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Harley Davidson Low Rider S: The Exceptional Classic

Harley Davidson Low Rider S: The Exceptional Classic

Prices in Different Metro Cities

₹ 16.51 Lakh
₹ 16.51 Lakh
₹ 16.51 Lakh
₹ 16.51 Lakh
₹ 16.51 Lakh
₹ 16.51 Lakh

Key Highlights

  • Displacement
    1,252 cc
  • Mileage
    20 kmpl
  • Top Speed
    194 Kmph
  • Kerb Weight
    228 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    11.8 litres
  • Seat Height
    753 mm

Latest on Harley Davidson Low Rider S

  • The new Harley-Davidson Low Rider S 2022 was launched in the US on January 26 and is set to be launched in India by December 2022. The sale of the earlier 2021 version of the same motorcycle has been discontinued.
  • Major information regarding the Softail Low Rider was leaked before the launch in the US, especially about its better-performing engine.
  • The Harley Davidson Low Rider S is expected to cost around Rs. 18.50 lakhs.
  • It is primarily based on the previous version but with changes to the engine, styling, and minor details here and there. It has a lot of new features, which has increased demand among its consumers.
  • In 2020, Harley-Davidson changed the Low Rider S from the Dyna design to Softail to show that Softail can accommodate high-performance rides.

Introduction of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

The reinvented Harley comes with a new engine that performs better than its older models. The motorcycle style is known as the “West Coast Style” or “Club Style”. The cruiser has an easygoing style which complements its powerful performance.

A better-powered engine also includes well-developed shocks and cushioned seats, which help the Rider enjoy the comfort and not feel the sudden impacts.

The latest model retains the design of the first model, which was released six years ago. Harley Davidson does a fantastic job of adding the latest tech-savvy features and details in its design, like cast aluminium wheels.

One of the most noticeable features, like its older models, is its scooped-up seat, which is primarily given more padding and a better shock system to reduce impact and enhance the Rider’s pleasure.

What's New In The Latest Model of Harley Davidson Low Ride

  • The main feature of the new Harley-Davidson Low Rider S is its powerful engine, which gives the motorcycle extra rev and a fantastic performance.
  • With frame-mounted fairings and attachable saddlebags, the Low Rider is an excellent cruiser for those who want to enjoy comfort while taking long drives.
  • The bike has a blacked-out look with its finished tank console, satin-finished mounted handlebars, and a deep black solo seat. The overall look gives the bike the perfect coastal style.
  • The motorcycle also features a better suspension and shock system, reducing the impact on the Rider. It also displays bronze detailing on its wheels, adding to the look.

Highlights of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

Design of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

There are quite a few updates to the design compared to the older Low Rider. Starting with the overall look, which is darker and slimmer, the motorcycle gets the perfect club-style look that Harley is going for.

A neck nacelle is no part of the headlight, giving it a sportier and athletic look. The twin barrel exhaust also adds to this look in the most attractive way possible.

The various electronics, including its circular display, show off its tech-savvy approach. The wheels have a dark bronze finish, which efficiently points out the muscular feel of the motorcycle.

Colours and Variants of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

Harley Davidson Low Rider S come in 2 colour options:

  • Vivid Black
  • Gunship Gray
  • Harley Davidson Low Rider S comes in 1 variant:

    • Low Rider S

    Engine of the Harley Davidson Low Rider S

    The motorcycle has a Milwaukee-Eight® 117 engine—a 1923cc engine. It generates a power of 104.4 PS at 7250 rpm.

    If a max torque of 169 Nm @ 4750 rpm doesn’t seem enough, the power can be boosted by adding upgrades that Harley offers. The Low Rider S offers a 4.075-inch bore and a stroke of 4.5 inches.

    A new engine powers the new Harley Davidson Low Rider S. It has better performance and more potential than the older models. This dominant engine goes well with the muscular design of the Low Rider S.

    Features of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

    The main feature is the new engine. Aside from that, the Low Rider S has a blacked-out detail in its design; the bike goes perfectly with the dominant engine and intimidating design and creates a “lone wolf attitude,” according to Harley.

    The Harley Davidson Low Rider S gives off the perfect coastal style with its handlebars (a one-inch moto), which are mounted onto a riser of four inches. It also provides a certain posture for the Rider.

    There is a better suspension and shock system and improved seating with more cushioning to reduce the impact.

    The textured console of the motorcycle is also a highlight, with a tear-shaped fuel tank. It also features better tech-savvy equipment, and the seat has more cushioning to reduce the impact to ensure an effortless ride. The cruiser control is not present but is available as an add-on option.

