Ultimate Guide for Weekend Getaways from Delhi to Enjoy Amazing Road Trips

India never fails to surprise us with some unexplored places, thrillful routes, challenging roads as well as exotic holiday destinations, it’s truly a center of attraction for some amazing destinations wherein different people from countries around the world come and explore the beauty and the traditions and even enjoy the tempting cultural cuisines as there are many places to visit in India. Weekend getaways encourage riders to take their journey to some beautiful location and enjoy the bike ride or road trip from Delhi.

We all are bored of the same routine of our 9 to 5 job? Our tight schedule and hustle bustles give us no time to enjoy and relax. Holidays are essential but not every weekend is meant for an outing. A good planned long weekend around 3 days or even short trips from Delhi on a bike ride or road trip can definitely help one feel fresh and relaxed, so the brain, body, mind could function smoothly for better work productivity. Delhi, the capital of India is surrounded by too many beautiful destinations, and us being a resident of Delhi, we are spoilt with multiple choices when it comes to planning a weekend getaway. It’s tough to choose between breathing the fresh mountain air, or a sunny side beach party, a sightseeing session or crazy adventure trip. BforBiker has handpicked suggestions on stunning weekend getaways from Delhi on a bike trip that could be a perfect fit for your holiday near Delhi mood and you are sure to collect a bucket full of memories from there.

Weekend Getaways from Delhi for Next Amazing Road Trip/ Bike Ride:

  1. Lansdowne
  2. Kasauli
  3. Jim Corbett
  4. Agra
  5. Shimla
  6. Rishikesh
  7. Jaipur

Let’s Have a Closer Look at Each of the Places:

1. Lansdowne

(The nearest hill stations near Delhi) Not every tourist knows about this elegant destination, a really clean, pretty and picturesque hill station, perfectly preferable for your weekend getaways from Delhi within 300 km on a bike ride or road trip. Being known by fewer tourists, the scenic beauty is unspoiled. Totally worth one of those destinations that give your body & mind a perfect reason to escape from the daily routine job, definitely appropriate for a perfect road trip from Delhi. The peak capped with snow and the green lush forest & mountains could just be a treat to your eyes. Situated at the height of 5670 feet above sea level, fascinating views to look through on your bike trip, overfilled with flora and fauna make this destination leading on the top of our list. The architecture here is from the colonial era, not fully urbanized nor commercialized, it a perfect mixture of both with a beautiful scenic touch. Lansdowne: ideal weekend getaways from Delhi. A bike trip from Delhi to Lansdowne could definitely give riders really amazing adventurous vibes. Lansdowne resorts have some breathtaking views; the half-open windows of your room will get you breath chilled air. The best time to visit Lansdowne is mostly between March to November, Lansdowne weather like the summers are not too hot but winters are quite freezing.

Highlights for the Lansdowne tourism:

  • Less crowded not much urbanized, one of the unexplored Hill Stations near Delhi.
  • Well maintained due to the Cantonment area of Garhwal Rifles
  • The building in the town reminds of the colonial era
  • Named after Lord Lansdowne (viceroy of India 1888-1894)
  • Quite nearby from Delhi so it comes under the “cheap weekend getaways” category.

Places to Visit in Lansdowne

  • Tip in Top: This beautiful spot offers a spectacular view from the top, a perfect picnic spot. The name itself portrays it to be the highest point, to experience calmness and serenity; this place can offer a complete set of happiness.
  • Bhulla Lake: Just a really perfect place for boating, though it is an artificial lake built by the Garhwal Rifles, it just gives a really pleasant vibe.
  • Mary’s and John’s Church: With beautiful old architecture present and the smell of the pine trees surrounding it. A day trip from Delhi solely to get an experience of this beautiful spot couldn’t be a bad idea at all; in fact, you’ll be mesmerized with the scenic view.

Activities to Do:

  • Camping in Lansdowne can be preferable at the tip and top spot, this location is sure to give you the best kind of experience.
  • Boating at the lake will definitely give you quite a different experience that you usually don’t get to experience in your city, so it comes in your must-to-do list.
  • Snow activities during the Lansdowne snowfall are an ideal thing that entertains a lot of tourists.

