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Ultimate Guide for Weekend Getaways from Bangalore to Enjoy Amazing Road Trips

If you are a real travel freak like a bike rider. You always forge ahead to plan amazing and exciting bike trip/road trip to rejoice in the moments. Living in a big city like Bangalore, being the third largest city & fifth-largest metropolitan in India. You are counted under those lucky ones who have easy access to some wonderful breathtaking places to visit in India. Bangalore is encircled with numerous towns as well as cities. One can experience a fusion of heritage a touch of modernity as well as spirituality being a constant factor. These alluring spots have to be named as perfect Bangalore weekend getaways on a bike ride. That you must not fail to visit.

Bangalore city is the center for the techies and engineers. Thus, usually filled with student’s crowd. No doubt, weekends are so important because of the freedom to live and relax and do things that you love. Weekends are meant to make your busy life halt a bit so you can feel fresh. Also, inhale cool chilly air and even soak your toes in the sand. Bangalore bike trips are quite a sporting decision that can help you make your trip really memorable. A 2 day trip near Bangalore to some of the suggested place by BforBiker will get you to intake some mixed vibes of adventure. Also enthusiasms, laziness, with a little bit of wildlife and nature touch.

If you are really excited and looking forward to planning a great one-day road trip for your Weekend Getaways From Bangalore or searching for places to visit near Bangalore. You will never fall short of Bangalore road trip plans because we’ve got it covered for you. The below details enlist tourist spots for your cheap weekend getaways or even luxurious ones depending upon your affordability. These getaways from Bangalore are sure to add some really amazing memories in your life and you will cherish it lifelong.

Explore Ultimate Places for Your Weekend Getaways:

  1. Mysore
  2. Kannur
  3. Mangalore
  4. Hassan
  5. Bandipur National Park
  6. Belur

1. Mysore Karnataka

Mysore is the most famous tourist weekend destination of South. Officially being tagged as the “Kingdom of Mysore” has a lot of beautiful locations to visit. This place is blessed with the beautiful building, architectural monuments and imperial heritage. It is a whole lot of architectural works with some huge eye soothing temples & wide magnificent royal palaces. Also, greenery and aroma filled colorful gardens. For a short trip for your weekend getaways from Bangalore, this location would be ideal simply. Because Bangalore to Mysore distance is about 150 km on a bike ride. It hardly takes 4 hours on a road trip/ bike trip. So a weekend plan to this mesmerizing spot couldn’t fail to amaze you in any way. History geeks “most loved place” because this spot is wrapped with a royal history.

The place is renowned and gets thousands of visitors every year, the major reason is due to its cosmopolitan cultural heritage. Mysore retains the old royal charm with its glorious palaces, temples, pilgrimage sites some historical monuments. Ecosphere and heritage buildings that would remind you of the old royal empire. This place holds the power to attract weekenders not just from Bangalore but around the world. Road trip from Bangalore to Mysore can just be a perfect escape. An escape from your daily chaos to the glittering historical site with lush gardens. The road route from Bangalore to Mysore is also an amazing journey to enthrall on. You would definitely love the mixture of natural and manmade beauty around you. While riding on for your Bangalore Mysore road trip.

Mysore Tourism:

A road trip or bike trip to Mysore will always be one of the favorite memories. Those are the memories that you will cherish for life. The reason is beauty and attraction and sense of historical attachment that you could feel here. Not just us human, but this place is home to rare fauna species and filled with flora around.

Mysore Palace

A perfect symbol of splendor, this palace was once a resident of the ruler who ruled Mysore for various centuries. The palace is proven to be the largest in India with too many visitors flow. The architecture, beauty and the history behind this palace will make you overwhelmed. The complication to building this beauty. Hard work, dedication put into framing the palace genuinely resulted in an incredible masterpiece now. Words fall short describing how charismatic it looks and the vibes of the royal culture are sure to give you Goosebumps.