    Suspension, Brakes and Transmission of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

    The suspension on the Low Rider S has been increased by adding extra shock length. They increased it by a full inch over the previous model, to 4.4 inches. It has a “hydraulic preload adjustment,” according to Harley.

    The inverted single cartridge 43mm triple clamp fork in the front and the hidden fork in the rear ensure a smooth ride. The suspension is beneficial, especially while going through corners and rough rides.

    The Harley Davidson Low Rider S has a split 7-spoke floating rotor in the front and rear for breaks, a fixed 4-piston in the front and a 2-piston floating in the rear. It also includes a six-speed transmission.

    Pros and Cons of Harley Davidson Low Rider S


    Pros of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

    • Better performing engine
    • Improved styling
    • Cushioned seats
    • Increased shock stroke length
    • Sturdy in corners
    • Classic style
    • Customisation options


    Cons of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

    • Cruise control is not included
    • No traction control
    • Heavy and low
    • Limited ergonomics
    • Expensive

    Specifications & Features

    Power & Performance

    • Fuel Type
    • Max Power
      120.69 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
    • Max Torque
      125 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
    • Emission Standard
    • Displacement
      1,252 cc
    • Cylinders
    • Bore
      105 mm
    • Stroke
      72.3 mm
    • Valves Per Cylinder
    • Compression Ratio
    • Ignition
    • Spark Plugs
      2 Per Cylinder
    • Cooling System
      Liquid Cooled
    • Transmission
      6 Speed Manual
    • Transmission Type
      Belt Drive
    • Gear Shifting Pattern
      1 Down 5 Up
    • Clutch
      Wet Multiplate
    • Fuel Delivery System
      Fuel Injection
    • Fuel Tank Capacity
      11.8 litres
    • Reserve Fuel Capacity
      1.7 litres
    • Riding Range
      236 Km
    • Mileage - ARAI
      20 kmpl
    • Mileage - Owner Reported
      20 kmpl
    • Top Speed
      194 Kmph
    • Engine Type
      Revolution® Max 1250T

    Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

    • Braking System
      Dual Channel ABS
    • Front Brake Type
    • Front Brake Size
      320 mm
    • Rear Brake Type
    • Rear Brake Size
      260 mm
    • Calliper Type
      Front- 4 Piston Rear- Single Piston Calliper
    • Wheel Type
    • Front Wheel Size
      17 inch
    • Rear Wheel Size
      16 inch
    • Front Tyre Size
      160/70 - TR17
    • Rear Tyre Size
      180/70 - R16
    • Tyre Type
    • Radial Tyres
    • Front Tyre Pressure (Rider)
      36 psi
    • Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider)
      42 psi
    • Front Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion)
      36 psi
    • Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion)
      42 psi
    • Front Suspension
      43 mm inverted fork with compression, rebound and spring preload adjustability
    • Rear Suspension
      Linkage-mounted, piggyback monoshock with compression, rebound and hydraulic spring preload adjustability

    Dimensions & Chassis

    • Kerb Weight
      228 kg
    • Overall Length
      2,270 mm
    • Overall Width
      843 mm
    • Overall Height
      1,089 mm
    • Wheelbase
      1,520 mm
    • Ground Clearance
      90 mm
    • Seat Height
      753 mm
    • Chassis Type
      High Strength Low Alloy Wheel Trellis Frame

    Manufacturer Warranty

    • Standard Warranty (Year)
      2 Year
    • Standard Warranty (Kilometers)
      Unlimited Kilometers


    • Odometer
    • DRLs (Daytime running lights)
    • Mobile App Connectivity
    • GPS & Navigation
    • USB charging port
    • Front storage box
    • Under seat storage
    • AHO (Automatic Headlight On)
    • Speedometer
    • Fuel Guage
    • Tachometer
    • Stand Alarm
    • Stepped Seat
    • No. of Tripmeters
    • Tripmeter Type
    • Low Fuel Indicator
    • Low Oil Indicator
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Pillion Backrest
    • Pillion Grabrail
    • Pillion Seat
    • Pillion Footrest
    • Digital Fuel Guage
    • Start Type
      Electric Start
    • Shift Light
    • Killswitch
    • Clock
    • Battery
      Maintenance Free
    • Headlight Type
      LED Head Lamp
    • Brake/Tail Light
      LED Tail Lamp
    • Turn Signal
    • Pass Light
    • Additional features
      Cruise Control, Ride Modes

    Expert Reviews

    • The bigger and better-performing engine has a significant influence on the overall performance of the motorcycle. The Harley Davidson Low Rider S is smooth, even if it’s a performance-minded motorcycle, it doesn’t interfere with the ride’s comfort.