How to reach Lansdowne from Delhi? – Distance by Road, Route

2. Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

This has to be one of my favored weekend getaways from Delhi. Delhi to Kasauli road trip could be an escapade (nested in the forest surrounded with pine and cedar trees), Kasauli distance from Delhi is around 280 km fascinating views on your bike trip, as weekends are usually for a short time, the places to travel during weekends has to be a little close from the city so you can enjoy and get back to work from the next day itself. This place could definitely fit the tourist places near Delhi within 400 km. This small town in Himachali Pradesh has breathtaking sights to be seen, you can also pamper yourself with a delightful shopping in the local markets. Kasauli is famous for traditional Himachali cuisine and is a quintessential must to try Thal that will blow your taste buds. Kasauli resorts give a perfect eye soothing window views, snow Peak Mountains, the chirping unseen birds and the fresh air you breathe will surely make your journey memorable. Kasauli current temperature is around 9 degrees, the best part is it is always freezing cold; no matter the scorching sun, the windy weather is always present.

Highlights for Kasauli attraction:

  • Gilbert’s Trail: A peaceful nature walk is the most quintessential thing to do on a visit to this beautiful one day trip from Delhi.
  • Tibetan cuisine: Hungry after the walk? Kasauli Uttrakhand offers mouthwatering and delightful cuisine that just enhances your taste buds.
  • Dharampur toy train: Who needs to go to Switzerland to enjoy the train rides? When you can get on board from Dharampur and get a dreamy hilly tunnel, valleys and oak tree view experience. A little different outlook of the city as compared to the bike trip/ bike ride.
  • Mall Road: Delight yourself by shopping in the famous mall road that offers the finest handicrafts, scarves, shawl and traditional authentic fruit wine as well.

Kasauli Tourist Place:

Kasauli offers quite a lot of tourist spots from almost every aspect. Here are a few Kasauli attractions that you must not fail to visit:

  • Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary: Fauna and nature lovers can visit this widespread sanctuary that offers exposure to more of natural habitat than our urbanized culture.
  • Timber trail: To enjoy your ropeway rides like never before, this place can fill your needs. The emerald beauty with pine trees around will serve a really great view from the top.
  • Monkey point: The highest point in Kasauli, offering the most exotic Snowscape view. Also, offer the pleasant sight of the river Satluj with a bird’s eye view. Suitable for Kasauli camping.

Activities to Do:

  • Kasauli is filled with thrillful adventures besides the peace and serenity.
  • Camping is also a great option when you are here on a bike ride with your gang, that’s the most preferable option near the lake.
  • Rappelling in Sanawar a really different thing that you don’t get to do it every day, so it’s a must try.

How to reach Kasauli from Delhi? Distance by Road, Route

3. Jim Corbett National Park

Whether you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones or want to enjoy a thrillful bike ride/ bike trip from Delhi to an adventurous place, Jim Corbett national park will serve both your needs. This amazing destination gets frequent visits from tourist every year, the reason being a popular place to spot & flora and fauna together summed in a really huge quantity. This comes under the famous tourist places near Delhi within 400 km. If you are planning or hunting for places around Delhi for a weekend trip, Jim Corbett national park is an ideal location for nature lovers.

Before starting your journey on a bike trip, Delhi to Jim Corbett package is available which you can go through and get done with it based on the days you are going to spend here it can also help you know where to stay in Jim Corbett national park. This place offers a lot of spots and safaris. Throughout the day, you will be filled with too many things to do, too many places to see. The fauna that surrounds you are not just reptiles and rabbits but elephants and tigers in a vast quantity, purely a breathtaking and enchanting experience to have a really close look of the nature around you. Delhi to Jim Corbett by road (bike trip) is also a wonderful journey, like a never before the road trip from Delhi. This location has to be in your weekend getaways from Delhi list, solely because it offers a lot of thrill and peace together to the tourists.

Highlights for Kasauli attraction:

  • Bengal tigers: The key attraction of this beautiful forest is its Bengal tigers, definitely worth a weekend trip to see the huge bulky tigers roaming around you with their cubs, an eye soothing sight.
  • Types of Safaris: There are different types of safaris that you can pick from, the choices are varied, and depending upon your likes and preferences you can pick adventurous safaris. Staying here for 3 to 4 days will help you cover almost every jungle safari, Jim Corbett.
  • Fauna: One can get to see numberless species of trees and enchanting view here. Shrubs and bamboo plants are found in a really large quantity. There are floras within the park, including the flowering ones and the nonflowering ones.

Things to Do In Jim Corbett

This park serves as an ideal home to a really wide range of wildlife, but apart from the lush and green forest to be seen, this place is heavily packed with adventure activities for challenge seekers. Delhi to Corbett bike ride/ bike trip serves peace, beauty, adventure, and fun together at one place.