Karanji Lake

Named as the largest Karnataka Lake, capture around 90 acres and hold some scenic and serene sights. This lake qualifies as the ultimate option for exploring nature and getting closer to the flora and the fauna. A walk nearby the lake that serves as a nest to most of the migratory birds. It is a complete quintessential and a must visit tourist place in Mysore.

Railway Museum

You may have heard the most popular railway museum in Delhi. This one in Mysore comes on the second position. There are many amazing locomotives displayed in the museum including the steam engine. The exciting part is a mini toy train that takes the tourist on a tour to the railway museum. There’s a section in the museum that takes you back to the royal era of luxurious travel that was undertaken by the royal dynasties. The dining room, gold royal toilets, and the kitchen are some of the things that you can experience there.

St. Philomena Church

Connect yourself well with a spiritual touch to this beautiful St. Philomena Church on a bike trip/ bike ride from Bangalore. You can visit this spot on your way; you will feel a sense of calmness and holy vibes around you. Clearly, Mysore isn’t just about nature but also about its grand architecture. This church proves to be the most beautiful eye soothing architecture that makes tourist wanders how this construction style was. It has a gothic style interior and even the exterior looks classy.

The road route from Bangalore to Mysore may help you travel and spend some quality time to other places as well. Like Mysore ka kill, Jagmohan Palace, Chamundi hills, Shivanasamudra Falls, Tipu Sultan Palace, and Mysore zoo. Brindavan Gardens, Lalitha Mahal and Melody World Wax Museum will add a lot of excitement to your journey.

Highlights of Mysore:

Wondering what makes this place entirely unique?

  • Mysore Pak: coming here and not having this sweet delicacy would be a crime. This one is made up of flour and butter and a traditional south Indian touch added to enhance the flavor.
  • A City flooded with Palaces, architecture, history and rock sculptures and some tempting big sized Mysore Dosa.
  • Mysore Dussehra celebrated in the most extravagant manner. You get to see the entire city coming up together, lighting the city and coming alive.
  • Also popular for its silk Saree, the rosewood & sandalwood products also fresh and pure coffee powder.

How to reach Mysore from Bangalore? – Distance by Road, Route

2. Kannur

Located in the center, surrounded by the Western Ghats in the east and Lakshadweep Sea in the west. This beautiful spot is wealthy with its natural beauty around probably resides in the lap of nature. This place is blessed with too many clean and exotic beaches, some pretty chilled hill stations. Backwater (a must to experience), pilgrim places, historical monuments and a wholesome of natural beauty. Including some eye-catching man-made sculpture. Kannur stands around 4500 feet of altitude above sea level. This place lets you experience everything in one place, the adventure lovers get to enjoy water sports. Nature fonders can visit sanctuaries on their bike ride and other wildlife spots and birding can be done as well. A complete pack of entertainment offered by this beautiful location. Suitable for a weekend destination from Bangalore that no one should ever miss. Especially if the plans are to enjoy the weekend and make the most out of it without spending a lot.

If you want to experience the culture, beauty, industrial and historical heritage with some religious and political control. So, Bangalore to Kannur bike trip/ road trip comes under ideal weekend getaways from Bangalore for you. Kannur tourist places map will show you almost every important and picturesque spot to travel. Thus your memories will be flooded with a lot of enthralling adventurous moment. Especially if it’s a Bangalore to Kannur road trip. Kannur Bangalore distance covers 310 km perfect weekend trip that can be covered in 2 days.

Kannur Tourism:

Kannur places to visit list never ends. Especially if you are on a bike trip/ road trip you will get to visit too many places on the way. There are too many spots that one can cover especially if the weekends are long for around 2 or 3 days. Starting from its beaches, forts & other sport adventure activities ending up to sanctuaries, wildlife, gardens and a tour to royal palaces. A 4 days trip from Bangalore to this location may help you cover almost every spot listed down. In fact, you can do a lot more than just visiting the natural spots and viewing blue water. There are fulfilled challenging and enjoyable activities as an add-on for sports lovers.

