Delhi to Spiti Valley Itinerary- A Detailed Road Trip Plan

We’ve created a video on Delhi to Spiti Valley road Itinerary for 10 days. That gives you the idea of the routes, places to visit, the best time to visit & the cuisine offered. To know the details of Spiti Valley, do watch the video.

Ever planned for an adventure-filled journey to the Greater Himalayas? Well! The Himalayas do offer Indians a few of the most scenic places that look truly like heaven on Earth. One of the places that an adventure geek, who’s fond of challenges shouldn’t miss out is “Spiti Valley”. Now, Spiti has to be one of the favorite places to travel after Leh- Ladakh. This beautiful attraction is situated on the northern side of Himachal Pradesh; it looks incredibly beautiful with a mountain & desert kind of landscapes.


The word “Spiti” describes “The middle land” as it lies in between the Mainland India & Tibet. Thus you get to see two cultural mixes with respect to clothing, cuisine, festivals as well as the language. Spiti is accessible by road and there is a lot of mind-blowing places that one can cover. The route from Delhi to Spiti Valley has a lot of paved and unpaved roads, beautiful flowing streams, snowy mountains, and patches as well as rocks and barren land on your way. Familiarize yourself with riding on rugged roads, narrow paths, jaw-dropping views, and the blue flowing lake accompanying your ride.

The mesmerizing landscapes, breathtaking lake views, and the snow-capped mountains can make you more than just mad. No matter it’s a solo trip or a group trek, you are sure to enjoy every moment spent here. Spiti Valley trip is not just about some adventure by road, but offer a stunning landscape that changes from barren land to lush green to barren land to snowy mountains to lush green and so on.  Rich architectural values are visible in the old Buddhist monasteries with a rich cultural experience. Visit the highest villages, the last village of India, High altitude beautiful lake, the friendly local people as well as tempting cuisine that would impress your taste buds.

Spiti Valley Itinerary

Route plan

Best Time to Visit:

The month of April & May is when winter recedes & the spring season begins. This month is when the valley is officially off hibernation. The best part of these months is you get to experience snow as well as sunny weather. Also, it is not too cold neither too hold. The climate is beautiful, enjoyable and especially trekking and road trips start to take place this season.

July to September the weather becomes really good & the roads are easily accessible. So, traveling by any modes becomes quite simple. Due to the snow covering the roads in winter, the landslides and other roadblock issues arise. Between these months the roads get clear so traveling to different spots and enjoying a long trip becomes possible. Autumn starts post-July. So you see the River turning bluish & the landscape gets the orangish effect but there’s no snow.


As Spiti is a combination of 2 different cultures, Indian & Tibetan, the cuisine offered here get a high touch of the north Indian spices, making it more delicious and mouthwatering.  Visiting Spiti but not eating their authentic cuisine is sure to be considered a Big time crime. As said, you get Tibetan food with some north Indian spicy touch, Momos, Thukpa, Butter tea, Chang and Arkah are a must to try specialty. There are other sweet variety as well that you can experience only if you prefer to eat from local restaurants and not fancy hotels. This road trip to Spiti will let you taste the richness of Tibetan and North Indian food.


Traveling from Delhi to Spiti Valley by road on a bike trip may sound super exciting and adventurous. But there are things that a rider must be aware of before heading to the journey. Understanding what should and shouldn’t be done has to be pre-planned before en-rooting on the trip to a location like this.

Rugged, unpaved, narrow path and challenging roads don’t let you ride peacefully for sure, thus you can’t travel on a bike that is not strong enough to handle such rough conditions. For this place, it is highly advisable to pick a rugged bike with good ground clearance for your trip. Blind turns, narrow ways, falling stones are few challenges on your trip, but if you ride safe with full focus on the roads, you won’t get in any trouble.

Best Route Guide:


Route: Delhi-Shimla-Kaza-Manali-Delhi

If you want to enjoy completely and explore as many places as possible, a 10 days trip will surely help you cover a variety of amazing places. The trip to Spiti Valley from Delhi as per our itinerary is of around 10 days. We’ve picked the most suitable route that has some must-visit places to explore along with comfortable stay options.

Day 1: Delhi to Shimla / Delhi to Narkanda

Delhi to Shimla journey takes about 350 km, Start your ride early morning, so you can reach the destination in the afternoon. Explore Shimla; there are beautiful breathtaking and peaceful locations where you can spend time. The toy train & mall road for shopping is a must if you visit Shimla. While Delhi to Narkanda route covers 410 km, you can visit different places here as well like Hatu Peak & then spend some quality time at Jubbar Lake popular in Narkanda. For stay, you get multiple resorts & hotels options easily. Make sure you do pre-bookings of the hotel every time before you reach the destination.

Day 2: Shimla/ Narkanda- Sangla

It is better to Ride again early morning from Shimla to Sangla (240 km) or Narkanda to Sangla (180km) this depends entirely on the route you’ve picked in day 1. Remember: it is necessary to fuel up your bike in Narkanda, as the quality of the fuel you get here is superb and can help your ride hassle-free. The route to Sangla is truly mesmerizing; there are chances of distraction to your riding because of the nature that surrounds your ride throughout. Clicking random pictures on the road and some refreshments can add more value to your journey. Usually, by the evening, you’ll reach the Day 2 destination. The sunset of Sangla is worth admiring, so plan your ride accordingly this day.

