Best Power Bank to Buy in India


Best Power Bank to Buy in India – The Ultimate Guide to Buying

Ever caught in an emergency & the battery of your phone died? Also Imagine, when you are extremely bored and you can’t even watch a video or play music to entertain yourself! Think that you are extremely helpless and you can’t contact anyone! These are some really horrifying instances and we’ve been through situations like this at least once in our lifetime. One cannot predict when our smartphones may leave us vulnerable. For these unforeseen events to never come up in our lives, power bank came into existence. Most of us are looking out for:

Best Power Bank under 5000 with Power, Price, Availability & More

For a travel freak person, maybe an enthusiastic rider or a thrill seeker trekker you can’t expect a charging slot anywhere on the road or in the middle of the jungle. At this specific point of time, power bank invention really makes wonders. Well, they aren’t simply used to fill your smart phone’s energy! They can be used for other electronic devices like tablets, laptop, cameras, as well.

Majority of us can hardly live without carrying gadgets. An iPod, mp3 players, action cameras have certainly become an essential part of our outings. We can forget carrying our wallets for some reason, but mobile phones are an integral part of our life that stays with us like a soul mate, and a lifesaver for your 21st-century routine.

Luckily with your power bank, you can now feel a bit of relief, but hold on. What are some really important elements that you must look out for before picking your hands on the suggestions you see online?

What A Power Bank Can Offer?

  • Better battery capacity to charge your devices multiple times
  • If there is no socket available on your journey, a power bank acts as a rescuer
  • On can use it for charging more than one device at a time
  • It is handy, portable, easy to carry, lightweight
  • The life span of this is generally higher if used correctly
  • It is possible to charge in an eco-friendly way by combining your power bank with the solar panels.

How Do You Choose a Power Bank?

Which is certainly the best power bank to buy in India? Well, the Price, quality, ampere, the capacity of the power bank & usage are few factors that you must check before making any judgments. There are a number of affordable, portable, and great quality chargers in the market that can serve your needs and keep your gadgets topped up. These are not just the things that need to be seen, there are other basic factors that you must not overlook. One of which is the size. It does matter, if you don’t want to carry heavy weight charger in your pocket, there are portable, lightweight ones that can be convenient enough to carry anywhere.

Charge up your Device with our provided Power banks!

Scroll down and discover our suggested list of best power bank to buy in India.

Our Top Picks for Best Power Bank to Buy:

1. Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank

Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank

  • Weight: 354g
  • Price: Rs 4490
  • Battery capacity: 20,100mAh
  • Number of ports: 2

What do we look out for while buying a power bank? It has to be compact, lightweight, slip, and portable and of course charges quickly so you can fearlessly carry your low battery mobile phones or any handset outside while traveling. Your expectation can definitely be fulfilled by this one. The battery capacity of this one is 20100mAh. Even if you want to charge two phones together, you can do so with the 2.4Amp ports that you get with this device. The huge battery capacity of Anker PowerCore 20100 helps to charge all the devices that you have carried with you on the trip at least twice. The brand has also claimed that the iPhone user can feel a bit of calmness as the iPhone 6, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 can be charged around six times, apart from that other Samsung gadget like Galaxy S6, S8, S9, S7 can be charged four times.

Other things that make this power bank special is, if you have any device that supports, PowerIQ or voltage boost, you can expect the charging to be very quick as compared to the other device that doesn’t use this. Now the main factor of concern is its pricing, you may be wondering a product featuring multiple benefits may have high rates, but surprisingly you can pick this one in affordable pricing. Talking about portability, if your device is compatible, then portability won’t ever be your concern. The Anker Powercore is truly the best power bank to buy in India as it is lightweight probably compared to the weight of the soup bowl! Yes, that’s how light it is. The only disadvantage of this product is, it isn’t compatible with all devices, so you have to check properly before picking. The fear of leaving your fingerprints on the product may not be your concern with using this one as it is smudge free and the grips are very convenient. There are other advanced features included to keep your device safe.

Accessories that you get along with this device is, of course, the charger, the guidebook to instruct you on how to use it, micro USB cable & a travel pouch (much needed)

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2. Aibocn Power Bank

Aibocn Power Bank

  • Weight: 272g
  • Price: Rs 2849
  • Battery: 10,000 mAh
  • Number of Slots: 2

This one is an incredible bang to your penny. Aibocn is just that you need with very decent power. You can charge 2 devices simultaneously as you get 2 number of port here. It is available mainly in white color, but there is a different version that has varied color or highlight schemes, including orange, red, grey & black. Well, looking at the negative side too, the size maybe creates problems as it is a heft power bank and is quite thicker. Though this doesn’t really affect your portability issue much, you can think twice if weight is a concern. All in one, this power bank does help you by offering a lot more in the affordable price range.

Overcharge protection is one best quality that you can expect from this device. The LED indicators fitted in the power bank helps one informed about how much the battery is charged. The Intelligent Safety Protection helps you make sure that you don’t overcharge any of your electronic gadgets, as overcharging may affect your gadget.

Aibocn has made sure that the power bank holds all that is needed and manages to pack up with exclusive features in such a compact device. With a 10,000 mAh battery helps to charge Smartphone 3 or 4 times (on an average) and a tablet once. To fuel up completely the Aibocn Power Bank, it takes about 3 to 4 hours, so a little patience & you’ll relax all day long. It is more stable and easy to take along with you, besides being hefty. If the color white & bulky body doesn’t really bother you, then this is surely an ideal option for you.