Arakkal Museum

This place was initially a palace of the Arrakal kingdom. This kingdom belonged to the one and only royal Muslim family in Kerala. Now due to the regular tourist visit and being a historically important place, this palace got converted into a museum. This one comes under the best Kannur tourist places and has to be visited experience a sense of royal vibes.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to many rare and popular wildlife species. Sightseeing tigers and other animals become tough during some specific months. But it is better to know the best time to visit this sanctuary. There are a number of mammals, birds, reptiles, and flora to be seen around you, a complete worth to visit spot. This sanctuary’s purpose is to protect the exotic fauna and fauna of Karnataka.

Fort St Angelos

Your expedition will be nearly incomplete if you fail to visit gigantic Fort St Angelos. This one in the locales term has been named as Kannur fort, and the fort was built by the Portuguese. Even today, this fort stands as the pride of South India’s historical monument.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

This is the only drive in beach in Kerala that shouldn’t be missed. The coconut trees and the white sand. Also, windy breeze makes this beach highly attractive tourist spot. It comes under the list of the best Kannur places to visit. The long and wide curvy routes to reach this beach will definitely enhance your journey. Especially if it’s your bike trip and road trip; your journey will be challenging and unforgettable.

Other places like Dharmadam Island, Ezhima beautiful beach on the Arabian Sea. Madayi Para a spot packed with historical pillars and Meenkunnu Beach can be visited as well.

Highlights of Kannur:

  • Rich in culture and traditional art as well.
  • Very popular for the production of quality handlooms and thus named as “The land of Looms and Lores”. A major exporter of handlooms and fabrics.
  • A home for Kerala folklore academy. The tribes showcasing some tribal dances and singing during the festivals reflecting the tribal culture in the purest manner.
  • Experience some amazing dolphin rides here in the beaches.
  • Theyyam performances in the temples make this location highly special.

Things to Do:

Trekking to paithalmala, enjoying water sports on the beaches. Exhilarating road and bike trip to unexplored beaches and even entertaining oneself on a dolphin ride. Kannur backwater experience in Kavvayi beach will give you some great add-on experience.

How to reach Kannur from Bangalore? – Distance by Road, Route

3. Mangalore Karnataka

If you are searching out for places for your weekend destination around Bangalore within 400 km and your plan is for a bike ride or road trip. In fact, you have a long weekend plan mindset. Mangalore trip would just be one best spot to enjoy and chill around on your bike trip. Seeming to be pure coastal beauty. Romantic climate especially in the monsoon and an offbeat destination where one can feel disconnected from the city chaos. It is one of those tropical weekend getaways from Bangalore where you get to feel the fun, culture, food and a lot of enjoyment. Spending a whole day at Mangalore beach and enjoying water sports activities & boating would just be a pack of entertainment overdose.

The picturesque rivers on the Arabian Sea mainly are the highlight of this destination. Bangalore to Mangalore road trip would be worth your weekend. Mangalore tourism offers you with more than just the sea. You get a spiritual feel and all of these things make your journey more exciting. If you are looking for the best of everything. You are sure to experience a wholesome of entertainment especially on your bike trip to this location. Be it just a relaxation session on the beach. Spiritual connect from the temples and church or adventuresome day with the trekking and water sports activities. Bangalore to Mangalore distance and time is 351 km. That takes 7 hours so it can be your great weekend plan that you must think about.

Mangalore Places to Visit:

Parambur Beach

A really clean and tidy beach that sits beside the Arabian Sea. The best part of this beach is the pretty sunset that draws a lot of attention. The color of the sky changing constantly every few minutes during the sunset is a breathtaking view. Visitors the relish water sports activities including paragliding, jet skiing & boating. Mangalore weather during monsoon and winters would really be exhilarating. Especially on the beach side, so you must not fail to come here during rain showers.

