Signs You Are Passionate About Biking With the Only Goal to Explore

Biking itself is a whole different world. For bikers, explaining other people about the love for “bikes” and “adventures” becomes too tough and frustrating unless they owe one. Ask any rider why you are so attached with your bikes; and then the saying goes“its too normal”, which may obviously go beyond normal people’s understanding. Well, of course, owning a motorcycle is an achievement, but owning it and being a rider at heart is two different things. Look around you, a lot of people do own bikes, they wander around and enjoy spending their quality time for some peace of mind, but this doesn’t make them a true passionate biker.

If you are up all night because of the issue you have noticed in your bike, this can be one reason that gives you the rider tag, and if you are spending half of your time deciding where would be your next trip to? This is a point that tags you as a faithful rider. Try explaining why you love riding and what makes you so happy when you are on your metal peddles, nobody will understand it, it’s like explaining a toddler a theorem.

If You Are A True Biker, You Will Find Out Yourself From These Signs:

  • You Don’t Mind Spending Too Much On Your Bike Stuff

For you, Bike apparels, tires, technology, gear, accessories everything looks very tempting and nothing can beat this amount of temptations. You may already have a lot of costly, pretty, fancy jackets at your place, few are your favorite ones that you wear often, few kept just for the sake of happiness, but you still don’t mind spending money on the 12th jacket knowing the fact that it will be of no use.

You pass by a shop see too many fancy accessories, new launches, update versions of bike technology presented in the store, does it attract you? Does it create attention? Do you want to check it out even if you can’t afford it at present? Don’t you feel the need to buy each and every new accessory that comes in demand? Of course, you do, why? You are a passionate rider!

  • You Live For Thrill and Adventure

The “freedom feeling” one gets by riding their motorbike can never be compared with any other feelings, it seems like the only purpose you have is to wake up and plan for the next road trip, in fact, you spend your days in between road trips. Motorcycle add thrill to your lifestyle, no matter what destination it is and how long it will take to reach the destination, what matters is the journey.

Bikers don’t love reaching the destination; they cherish the route, unexplored roads, the scenic beauty, challenging path, tough to cover up roads, rocky mountainous twists, and turns. Nailing it with their super smooth skills and speeding with the limits in mind, these off-road thrills makes one rider unique and passionate.

  • For You Safety Is Everything

Despite the misconception of various people around you as “reckless” “rebellious” & “incautious”. Even your family member thinks the same way by calling you with what-not names. However, you know how much care and disquiet you have for the safety.

Not just your safety, but the well-being of the other people on roads too. The untold truth is, they are actually one of the canniest riders on road, and safety is the first priority. You might crave for challenges and risk, but safety on roads and risky rides are 2 different things. If you are a rider who care more about “safety as a priority”, you are a true motorcyclist at heart.

  • You Phone is Flooded with PICTURE of Your Bike

You love your motorbike, the beauty, the color, the sound everything mesmerizes you. You love clicking pictures of your bike when you make any updates in it, in fact even if you don’t, you just can’t resist yourself clicking pictures of it. It feels sinful if you don’t click every time you wash your motorcycle.

Of course, it looks attractive and classy after the wash, isn’t it? Your phone memory may flood up with the only pictures of your metal pedal and you feel no shame at all. What matters to you is your bike, a picture of you on your bike, a picture of your friends on your bike, in fact, a picture of you on some other person’s bike. Wonder what mobile covers biker has!

  • You Are Concerned About The Weather

Every morning the first thing you worry is the weather condition, certainly, weather won’t make any difference to you as you love challenges; but following the weather, you can plan your destination and set a riding mood as well. A sunshiny day makes you happy and overwhelmed at the same time a rainy day can make you feel restless and sad because you restrict yourself from biking in heavy nature showers. You are a passionate rider and your mood swings depend more on the weather outside when you can and when you cannot take your bike out is what you think about the most every day.

  • Biker Gathering Excites You Way Too Much

If you are a true rider, you are obviously a part of a biking club and the moment you hear the crazy news of bikers meet or event soon to be happening, it excites you more than anything in the world. You start to count the days left for the event, even if it’s 1 month or 3 months away. The “brotherhood” & “sisterhood” bond makes your club stronger, everyone looks out for each other, accept each other’s flaws, follow the leader and genuinely focus on improving the bond by regular meets and bike trips; being a part of the club is a truly different life-changing experience. Plus, if you have ever ditched other important plans just for the sake of any biker event, you are heartfelt living a biker lifestyle.

Now that you know you are living a biker’s lifestyle and that nobody can make you get over it, what are you really waiting for? The open unexplored roads await! Ride seamlessly like a free bird, treasure the moments and memories on your bike, remind yourself that you are meant to ride and reach unexplored destination, After all that’s what makes a rider passionate!

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