Though riding a bike is done by one person, with at most, another person riding pillion, bike riding is by no means, a solo activity.

If you own a bike, you will understand the importance of group riding. The fun of conversations along the way, competing with each other to get ahead, stopping for snack breaks, and the overall experience of sharing the thrill, is something that every biker would want with their friends.

And what better way to share your love for motorcycles, than to meet up with other riders at a biking festival! BforBiker would like to present you, top 5 list of Biking Festivals in India. It’s time to make some amazing biking memories!


1. India Bike Week

Popularly known as the “IBW”, the India Bike week is one festival that any Indian Biker wouldn’t want to miss. Ever since its inception in 2013, this Bikers Events has been a thorough success among riders, as well as non-riders, as entry into the venue is open to anyone who can get themselves a ticket. The 2-day duration of the IBW is packed with bike rides, meeting with legends of motorbike racing, amazing food stalls and a whole lot of “Brotherhood” among different communities of motorcycle lovers, in keeping with the purpose of the event. Usually held in Goa, and filled with live music and training sessions, this festival is a must-visit for all bikers (and non- bikers) in the country.


2. H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) Rally

H.O.G or the Harley Owners Group is an association of bikers who own Harley Davidson Bikes and share a deep passion for the brand. The HOG annual rally is open to all Harley Davidson bike owners and their families to celebrate their freedom and love for self-expression through their bikes. So, if you have a Harley, this one’s for you. It’s your chance to have an exclusive meet with your own clan!

3. Rider Mania


If you love all things Royal Enfield, then here’s a festival made especially for you. This 3-day Bikers Events in Goa is one of the biggest ones among bikers, full of passion and enthusiasm for the world of motorcycles and bike riding. If you enjoy biking, music, food, and adventure, then off you must go to the next Rider Mania festival to have the time of your life.


4. Pulsar Festival of Speed

First held in 2016, the Pulsar Festival of Speed is open to all, with riding events for any biker who owns a Pulsar Bike, has a proper two-wheeler driver’s license and is interested in racing and bike stunts. Spanning across almost 2 months of the year, this festival ends with a grand finale and has, so far, given many a wonderful experience to its attendees. Don’t miss this festival if you enjoy speed and daredevilry, because that is just what it is all about!


5. Bike Festival of India

The two-day Biker Festival of India was started in the year 2014 and takes place at the Buddh International Circuit with loads of biking, adventure, music, food, and camping. With a special focus on safe riding, this unique festival is the perfect combination of both thrill and prudence in the art of bike riding. Attendees of this festival get to camp at the circuit itself with some great food stalls, tattoo booths, and a fun-filled biking atmosphere to make the experience as real as it can get!

So all you Indian Riders! Get ready to have some fun at these wonderful biking festivals organized just for you in your very own country.