  1. Spotting Wildlife and Jim Corbett national park safari will be a perfect start to your trip
  2. Angling could be suitable for people who are really fond of it, during the spare time, this can be done
  3. Rock climbing and Rappelling
  4. camping in Jim Corbett and star gazing are the two most favorite things of the tourist here
  5. River crossing and river rafting sound risky but it is really safe and sporty, a to-do in the list.
  6. Bird watching and Nature trekking are the two most amazing things that you can experience here to make your journey memorable.

Jim Corbett National Park Safari

Here you can experience a few amazing types of safaris and each one will give you a whole different experience. Apart from the regular bike trip or road trip, these safaris are sure to create unalike vibes that you’ve never been confronted with before. If you have in mind any weekend getaways from Delhi, this should be on the list for sure:

  • Elephant Safari: Spot few of the deadly predators on your elephant ride and other frisky dwellers, a charm that you cannot miss out at any cost. The best part is, this exciting safari is done by sitting on the back of the giant elephants.
  • Canter Safari: This safari is operated by the forest official, the canter enters the deep wilderness of the Jim Corbett Park, the scenery around you is eye soothing, exotic and spotting the animals, enjoying the wildlife and flora can give you Goosebumps.
  • Jeep Safari: This is my favorite one amongst all, the jeep safari takes you into the forest, to places and routes that can be just mesmerizing. The animal roams around you, nearly an enthralling jungle adventure like ever before.

How to reach Jim Corbett from Delhi? Distance by Road, Route

4. Agra

Always wished to see the beauty of Taj Mahal India, not just in the picture but in reality too? Who else hasn’t dreamt of this thing? How about a road trip/ bike trip from Delhi to this location? The place Agra offers a high wattage of tourism not just from India but the countries abroad. This city stands tall as a testament to the great amount of the Mughal architectural activity. Taj Mahal is “a paragon of love, a history of white marbles & one of the Seven Wonders of the World”. This place holds an ample number of historical monuments and thus India never fails to promote Agra tourism at a greater level.

One thing that makes this place purely suitable weekend getaways from Delhi is its History, Agra history is clearly portrayed in the monuments present here; still, fresh, bright, well protected, their beauty remains constant, shiny, eye soothing sights, that hold the power to attract too many visitors who would always keep this place on the top of their memorable road trip list. The Agra unrivaled beauty explains why this place gets visitors from all around the globe. Agra Delhi bike trip is mostly preferred by the Delhiites the reason is that the distance of Agra from Delhi hardly takes a stretch of 5 short hours amazing for bike trip/ road trip journey. So it can be a perfect bike ride on to this beautiful historical location.

Highlights of Agra:

  • “Agra Taj” the two different words but pronounced together, so when you talk about the place, the first thing that strikes is the magnificent Taj Mahal.
  • Dal smooth and Petha are the two most special food items that you can take back from here.
  • The marvelous monuments carved with a Mughal touch.
  • The city is a part of the popular Golden triangle circuit (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur)

Places to Visit:

As this place has heavy tourist flow, this directly indicates too many places to visit and too many memories to collect especially if you are on your mettle peddle to have a great bike ride/ road trip.

  • The Mughal architectural jewel in this city besides Taj Mahal is the magnificent Agra Fort.
  • Akbar’s Tomb: The great Akbar build really memorable majestic monuments in his presence and till date, those monuments are well preserved and really loved by tourist, one of which is the Akbar’s tomb, considered to be his lasting resting place.
  • Fatehpur Sikri: Buland Darwaza is the grand gateway to the city of walls, build with red stone. Heard about Birbal? His monuments are present too in this place called as Birbal house.
  • Mehtab Bagh: A perfect spot where you can sit for hours and admire the beauty of Taj Mahal. A Mughal garden built ideally for viewing the beauty of the Taj and precisely the best spot for recreation and relaxing.

How to reach Agra from Delhi? Distance by Road, Route

5. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla: (ideal weekend getaways from Delhi) Proudly named as the Queen of Hills, being the capital of Himachal Pradesh, this beautiful city has a lot to offer to the tourists, solely natural view that does not spoil even a bit, just a little developed so as to give comfort to the tourist to stay and travel strain free. No doubt! This comes under the most popular Hill station in India; also one special thing that makes this place unique is that it is well planned. The mystic wood, beautiful amidst sceneries and aesthetic snow peak hills makes you feel like you are staying on one of the heavens on the earth.

