4K video

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3. Procus Rush 2.0 4K HD Action Camera

Procus Rush 2.0 4K HD Action Camera

  • Price: 6599
  • Weight: 1.13 Kg
  • 4K- 30fps
  • 2.7K- 30fps
  • 1080P- 60/30 fps
  • 720P-60/30 fps

This one will help the user capture high-quality video and images. But what makes it different from the rest? This new one will help you render your videos easily even in high FPS. One thing that you can easily spot is the professional quality video & images delivered from this device, which is sure to amaze you! You can click incredible pictures with 16 MP resolutions. No matter you are trekking, hiking or on a vacation enjoying on an exotic beach, the option to easily share your memorable adventurous moments with this camera becomes hassle-free.

Talking about its Features in-depth you can capture videos with different in-built features available, depending upon how dramatic and sport you want to showcase your video, you are free to choose varied options to edit and modify the footage. Like slow motion and loop recording for a filmy effect even time lapse, driving mode, this adds more value to your videos. The external remote and mounts options available in this device helps you focus more on shooting smooth videos, a 2.4G wireless wrist Remote Control to top it all. Procus Rush 2.0 is definitely in the best budget action camera in 2019 that you can pick for shooting the most amazing manner possible. It equips IP68 waterproof case (30m underwater) that can help you shoot your underwater diving or swimming video.

Few more things that make this one better to choose is the in-Built Wi-Fi offering signals ranging up to 10 meters, plus two Batteries and many accessories with it. With unique features and better performance, what else do you expect even on spending less on a professional action camera!


  • Great professional video quality
  • Wireless wrist remote
  • Waterproof cover
  • Battery life is satisfactory
  • Waterproof action cam
  • Additional Accessories


  • No GPS
  • Without voice control

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4. SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K HD

SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K HD

  • Price: 9499
  • Weight: 82 g
  • 4K- 24fps
  • 2K – 30fps
  • 1080 FHD, 1920*1080 – 60fps
  • 720P, 1280*720 – 120fps, 60fps, 30fps

To capture your adventure & sports in the most unique manner SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K HD is a well-designed device for you. From gliding, surfing, diving to biking, driving & many more, you can save your memories and cherish it for life with this classic camera. Dual Screen 2.0 inch back screen and 0.96 inch front screen makes it easy to use, ease in the preview, play and pause your shots as per your convenience & even changing the settings becomes simpler. Also, this one is well equipped with a16 Megapixels with Gyro stabilization to make your video more smooth and in motion. Moreover, you also get to enjoy the panoramic views in the coolest way with the 180-degree wide-angle lens present in this device. This sporty looking camera help you shoot video and capture picture in 4 K Ultra-HD qualities. It is a stylish, lightweight yet solid piece that makes can surely fit your pocket and in fact, is bursting out with too many inbuilt features.

Varied photos and video options make this action camera simply the best like, Exposure Time, Adjustable FOV, Loop Recording, Double File, White Balance, Sharpness, Bitrate are few photo options to choose from. That’s how simple everything becomes with this best budget action camera.

Surely this camera is not going to disappoint you in any way also with the diverse function it has as an addition! Especially sporty and adventure seekers, this is definitely what you are looking for at the most affordable price Let no memories of you miss out with the dull quality phone cameras! This professional action camera is surely catered to your needs.


  • 4K Ultra-HD Action Cam
  • Multiple functions
  • Wireless Remote


  • Battery life not satisfactory

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5. YI 88012 Action Camera

YI 88012 Action Camera

  • Price: 9,823
  • Weight: 59 g
  • 1080P/60FPS
  • 720P/120FPS
  • 848*480/240FPS

This camera helps one capture outstanding pictures and videos in Full HD quality. With Amarelle A7LS chipset fitted in it & digital signal processing (DSP) technology that sustain low power, inbuilt 700-MHz ARM11 applications processor & high-definition (HD) H264/ MJPEG video engine. Talking about the lens, this one helps the user to cover 155 degrees Wide angle lens with this, creating exceptionally amazing panoramic view becomes simply easy. YI 88012 Action Cameras captures outstanding pictures which give you a reason to explore more and create more beautiful memories.