Bejai Museum

The only museum in the entire Mangalore city, you get to see a little bit of history of this place here. Though this destination doesn’t really hold a lot of historical monuments. This museum holds quite a sufficient quantity of the ancient coin. Unique painting, sculptures, statues that definitely could display the heritage of India.

Pilikula Nisargadhama

An ideal destination for the nature lover, this beautiful garden is unspoiled. The huge acres of lands hold varied flowers, and the tropical forest is captivating. For add on leisure, you can enjoy the boating, a visit to a biological park and the science center as well. A bike trip or road trip to this place would be good.

Kadri Hill Park

This park is the largest one available in the city and a major center of attraction from young tourist. You can also term it as the most familiar, crowded and even most visited places especially during weekends. Though the park may have some crowd during the weekend, this is surely a great place to relax and hang out. Boating is available, nurturing in nature is also one best thing you can derive from here. On your way from Mangalore route, there are other amazing places as well that you would get to see. Like Mangaladevi temple, Mangalore Port, Sultan Battery, Kudroli Gokarnath Temple.

Highlights of Mangalore:

  • Trying out the delectable seafood cuisine, you would definitely feel heaven on earth experience.
  • It is appropriate to shop in the Traditional Mangalorean market to get a better experience. The locals would sell affordable products and also the quality would have a bit of traditional touch.
  • The buildings in Mangalore have some Old Catholic architectural touch that gives a European structure & look.
  • Mangalore specialty: Largest exporter of cashews worldwide. So you can shop for cashew products. The cashew nuts are prepared in a different style by adding different flavors then roasting and processing.
  • The temples and churches are some highlights of the traditional cultures. Statues made of bronze, the flooring of marbles & carving of the gold.
  • Mangalore famous food is the fish curry that you must try out once, only if you are non-vegetarian.

Things to Do in Mangalore:

On a bike trip to this place, you will be able to do too many things even if it’s a short trip planned. Surfing available on beaches, trekking in the ballekalu, camping and river rafting available as well. Rock climbing and other sporting activities are also available here that can definitely entertain young and sporty crows.

How to reach Mangalore from Bangalore? – Distance by Road, Route

4. Hassan

This place holds a lot of History, the name of this location was derived from the Goddess of the region “Haasanamba”. The weather here is always pleasant (a must to visit on your road trip). It comes under the best Weekend Getaways from Bangalore that you must explore once in your life. For people having a keen interest in knowing and learning the architectural background of Karnataka. Hassan trip would be ideal because of the rich heritage and culture flourished around the district.

For exploring on a bike trip, there are many options that one can choose from. Sightseeing, temples, churches, historical monuments and a lot more. Bangalore to Hassan distance is around 182 km, ideal for short weekend getaways. Magnificent carvings on the temples and walls are to be found in this city.

On a bike ride/ road trip, you may be able to cover various amazing tourist places. This trip is sure to enhance your journey. For a history lover, monuments, carving, and sculpture are a few things that amaze them. The same experience you are sure to get here.

Places to Visit in Hassan:

From spiritual connect (Hassan temples) to scenic beauties, from mountainous routes on your bike trip to crafted architecture and sanctuaries. Hassan tourism has a lot to offer to visitors.

Manjarabad Fort

History geeks may know the emperor Tipu Sultan; he’s the one who built this fort. The fort structure is completely different, seems like a star-shaped one holding the history of Karnataka strongly. There are too many amazing things in the fort that would astonish you. Secret tunnel to escape is sure to give you Goosebumps; this tunnel was used by the family for secretly escaping.

Lakshmi Devi Temple

The Hoysala rulers constructed this temple made with soapstone. The architecture used for the temple is highly different which makes it unique. The carvings are to be found on every pillar of the temple. This temple depicts Jainism and thus gets high attention from the tourists.

Gorur Dam

For short vacation vibes, this place is highly recommended, a complete pack of entertainment. Built in the year 1979, not just the dam draws the attention. But there are some breathtaking sceneries that would excite you. Regular spots for migratory birds to welcome the visitors. This dam is built on the river Hemavathi which is a side stream of the river Kaveri. To experience greenery, lush and scenic beauty of Karnataka, one must visit this place.

