Mumbai The Perfect Destination


Mumbai- The Perfect Destination For Perfect Weekend Bike Rides

The financial capital of the country, the city of dreams, ‘MUMBAI’, is a perfect destination for various activities such as holidaying, weekend getaways, long drives, partying, and a lot more interesting stuff. Mumbai is a perfect destination for bike rides too. May it be a bike ride on the beautiful Bandra Worli Sealink, or a quick drive to the serene Kelve or Dahanu beach, the city of dreams have it all stored up for you.

BforBiker would like to introduce to its readers some of the benefits and why a bike weekend getaway is efficacious.

  • The Stress Beater

Riding is always a stress buster. It makes a rider relieved from all the kind of low and negative vibes. Thus Mr. Dan Aykroyd has rightly quoted, ‘You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!’ It makes a rider feel boost and prepped up.

A beautiful long bike ride out of the city with your pillion is all you need after a tiring week’s hard work. It not just refreshes up your mind, but also let you lose all the worries and hectic work lag of the week.

  • Is It the Same City???

A weekend getaway also helps you to know the current happenings around your abode and the new hot spots for hang out as well. Our busy and hectic work schedules do not let us permit for a regular visit, or a short trip nearby our residence. Thus we remain ignorant and unacquainted about the new happenings around. A weekend getaway helps us to catch up with the rising pace of the city and knowing the whereabouts of new hangout spots.

Ride to a new resort, or riding to a never explored hill station is enjoying the weekend the right way. Weekend lets you enjoy in the complete vacay spirit and also allows you to have a small share of leisure time for your own self.

  • Kin time

A weekend ride means a family or a buddy ride. It is the time when an individual gets some time apart from his hectic work schedule and is able to spare some time for one’s family and friends. To unite with buddies on a ride to a beautiful location out of the city is a perfect way to enjoy a quality jaunt. It helps one to rejuvenate and cherish time which we are not able to because of our hectic schedules.

Riding also increases and strengthens the bond among the like-minded people. A stronger bond over a blissful bike ride is a perfect way to spend the end working days.

  • It’s A Biking Assessment

Due to hectic work schedule, we are not able to give ample or at the least proper time to our scrambler. This lets the biking skill of an individual vary in the present, from the old continuous college biking times. Riding a bike after quite a long time isn’t the same as riding it on a daily basis. It tests your skills and capabilities on difficult and uneasy ways. Thus riding at least weekly or going for a long weekend ride helps to keep your skills brushed up and enhanced.

Riding weekly also helps one to the machine in use at least on weekends. This helps the bike to be in a proper working condition and not disappoint the rider while planning out for a next ride.

  • Gorge on Delectable Food Options

Escaping ways to a beautiful location along with some mouth-watering food items is all we are in search of on a weekend ride. A wada pav or bhel puri in Igatpuri, or some delicious sweets or strawberry shakes in Mahabaleshwar, are like a bonus add-ons to a weekend ride.

This also gives a change to our taste buds and our taste palette. A rider is also able to enjoy the variety of cuisines of various cities.

Hope BforBiker was successful enough to chalk down few benefits of weekend getaway rides.

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