tips to ride economical way


Tips To Ride the Economical Way

Riders are the wholehearted people. They are not the miser ones who cut down on their pleasures while riding or compromise on their bike accessories or gears. Bikers always enjoy their ride to the fullest as they ride their scramblers with passion and a vibe of celebration. But as we all know every day is not a sunny one. Some situations or conditions may not be favorable for the rider to turn the ride into a lavish one always.

 There are such situations when a rider needs to cut down some of his /her luxuries to carry on a journey, as well as to enjoy the ride too. Though there might be such times when a rider might not be able to spend it the way he/ she wish to. But, one must not lose hope and on the contrary, take it as a challenge to make a ride memorable and enjoy it to the fullest even after the hands are resisted for spending.

So here are few of the tips BforBiker would like to share with the passionate riders who wish to enjoy the economical way.

  • There’s an Alternate for All

The major chunk of a biker’s spending while on a ride is on his/her food, accommodation, and fuel. One must smartly save at such times and think it as a task to be done to enjoy a low-cost ride. As it is rightly said there is a solution for every problem, there is an alternative for every option too.

  • Eat It the Smart Way

One can avoid eating food in lavish or high rated restaurants while on a journey, in fact, the food available on the street side is more delicious and appealing at such times because a hungry tummy always needs soul food as well as quick preparation too.

A biker won’t find it appealing to sit in a top-notch restaurant and wait for the preparation of his/her meal. In fact, the person would rather choose to grab a bite quickly on an eatery spot on the way, which provides delicious as well as quick food to a hungry stomach. To avoid spending on food a rider can also carry as much as the amount of food possible.

  • Search a Stay without the Permanent Basis Types

One can try out for a camp stay or even a low rate lodge or cottage. It isn’t always necessary to have a stay at a luxurious hotel or residencies. One can also research out before the ride about economical hotels for a stay during the ride.

One of the biggest chunks of spending of a biker during the riding trip is on fuel. It is that one portion of spending which a rider cannot cut down. He/she has to incur the fuel expenses if one wishes to ride. But as mentioned before there is an alternate for every option, in the same manner, one can drive economically by following various riding techniques.

One can save fuel by maintaining constant tire pressure. One must ride smoothly without continuous breaks. The bike must be filled up with good quality fuel. It helps in long riding as well as for a maintained condition of the bike. The bike should be serviced at times. Servicing at proper intervals of time maintains the life of the bike which results in lower fuel consumption.

  • Know a Few KNOW HOWS of your Scrambler

Maintenance of a bike isn’t an easy task. Loving your metal pedal and caring for it in the right way aren’t the same tasks. A bike needs proper care and maintenance at times, but it isn’t necessary that happens only with the help of a professional. One must itself know their bike well and some of its part of repairing as well. Performing small tasks such as repairing a puncture, troubleshoot few problems, and many other things can be performed by a rider itself.

Hope BforBiker provided some quick and easy ways to enjoy an economical bike ride in the most enjoyable and interesting way.

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