Day 3: Sangla- Chitkul- Kalpa

Sangla to Chitkul & then Kalpa covers hardly 90 km of the ride. Though, the ride isn’t easy as it sounds, due to the road condition and other challenging twists and turns. Early morning rides usually help to eliminate a lot of problems that may come across if you start your ride post afternoon. Besides food, the view offered from Sangla to Chitkul has some rocky barren land, lush green mountains, feels like true heaven on earth experience. Enjoy scenic views & peaceful vibes offered at Chitkul village. Start your ride ahead till Kalpa, a small town famous for tempting red juicy apples.

Day 4: Kalpa- Nako– Geyu Village– Tabo

This day you’ll cover around 187 km. Kalpa has the most beautiful magical sunrise worth waking up for, Around 240 km ahead of Kalpa there’s no fuel station, so it is best if you fuel up your bike before heading on your journey. Ride ahead till Nako village, explore the local vibes, eat some good light food and ride till Geyu village. The route to Geyu may be confusing so locals will help you get there. Geyu village is a really beautiful one and there’s a monastery that had 500 years old mummy. Add more excitement to your trip by visiting the Geyu monastery. Start your ride yet again to the final destination for the day 4 of your Delhi to Spiti Trip Tabo.


Day 5: Tabo- Dhankar Village- Pin Valley (Mud Village)

The Journey covers probably around 85 km only. This short ride may seem short but it will take time due to the challenging roads and paths to cross by and some rivers to cross.  Also, visit Tabo monastery, it has vivid colors with beautiful architecture. Then start your ride till Dhankar village, visit the famous monastery, Dhankar Lake renowned for being peaceful with a fabulous photogenic view. Then ride straight till Pin valley, here at mud village there are many good hotel options to stay. So relax and enjoy your day at Pin valley, visit Pin Valley national park if you are flora and fauna lover.

Day 6: Mud Village- Kaza

This day is more of exploring places, covering around 50 km. Once you reach Kaza, there are many small villages that you can explore throughout your day. Book a hotel at Kaza for 2 days because you’ll spend the next day as well here. Visit Kaza monastery, explore ki and Kibber, a small yet popular village and a really good option for trekking. Also, visit Gette & Tashigang nested below the mountainous peak truly with some mesmerizing view. End of the day, ride back to Kaza and rest, be ready to explore more of Kaza tomorrow.

Day 7: Explore

This day is more of exploring Kaza. Major tourist attractions of this place are Hikkim, Komik & Langza. Komik is the world’s highest village with some amazing natural beauty from the top view. Langza is popular for the huge & highest Buddhist sculpture. A visit to this village will take your entire day. Ride back to Kaza and don’t forget to service your bike regularly.

Day 8: Kaza to Chandratal

Kaza to Chandratal covers around 90 km. On your ride, you will pass by Kunzum Pass, it is a very important place and offers a jaw-dropping view, the vibrant Buddhist flags and an age-old Devi temple is must stop by. There are many camping facilities on the route; this can be an ideal camping destination. Also, visit Chandratal Lake which is the popular eye soothing, peaceful location to spend time at also this lake is Ideal for your camping stay. Ride back & sleep in the tent, star gaze whole night and enjoy this experience.

chandratal lake

Day 9: Chandratal- Rohtang Pass- Manali

This day is a journey of 128 km. The ride is very risky and full of uncertain events. Show your adventurous side out, the roads are unsafe, rugged and rough paths to cross, narrow lanes and a bit scary views. Rohtang pass has some amazing view with snow-capped mountains. But considering the road condition, it will take a whole day to reach Manali.

Day 10: Manali to Delhi

The journey from Manali to Delhi is going to be a really long, hectic and tiring ride as the ride covers around 535 km. Start your ride early in the morning, the roads are beautiful no doubt. Manali to Delhi also has some amazing places to visit, so if you want to spend more time, you can explore as per your convenience.

This 10 days trip will help you cover a few of the most mind-blowing destinations that offer eye soothing views and these are the memories that you will cherish for life. In the entire trip don’t forget to maintain your bike, so to avoid any risk and uncertainties.

The budget of Spiti Valley Road Trip:


The costing of this trip from Delhi to Spiti Valley entirely depends on how you plan your ride as well as the level of comfort you expect from the trip. Of course, you can expect a fancy resort or 7-star hotel with luxurious facilities. The Spiti valley road trip is very challenging and there are really fewer luxuries on this trip. Considering the average cost that will occur on this bike trip, it is probably around 30 to 60 thousands Rupees.  The cost includes fuel charges, accommodation, food as well as your bike maintenance for around 10 days.

We Hope you have a clear idea of your 10 days exciting trip from Delhi to Spiti Valley. Tell us what you think about the Spiti Valley itinerary we’ve planned for you. Don’t forget to share your experience & if you need any bike trip guide, share us in the comment section.

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