Bhagawan Bahubali Statue

One of the topmost tourist attractions in Hassan is the statue of Bhagwan Bahubali. A picturesque place to get a panoramic view of the entire city. This temple was awarded for the title of one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the year 2005.

Bisle Ghat & Forest Reserve

Bisle forest reserve is the only famous sanctuary in the Western Ghat. And home too many of the species of flora as well as fauna. You may also get to see the mountainous view from the forest. Perfect for exploring nature by getting a little closer to it.

There are other places too especially the temples in a larger quantity. You can easily visit on your bike trip to this nearby spots. As Hassan is said to be a location that holds high importance to the pilgrims.

Highlights of Hassan:

  • The tradition of the folk culture is still practiced today in the city.
  • A lot of tempting south Indian cuisine that you must try out.
  • Fish curry and fish fry are the two most preferred food items that may tempt you.
  • Kabadu (rice ball) poha and Mandakki (taste and appearance like Bhel Puri) are some of the traditional items that you must try.

How to reach Hassan from Bangalore? – Distance by Road, Route

5. Bandipur National Park

Bandipur national park will definitely be a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore on a bike trip or road trip. If you want to experience the richness of wildlife you must visit this place once. The Maharaja of Mysore used to go for hunting during their days in the Bandipur forest. Later this forest turned into a whole and sole national park. In order to protect the extinct species of the fauna as well as the flora of Karnataka. Distance from Bangalore to Bandipur national park is around 220 km. On a road trip/ bike ride, it can take around 5 hours to reach. The park is situated on the main highway route due to which it is easily visited by a lot of tourists. Just like Horsley hills in Andra Pradesh is a famous attraction for the zoo. This park is a famous attraction that must be visited.

Bandipur national park has a number of tigers and elephants that would definitely entertain you. Along with them, you get to see endangered reptiles and beautiful birds as well. The teak and sandalwood tree covered all around this park makes it looks more beautiful. This location holds complete natural beauty. Even frequent visits from the tourist don’t really affect the beauty of the park. Due to the cleanliness initiative was taken by the locales. The animals there are provided with a natural source of water due to the different rivers flowing by. Bandipur national park from Bangalore on a bike trip or road trip will definitely enhance your journey. By making it more challenging and thrillful. Adventure lovers must try out riding to this perfect natural spot especially on a bike.

Bandipur National Park bike ride will definitely be really adventurous. There are many hotels and resorts nearby where you can stay and relax. Depending upon the budget and affordability you can pick your stay and spend your weekend here. Living in the city like Bangalore calls of stress and tension all the time. Thus to relax your body, mind and to refresh, you will get comfort here in the lap of nature.

Bandipur National Park is situated in the southern Indian state of Karnataka and thus gets constant visitors from the south side. But the thing that would amaze you is there are frequent visitors from different countries around the world. People come here and experience the culture, beauty and the natural wonders of India.

Highlights of Bandipur Forest:

  • If you want to spot too many animals and birds jeep safari would offer you the same.
  • Animals like tigers, muggers, four horned antelope, elephants, gaurs, sloth bear and other species of birds can be spotted in this Jungle.
  • Expect the fauna, you will also witness the species of flora here namely rosewood, Indian kino tree. Teak, giant clumping bamboo, grewia tibiae folia, sandalwood and more.
  • Migratory birds show a frequent visit to this park. Birds like black woodpeckers, hawk, eagles, brown dove, king vulture, scops owls including falcons.

Bandipur National Park Tourism:

Jeep Safari

Bandipur National Park famous for spotting some gigantic elephants as well as tigers. There are different packages available as per affordability for the safaris. You can either use Jeep safaris or Buses that will take you to the interiors of the forest. So the journey will become more enthralling. It is quite entertaining to spot different animals and birds during the safari. Keeping a close eye everywhere and getting to see animals and birds around you a little closer, like a drive in nature.

