Why Should You Set Out on a Solo Ride?

The spirit of travel cannot be isolated from human beings. We’ve been hunter-gatherers ever since the dawn of the Homo sapiens. But alas! Our resolve to explore new territories, to witness unforeseen sights, and to learn about new cultures, has weakened over time.

Our society has (de) evolved into a crowd of weekend cavalcades who rarely explore beyond the set boundaries of our residential areas.

We at BforBiker shall try our best to dismantle this attitude. This is our attempt to teach you an old (yet new) way to travel – Go Solo.

Solo Travel is the best way to go about the art of traveling. The last decade has seen a mammoth increase in the number of travelers willing to explore the world sans companions. India, on the other hand, hasn’t really picked up on this trend.

We will list out for you the reasons for “Why you should ride alone”:

  • It’s the Best Way to Know yourself and Your Bike

    What kind of a person are you? How do you react to challenging situations? How well do you adapt to your ever altering surroundings?

    Probably the best way to discover the answer to these questions is to take a solo trip.

    And what better way to go about it than to do it with your beloved motorcycle. Many a time, we don’t even know a lot about our bikes until we actually just spend some quality time with it in different settings. A solo ride will definitely teach you a lot about your bike that you never knew before and it will surely act as the best way to strengthen that special bond you share.

  • You Can Call The Shots

    Arguably, the most cherished advantage of journeying alone is the independence that accompanies it. You no longer depend on your friend’s schedule to visit someplace magical. Each biker has his/her own way of enjoying their “Bike time”, and a solo trip with your motorcycle gives you just that – Your Time, Your Rules and Your own special experience!

  • The Only One Who Can Spoil Your Plans Is YOU!

    The entire journey’s success depends on your mood. You have the sole power to maximize the learning experience of any trip. No one can take that away from you. Only you can wreck your caravan of experiences!

  • It’s the Best Way to Learn Unknown Stories about Places

    Every place has a story to tell. All you need to do is discover it! For instance, I stumbled upon the mysterious Prashar Lake in Himachal while traversing the region. While traveling in a group, we often get caught up with keeping each other company and lose sight of the need to really look around. Maybe all you need to do is to step out on your own. Who knows, you might discover something unique too!

  • You’d Meet Some Really Amazing and Like Minded People

    When you travel alone, you unlock the chance to meet and interact with people who share your wanderlust. The problem with going out in groups is that such interactions are nearly impossible. Moving on your own gives you many options and the choice is all in your hands.

  • Explore Different Cultures and Traditions First-Hand

    Arriving in a car or a truck may sometimes create an impression of sophistication that may come across as aloofness to someone who is unaccustomed to city life. The simple charm of a bike, on the other hand, speaks volumes with humility. Visiting a place by your own on a bike enables the possibility of more one-on-one encounters and frank opinions from natives of those destinations. We often wonder how the Ladakhi Culture is different from the Kumaoni Culture. Or what the Northeast Indian culture must be like. You can find the answers to all such questions by just deciding to take off and go for a Solo Ride!

  • It’s A Great Opportunity to Gain Fresh Perspective

    Our day-to-day monotonous lives, sometimes, put our thoughts into a rut of automatic non-functionality. Riding along alone, with the wind in your face, the trees along the way and none of the usual banter crowding your mind, will open you up to innovative ideas and help you think more clearly and creatively.

    Traveling with your motorcycle allows for adventure in places that other vehicles cannot reach but are too far to visit on foot. Considering how accustomed we are to having people around all the time, and our severe attachment to social media and the busy urban lives, the idea of taking off on your own may seem like too much.

    But from my own personal experience, I can surely vouch for it.

    You’ll only know when you take the chance and allow yourself to soak in the experience.

    I urge you to plan a beautiful solo ride as soon as possible – just you and your bike on an adventure – and you will definitely discover the joy of becoming a dedicated traveler just like me!

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