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3. RAVPower Luster portable charger

RAVPower Luster portable charger

  • Weight: 141g
  • Price: Rs 4599
  • Battery: 6700mAh
  • Number of Port: 1

A 2A input helps to save half of your time to fully charge the 6700mAh portable charging. With the 2.4A output, you are sure to experience 2X faster charging of other devices with this power bank. Overall you get maximum input & output for the fastest and stronger experience of charging. The special thing that makes this one different is, it automatically detects the current required for the device to charge and provide the current in a specific amount so there is no overcharging.

While talking about the size, it is compact, simple to carry, portable and can fit in the size of your palm. For some of the audience who prefer the design to look appealing with a gorgeous metal shell and an LED to keep you well informed about the battery getting full. Safety is also a concern, so you get Ultra reliable A+ Lithium-Ion battery, overcurrent protection, short circuit. The battery will shut down while it’s overcharged. Though it is fully feature loaded with safety being on the top, this doesn’t mean that you will get it high priced. This power bank is fairly low priced it will fit in your pocket most probably in an easier way.

There are situations where cannot easily spot amongst the other black devices that you carry along with you, but The colorful appearance of this charger makes it look super stylish and so you can spot easily. A drawback that can affect your buying decision is, it has only one port, so you cannot charge multiple devices at a stretch. But if this is not a big problem for you, then the rest of the things are definitely worth it and you can pick your hands on and travel fearlessly.

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4. Solice Power Bank

Solice Power Bank

  • Weight: 476g
  • Price: Rs 4779
  • Battery: 20000mAh
  • Number of Port: 2

Looking at its capacity & performance, this one gives the best in both with a price range that fits your pocket easily. Considering the pricing as well as the features, both are user-friendly and can be a good option to pick for your charging needs. A massive ultra-high capacity of 20000 mAh battery will fill all your needs and in fact in affordable pricing, so you don’t have to think twice before putting your hands on this one. The colors offered are mainly white & grey, but for a different color appearance, there is another version with blue highlight available which looks quite classy.

Featuring the power bank, it is armed with 2 USB port & an LED flashlight to top it all. With this, you will get an indication of the battery being overcharged. Led also helps you while you are traveling or on the go. The size of this one is fairly the same as the Aibocn power bank mentioned above. The price of this one is kept around Rs 4779 which is simply fair enough that you can spend on easily knowing that it has a lot to offer. It is compact, portable, and slim so you can easily have the grip to hold it. It has an anti-fingerprint design so there is a clear surface for you. This one also ensures complete reliability with the safety features being there in it and not neglected by the brand, safety measure helps to prevent overcharging, short circuits or overcurrent. It is compatible with devices like iPhone, Samsung, iPad and more.

The overall sophisticated product, that you can put your hands on in a really affordable price pack, plus there are different color options to choose from depending upon your expectation and appearance preferences. Apart from that, the bulky body that has is because of the ultra-massive battery capacity of this device. If the limited color options and the hefty body isn’t a concern for you, then this is definitely the best power bank to buy in India for your everyday needs.

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5. Syska Power bank 20000Mah

Syska Power bank 20000Mah

  • Weight: 403g
  • Price: Rs 1659
  • Battery: 20000 mAh
  • Number of Ports: 2

You can consider this one as the best power bank to buy in India for your charging needs anytime anywhere. While you can’t ignore the fact that is has been the most sold out device in India and the reason is that of the affordability and excellent feature that you get along with it. For those who are looking out for power bank with affordable features but amazing battery capacity, this one comes with a 20000Mah battery power.

What makes it unique? It comes with a BIS certification that can help you get connected with the other devices for a really long period of time. It comes armed with 2 USB port options that can let you charge more than one device at a time, surely this one was missing in the RAVPower Luster portable charger, and in fact, you get this feature probably at a lesser price as compare to the other one. If the devices are connected together, then both of them will get 3 amp output charges, while if only one is connected then the output charge will get about 6 amps.

Talking about the weight, this may seem a bit heavy as compared to the other category, the look, weight, body, and dimension of the battery are oversized and may seem a bit difficult while carrying this one but beside this only negative point, you can expect a lot better benefits. Offering two color options to choose from, black and white. Priced at around, Rs 1659 and to fully fuel up the power bank it takes about 8 long hours, so you can charge it according to your convenience before carrying it along with you.

The Syska Power bank comes with IC protection, this will help to improve the life of your power bank as it avoids over charging, over discharging & even uncertain short circuits. You can also keep a track of the charging of the device which is connected.

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So these are the top 5 power bank buying ideas that BforBiker have presented. These are probably the best one with affordable pricing. One can choose from the above list based on your preferences and needs. Your decision about buying this technology is great! You must not wait too long to buy your desired power bank.

We’ve created a table and given ratings to each power bank mentioned above, based on their, Features, Battery capacity & Pricing:

Product NamePrice (Rupees)FeaturesBattery
Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank4490 INR Buy at Amazon9/109/10
Aibocn Power Bank2849 INR Buy at Amazon8/108/10
RAVPower Luster portable charger4599 INR Buy at Amazon7/108/10
Solice Power Bank4779 INR Buy at Amazon8/109/10
Syska Power bank 20000mAH1659 INR Buy at Amazon8/109/10

If you have any queries regarding the product or want to provide your opinions or reviews about the power bank we’ve listed here, you can drop a comment. We will be extremely happy to help you and hear from you.

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