Elephant Safari

During the actual season of visit, for a time being, there are safaris available on elephants for the tourist. You can sit on the elephant and they will take you into the forest to get a closer look. Mostly to experience the animals, birds, trees and other species around you. The Bandipur national park elephant safari gives you a whole new experience of witnessing the forest. The charges for this may be a bit high but it is a must try safari. A completely different experience than on a bike ride.

BR Hills

This is also one major tourist destination that can be easily accessed from Bandipur. It takes around 1 hour to reach this location for the forest. The scenery and the lush green surrounding on the route is a treat to your eye.

How to reach Bandipur National Park from Bangalore? – Distance by Road, Route

6. Belur

If you want to visit a location on your weekend just for a road trip/ bike ride. And also your motto is to get some more connection to spirituality. You can visit Belur Karnataka that is popularly been termed as the city of temples. The place is renowned for its Grand Hoysala Temple and of course the chennakeshava temple. Belur from Bangalore takes around 221.5 km which is around 4 hours of journey. But on a road trip, the roads won’t make you feel bored at all. The route is amazing and you will get to see many amazing places on the way. People living in Karnataka tend to visit places in Andhra Pradesh. But this place itself has a bundle of amazing places to cover, one of which is Belur.

Ivory, sandalwood, soapstone is crafted and carved on the temples and thus these ancient temples look completely appealing. The history buffs, believer of God as well as the tourists who are fond of arts would definitely be entertained here. Hoysala architecture is been depicted in many of the temples here. A bike ride/ road trip for your weekend getaways from Bangalore will give you a complete thrillful and challenging riding experience. There are many routes that you can pick from according to your comfort. Talking about the festivals here, there are various dance festivals that take place in the temples. Due to which, a huge amount of pilgrim tourist gets attracted.

Places to Visit in Belur:

Narasimha Pillar

If you are about to visit the Chennakesava Temple. Then you will surely get to visit this amazing huge tall pillar that is situated inside the temple. The pillar has a base that is structured as cubical. Also, the decoration of the base is kept floral to make it look quite attractive. Photography is done here simply because the pillar looks different and unique. The carvings on the sculpture and the wall pillar of the temples are created in a miniature style on this pillar. This is the main reason that makes this pillar special comes under the top Belur tourist places list.

Basadi Halli

The Jain temples are to be found here in a really larger scope. The specialty of this Belur Halebid temple is that they are so well polished. Especially the huge structured pillars are polished and shiny. It resembles like a mirror really clean and different from the rest of the temples. So one could identify the Jain temples easily here. The 3 attraction of this spot is the Adinathaswamy temple, Parswanathaswamy temple as well as the Shanthinathaswamy temple.

Archaeological Museum

Ever been to an “open-air museum”? Or have you ever been to any place like this?. If not, you can visit the one in Belur named as Archaeological Museum in Halebid. This one holds the traditional sculptures, the inscriptions & portrays the history of Karnataka. It even represents Indian art so well. Various foreign exhibitions portray the sculpture and art present in this museum. There are many sculptures and statues in this museum like the bronze statue of a Tirthankara, Dancing Shiva & Sarasvati.

The list of Belur Halebid places to see doesn’t end here especially if you are on a bike trip/ road trip. There are endless temples, ancient monasteries, and other amazing and adventurous places. These are the places one can visit in order to keep themselves throughout the journey. Weekend trip to this place on a bike ride or road trip will surely add a lot of fun as well as gives you a spiritual touch too.

Belur Halebid Places to Stay:

There are many hotels, resorts as well as another accommodation facility that you can search, based on the affordability and packages. It is appropriate if you pick the location. This place must have easy access to different places in Belur as a tourist attraction. So your time will be saved as well as you can make the most out of your weekend trip.

How to reach Belur from Bangalore? – Distance by Road, Route

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