The other best thing this camera offers which is a necessary element is the expandable selfie-stick and Bluetooth remote control that you can make use of. The camera also features, 16MP Sony Exmore R, 16MP Panasonic CMOS image sensor so you can capture crystal clear HD quality images & shoot HD videos with bright and vivid color that can also make you adjust the noise reduction & light sensitivity.

Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, this action camera helps you take instant photos and videos without giving any inconvenience. With varied options offered by this camera, you can simply enjoy capturing your moment with multiple effects. Easily adjustable resolution, Burst Mode feature to capture all your moments, Time-Lapse option to capture the perfect sunset and sunrise. With the Bluetooth connectivity, you can be able to easily share the pictures and videos to your Smartphone for instant editing & sharing to the world. Another easy way to share your memories to the world is by downloading the Action Camera App that instantly shares without creating any mess. The portable handy camera can fit your pocket, convenience in your traveling and you’ll never feel like leaving this at home.


  • Perfect for easy transportation
  • Wide angle lens: 16 megapixels
  • Capturing from any angle
  • Light Weight
  • Additional Accessories


  • No memory card
  • Not waterproof
  • Battery life isn’t satisfactory

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6. Romax Action Camera Pro 4 Sports

Romax Action Camera Pro 4 Sports

  • Price: 6899
  • 4K- 15Fps
  • 2.7K – 30Fps
  • 2K- 30Fps
  • 1080P – 60 / 30Fps
  • 720P- 120 / 60 / 30Fps

With this action camera, you can be able to record 4K HD videos & even capture images at 20 megapixels this simply means that you will be able to capture ultra HD recordings of videos & images. With Romax Action Camera Pro 4 Sports you are up for capturing some really wonderful experiences of your adventure, moments & life in ultra clear quality. You can also download the app from the play story “Wificameraviewer” to connect your Smartphone with this action camera easily.

If you are planning to capture from a different perspective, you are free to do so with multiple features like Loop Recording, Time-Lapse Video Recording, Slow Motion Recording options, this adds more value to your images and video because of the capability it holds to make your memories simply easy to record and shoot with different easy to use modes & Functions. The functions and switching modes are not very difficult to understand, the manual can guide you with the respective mode changing options. You can even shoot (video record) while it is on charge. Save your underwater adventure, shoot the video, click super crazy pictures and enjoy watching your memories from the camera as it has water resistance up to 25m. That’s how simple everything is with Romax action camera. It provides wide-angle lens that allows the user to shoot, capture and recording anything and everything from any angle.

if you love to experience skiing, trekking, biking, surfing or no matter which adventure geek’s category you come under, this best budget action camera help to save never-ending experiences of your life. Furthermore, if you want to connect your camera with any other electronic device like a computer/laptop or even TV for that matter, it is very easy to do so pljs it has wireless connectivity. The battery life is satisfactory it can stretch up to 3 hours, and it gives you many reasons to carry with you even for a long journey or adventure.


  • 20 Megapixels
  • 4K Ultra HD Video Recording
  • Water proof
  • Easy to use
  • Additional Accessories


USB Adaptor is not provided with it

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We’ve created a table and given ratings to each camera mentioned above, based on their Design, Image and Video Quality, Features, Battery life & Pricing:

Product NamePrice (Rupees)DesignImage QualityFeaturesBattery
Yi Lite Action Camera7,098 INR Buy at Amazon8/108/109/108/10
SJCAM SJ7 Star11,999 INR Buy at Amazon9/108/108/108/10
Procus Rush 2.0 4K HD Action Camera6599 INR Buy at Amazon8/108/108/108/10
SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K HD9499 INR Buy at Amazon8/109/107/107/10
YI 88012 Action Camera9,823 INR Buy at Amazon8/108/107/107/10
Romax Action Camera Pro 4 Sports6899 INR Buy at Amazon8/109/108/107/10

Now it’s your time to give your views, feedbacks & opinions about this best budget action camera. Ask us any queries if you have regarding our provided list, we’ll be more than happy to help you for the same.

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