The atmosphere, vibes as well the local friendly people will definitely leave you overwhelmed. Talking about the culture, It is a must to wear their traditional costumes, because inclusive of the culture, their cuisines, a way of living, appearance are just too dissimilar than the Delhiites western culture. The colonial-style building, historical temples, monuments, snowy areas, boundary-less green valleys, the flower river Satluj next to the road just could be a treat to your eye. Shimla road trip/ bike trip is a must for one time visit, the routes, valleys; waterfall and natural habitat surrounding view will give you immensely beautiful memories. There are many different places that come between the bike trip from Delhi to Shimla, Punjab, Chandigarh, Panipat are few of the tourist’s location you can visit on your way. This place is suitable for a 2 days trip near Delhi especially on a bike ride, one of the best places to visit in India. For your long weekend getaways, this charming freezy place should be on your travel list especially on a bike ride/ bike trip from Delhi.

Highlights of Shimla Tour

  • Coming here and missing the riverside Maggie is a crime, you must have to try the flavorful maggi cooked beside the river Satluj. Sitting on the rock, having hot magi and heading to the journey again is mesmerizing.
  • Shimla in December is a real highlight; the climate is just worth coming for. If you are snow lover, then don’t miss visiting Shimla during winters, this place witnesses heavy snowfall, especially between December and you, can enjoy New Year and Christmas at this beauty filled destination.
  • Apple orchards as well as pears.
  • Shimla from Delhi has a lot to offer you with respect to the spots, it is suggested to have an amazing road trip from Delhi journey to enhance and create more excitements.
  • Accommodation worth remembering: There are few Shimla hotels that offer a scenic view, so when you wake up you get to see some breathtaking sights. Image waking up and viewing the Himalayan Mountains covered with snow, apples & pears trees to add more sweetness to your journey.
  • Shopping in Shimla: Shop a lot, especially their famous cloth woolen garments, shawls, hats, their Tibetan Market, Lakkar Bazaar sells a wide variety of pure Shimla special products.

Shimla Places to Visit

  • Summer Hills: Mind blowing view of the Mountains and the traditional house of the locals. It’s like the houses have wrapped the mountain with their colorful texture and pretty different architecture.
  • Annandale: Golf lovers here? This destination is meant for you, not just offering the wide green carpet but also adventure sports lovers can definitely perform golfing on this nature spot.
  • Jakhoo Hill: Coming to this pretty hill station and going without trekking the beautiful green lushes’ mountain? Impossible! This place is best for trekking and gives you the experience to see the sights like never before.
  • shimla mall road: An open mall road unlike malls packed with too many shops and cooled with Ac, this mall road has a lot better to offer than the malls we’ve seen till date. The open market that even has a lift, amazing shop to stop at, has restaurants that offer a wide variety of local cuisine flavors. You need t come here to know what makes this place highly unique.

Naldehra for horse riding, Kufri to experience snowfall any time of the year, Chadwick Falls for peace lovers, Johnnie’s Wax Museum, Christ Church in mall road is quite famous.

How to reach Shimla from Delhi? Distance by Road, Route

6. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a small hilly town located in Uttarakhand state, this place is proudly named as the “Yoga Capital of the World”. While you are longing for fun, adventure at the same time peace, nature connection, and Tranquility, then this place has a lot to offer you, comes in the list of quick weekend getaways from Delhi, really heaven for adventure enthusiast. It is a mixture of serene, adventure and spirituality and perfectly blends all the flavors for tourist places near Delhi within 400 km on a bike ride or your road trip.

A road trip/ bike trip from Delhi to this beauty has to be in your bucket list. Getaways from Delhi are a lot, but these few picked ones are a must to visit because these places have a lot to offer to the tourist, every year and month there is a heavy tourist visiting places to experience, culture, taste, and beauty. Rishikesh is a perfect example set to give everything that a tourist expects on their journey especially on weekends and on a bike ride.

If you are hunting down in the list of best weekend getaways from Delhi especially on a bike trip/ bike ride, then this has to be on it, Rishikesh weather is super amazing always, not too hot; neither to chill, but winters can make you want to reach bed early due to the cold windy breeze and snowfall as an add-on. A bike ride to this beautiful location can definitely make a really great visual to your eyes. Rishikesh India is a place that can serve all the needs of the tourist, be it an adventure, enthralling activities, spiritual connection, peace, and calmness or even connecting to the natural habitat of the flora and fauna. This beautiful location couldn’t fail to excite their tourist, riders in any way, a must bike trip or road trip to this beauty filled location.

