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Motorcycle Riding Gear- An Inseparable Part Of Riding

Riding is all about thrill, fun, excitement, and an experience to cherish, but the queue isn’t over yet. The most vital and inseparable part of riding is, ‘a riding gear’. Without a proper riding gear, a rider’s journey is incomplete. May it is a small weekend journey to a nearby spot or a long trail journey to an exotic location, a riding gear not just completes the rider, but the journey as well. The days are gone when the sole purpose of a riding gear was to provide protection to the rider. Nowadays riders are keen on regarding their gear. They need it to be funky and stylish too. Pop and neon colors, funky patterns, and a comfort level at its best are the expectations of riders these days.

Let BforBiker put some spotlight on the essentials of a complete riding gear:

  • Helmet

The most important and a must-have part of a riding gear is a helmet. Without a proper helmet, a rider is incomplete to set out for any kind of a journey. A helmet covering the full face is a preferable option for riders these days. It not just protects the rider but also acts as a shield cover during various seasons. The helmets these days are available in cool and funky shades like bright yellow, neon green, neon orange, shiny red, and many other eyeball-grabbing colors.

The helmets now are also available with Bluetooth connectivity as well, which helps a rider to get connected to a call at any time of the ride without operating the cell phone, enjoy the ride while listening to the favorite music playlist, and also can use it as a GPS system to stay connected on the right routes. The visors as well are keenly designed to maintain the vision of the rider during a heavy downpour or a hot noon ride.

  • Rider Jacket

A rider jacket is the first eyeball-grabbing accessory in a riding gear. Though it seems to be just a stylish accessory, protects a rider from various harming factors. It not just serves the purpose of showing up a rider as cool and classy, but also protects the rider from the scorching heat of noon riding; heavy showers, and also protects the rider from cold breeze during the freezing atmosphere. In case of an accident, the Jackets play a major role in protecting the rider’s arms and body to get hurt majorly in any such incident. Layered clothing is suggested to the riders to get themselves adjusted to the atmosphere they ride in. The carbon fiber material allows a rider to breathe in easily and get adjusted according to the temperature.

A riding jacket is available with many pockets in it to store many things in it required during the journey. One can store cell phones, money, ear plugs, route maps, and various other things in these pockets. Numerous stylish, as well as pocket-friendly jackets, are available in the market. One can also find some new and trendy options online as well.

  • Gloves

Gloves too are an essential accessory for a rider. They protect one’s palms on the long and riding rides. They help a rider to have a better and comforting grip on the accelerator. Their function the best in keeping up the palms warm and cozy during the freezing rides in winters.

They also act as a crucial accessory in case of any mishap or disaster, in protecting the riders palms being wounded. They also help a biker’s hands getting numb in the regions of freezing temperature.

  • Riding Boots

Another necessary and unavoidable part of the riding gear is the ‘boots’. A rider cannot just merely ride in normal sandals or a casual pair of footwear. A proper pair of riding boots is must for the rider before commencing a journey. They provide the required comfort to the feet and let the rider enjoy the trip without the uneasiness.

Boots also support a rider’s feet for a better and long lasting trip. They prove to be a lifesaver at the times of road accidents and the injuries caused due to it. They help in protecting a rider’s feet and ankle at the time of any crash or accident.

  • Riding Armor

A riding armor is the complete protection jacket structure that protects the rider’s body from any kind of injury or crash. Armor is mostly considered to be a negligible part of a riding gear by most of the riders, but it shouldn’t be. It plays a major role in providing protection to one’s body at the times of unexpected blow.

The carbon fiber material armor suits are the best and most appropriate choice of material while riding. They help a rider in getting adjusted to the current temperature, protecting one from a major injury, and are useful in various other ways.

  • Bluetooth Communication System

A Bluetooth Communication System helps a rider to connect his cell phone without handling it. This helps the rider to drive and be connected to important calls as well. A Bluetooth device gets connected to the cell phone and allows a rider to accept calls, listen to music, and even listen to the guidance provided by an audio navigation system.

It is one of the most helpful devices that let a rider to stay connected to important calls as well as be entertained and charged up by listening to their favorite music. A rider can also hear the proper directions guided by the GPS.

  • Bike Repair Tool Kit

The most and ineligible part of a riding gear consists of a toolkit too. A bike repair tool kit is the most necessary one and makes the gear incomplete in its absence. A basic repair toolkit consists of a socket wrench set, screwdrivers, hammer or a mallet, mechanic’s gloves, a work lamp, and various other equipment. Screwdrivers of various sizes are useful to deal with minor or a bigger repairing activity. A work lamp is useful while repairing the bike at the time of dusk, or dealing with minor bike equipment.

The vital aspect of a riding gear is not just protecting a rider from an accident or injury but also in staying classy and completing a biker look too. The gear also helps the rider to stay protected and avoid a major damage or injury.

Hope BforBiker provided some useful information about the biking gear.

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