Women Riders- The Myth Breakers

‘Biking, Riders, Bikes, Racing, Adrenaline Rush, Speed, Thrill’, these are few of the words that describe biking, but also a mindset ideology of males riding bikes too along with it. But the past few years have changed this ideology, not completely, but to a little extent at least. Why is it still such an unforeseen fact to see a women rider on streets or participating in a biking race?? Bikes are no more just a man’s first love, but it is also a woman’s first dream ride too. Women bikers are seen battling the streets these days too. Gone are the days when it has to be only a man’s riding machine. Today there are a competing number of women too, to own many prestigious or adventure junkie motorbikes.

Women bikers too flaunt their machines with poise and pride. They too do not compromise in pampering their bikes and buying bike accessories or stuff. May it be a picture, or a moment, or a humorous incident with their bike, they cherish everything in their memories.

Let BforBiker present you some interesting facts about women riders we didn’t notice ever before.

  • Inclination for adventure

    Women riders too plunge in for adventure rides. The gender discriminating society can’t stop them from enjoying their piece of cake. Be it dirt biking or any biking event, the lass community are always ready to step ahead and participate. They do not restrain themselves from trying out something new or gaining knowledge about their beloved machine. The women riders do not fear to opt for a thrilling route to reach a destination, because, ‘Hey we have chosen this life by ourselves, our ride our rules’.

  • The real freedom

    Riding gives real freedom to an individual. It makes one realize the true sense of freedom and breaking the stereotype norms of society. Women riders are always given a weird and absurd look by the ignorant rabble. But it doesn’t low them to experience and the thrill of biking. Riding makes one feel the true sense of freedom and ability to take decision for one. It enhances the personality of an individual and makes one feel free from bondage. Riding gives an opportunity to female riders enjoy all the thrill and fun of the sharp twists and turns of the route and experience the best of the journey.

  • Breaking the societal canon

    Women riders always manage to pop out the eyes of people around them, but it rarely affects them. They ride the way they wish, they live the way they wish. Though society may throw tantrums on them of not going the ideal way, it doesn’t stop the passionate bikers. They ride their bikes the way they love and with complete dedication for their ride. Though people may underestimate the female riders and not support them to the fullest, they can prove them wrong with great ease.

    Living a biker life isn’t a cakewalk for a female rider, but they are determined to not give up too. A single female biker inspires many other bikers who didn’t have an opportunity or platform ever to show up with their skills and love for biking. This creates a bond and unity among the rabble sharing the same love for adventure. It also helps them to share a few biking tips and knowledge necessary while riding or going for a long tour.

    Many milestones have been created and many platforms and a set record have been broken by female bikers too. BforBiker would like to let you all get acquainted with few of such proud female riders and personalities.

  • Roshni Sharma

    The proud female biker to carry out one of the most lengthy and strenuous bike journeys from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Roshni Sharma did it proudly with a smile on her face and zest in heart kept the fire ignited in her soul. The journey done by her wasn’t easy, may it be for a male or a female rider.

  • Urvashi Patole

    The founder of one of the biggest female riders group, Urvashi Patole, started it with scratch and today feels proud about her female riding club, ‘Bikerni’. The club has already represented itself in more than 17 cities, along with enormous and growing members of more than 700 female riders.

  • Deepa Malik

    A personality whose aura isn’t enough for few adjectives, Deepa Malik, A Paralympian skier, and a proud rider has won many accolades and achievements in various adventure sports. Her unfortunate disability hasn’t made her feel disable or stopped her from achieving her dreams and desires. She has also won an accolade for riding a special bike for 58 km, along with many tours and rides within India.

Hope the facts presented by BforBiker and the famous personalities having adrenaline for this sport amazed you.

Be it a female or a male, riding safe and following the rules should always be given the first preference.

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