Highlights of Rishikesh tourism:

A lot to offer to the tourist with respect to nature as well as adventure, it is famous for the blue rivers, white sand, huge aesthetic ancient temples & traditional culture.

  • River rafting: Crazy River rides can be experienced here in a lot better way, the river flowing view can leave you overwhelmed but to make it a little more thrillful, river rafting can do you a good.
  • Yoga centers: One can study the yoga here as this place is famous for yoga schooling, a little closer to nature you can connect yourself spiritually as well as better your mental stability too.
  • Beatles Ashram: Relax your mind, body, soul, enjoy the sceneries, waterfall, and lush green forest and make your trip extremely peaceful.
  • Rishikesh hotels: The hotel and resorts are built on the beautiful green mountains, or even offer the mountainous and waterfall view with the texture & architecture of the rooms is pretty different, it gives you the Himachali vibes.

Rishikesh Places Nearby

  • Nag Tibba Trek- Popular amongst trekkers who come on a bike ride to experience thrill and enthralling adventure.
  • Parmarth Niketan Ashram- nested in the lap of Rishikesh, popular for yoga and meditation.
  • Ram Jhula: A beautiful bridge builds on the river Ganga, perfect blur river view from the bridge, an eye soothing visual.
  • Neer Gaddu Waterfall- Beautiful waterfall perfect picturesque mountains surrounding the fall.
  • Deoria Chandrashila Trek

How to reach Rishikesh from Delhi? Distance by Road, Route

7. Jaipur

This iconic city comes under the very popular golden triangle tour, perfectly fits in the weekend getaways from Delhi top lists and for all good reasons. The Delhi to Jaipur road distance is not too much, ideal for a visit on your weekends for a 2 days trip from Delhi especially on a road trip/bike trip. This pink city offers a lot, including the sightseeing activities, food, shopping, cultural touch and a lot more. This place is a haven for history lovers who always long for having a look at the monuments, forts and beautiful glowing fort palaces with an architecture seen never before. This place is blended with Rajasthan cuisines and rich cultural ornaments. Being a popular tourist weekend destination, this place is connected well with the neighboring tourist cities like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur; this comes under the perfect weekend getaways from Delhi list and a road trip can just enhance your journey.

So a visit to Jaipur on a bike ride/ road trip can help you reach various other places as well. A road trip to Jaipur from Delhi can be advisable as it can help you cover neighboring cities and you can definitely feel the traditional vibes. Jaipur roads are really good; a comfortable bike can sustain proper travel on this road leaving less strain. BforBiker suggests Jaipur bike tour solely because this place has a lot to offer at every spot.

Highlights of Jaipur Tourism:

  • This place is ideal for shopping lovers: (shoppers’ Elysium) you have to prepare a huge list of shopping materials that you can pick from here and take back home, which includes, fabrics, handicrafts and artifacts, traditional style jewels, gems, carpets, clothes and a lot more.
  • Rajasthani artwork and textiles from the Jaipur city is quite famous, a true souvenir.
  • Jaipur Camel Leather Items: This place is really famous for the leather industry; items like bag, sandals, shoes, wallets have gained international importance.
  • If you are new to the Jaipur cuisine, you must not leave this place without having to eat Dal Bhati churma.
  • Rajasthani Thali: A mixture of sweet, spicy and crispy food put into a platter and served, worth investing money on.
  • Hand pick some of the tempting juicy Traditional Rajasthani sweet
  • Comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Places to visit (Jaipur tour):

  • Jaigarh Fort: Surrounded with greenery, situated at the top of the cliff, one of the most popular sites in Jaipur.
  • City Palace: This beautiful palace hold heavily the historical importance, the beauty, texture, structure, architect and the entrance appearance everything is highly beautiful, a true souvenir of the past.
  • Hawa Mahal: Jaipur is renowned for this place, the reason being the architectural present really flaunts the perfection and beauty of the history of India.
  • Amber Fort: This appears to be a really different building structured like a maze and mirror, surely unique and the concept is highly unlike.
  • Birla Mandir, Nahargarh Fort, Albert Hall Museum are few of the places that also grabs a lot of tourist from around the country.

How to reach Jaipur from Delhi? Distance by Road, Route

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