    • The cushioned seats and improved shock help reduce the impact of the bigger bumps. The smaller bumps are practically non-existent with this better suspension.

    • The Low Rider is a better-performing version of its earlier models, and even though it has increased in size, its performance has not altered as much as expected. There is more comfort. More performance and more features.

    • Someone who is on the taller side may prefer a better seating position. However, the look gives it a perfect athletic and aggressive feel, especially with its black detailing.

    • The ride is very comfortable with its handlebar positioning and impressive braking system.

    • The primary framework of the previous models is retained, though it has better fuel capacity and more details, making it perfect for long rides.

    • Except for not having built-in cruise control, the motorcycle seems to have taken the best features and made them better.

    Top 3 Competitors of Harley Davidson Low Rider S

    Harley-Davidson Low Rider S vs Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114

    The Harley Davidson Low Rider S is approximately Rs. 18.50 Lakhs, while the Fat Bob 114 costs Rs. 17.99 Lakhs.

    The Low Rider pumps out a max torque of 169nm@4750 rpm compared to the Fat Bob, which has an estimated 155nm@ 3500 rpm.

    While both are cruiser bikes with a Milwaukee-Eight 1923cc engine, the Low Rider does not come with built-in cruise control. However, the shock and suspension control is much better, and it has a better braking system than the Fat Bob. It also has the same engine with a 1868cc.

    The Low Rider has a capacity of 18.9 L and is available in two different colours, while the Fat Bob can only contain 13.6 L and is available in 3 colours. The Low Rider has better performance and a bigger frame, giving smoother and lush rides.

    Harley Davidson Nightster vs Harley Davidson Low Rider S

    The Nightster, worth Rs. 14.99 lakhs, is almost 4 lakhs below Rs. 18.50 lakhs—the Harley Davidson Low Rider S price.

    The Nightster performs much lower than the Low Rider, with only a max torque of 95 nm @5750 rpm, while the Low Rider performs at 169 nm @4750 rpm.

    Both cruisers have a six-speed transmission with fuel injection, but the Low Rider has an increased bore and stroke of 103.5mm and 114.3mm compared to the 97mm and 66mm of the Nightster.

    The Rider also has a better fuel capacity and is heavier, about the 11.71 L capacity of the Nightster. They have a different styled frame as well. The Low Rider’s performance is better than the Nightster because of its improved engine, shocks, and heavier weight.

    The Nightster only features a 975 cc Revolution Max engine, while the Rider has a 1923 Milwaukee engine. The design is similar at first glance, even though the Rider has a notably different seating style and two exhausts.

    Harley Davidson Low Rider S vs Harley Davidson Sportster S

    The Sportster is worth Rs 16.51 lakhs, whereas the Harley Davison Low rider S is priced at Rs. 18.50 lakhs.

    The Low Rider and Nightster are both cruiser bikes with various colour options. The Sportster has a Revolution Max 1252 cc engine, while the Rider features a Milwaukee 1923 cc engine.

    The max torque of the Nightster is 125 NM @6000 rpm, which is not as impressive as the Riders’ performance.

    The Sportster has more features on the electronic side compared to the Rider, but the seat and handlebar positioning give the cruiser a unique touch. However, the Rider surpasses the Sportster with a better fuel capacity and increased length and height.

    The upgraded engine, with its suspension and shock system, combined with the cushioned seats, makes the motorcycle far more comfortable.


    The latest version of the new cruiser is a dominating motorcycle with an athletic and muscular air. The Low Rider is a show-stealer with its all-new engine and impressive suspension.

    The Harley Davidson Low Rider S has a classic club style or west coast style, with its mounted handlebars and low scooped-out seat.

    The seating is perfectly curated for the comfort of the Rider, with its cushioned seats and better shock system. The solid breaks and heavier frame all add to the perfect ride, with a smooth and plush feeling, even though the bike’s speed picks up.

    The design and the blacked-out detailing also add a certain flair to the assertive look that the Rider is going for. The new cruiser is perfect for long rides with a classic Harley style and exceptional performance.


    How much is the new Low Rider S?

    The new Low Rider S costs approximately Rs. !8.50 Lakhs

    How many cc is the 2022 Low Rider S?

    The 2022 model of the Harley Davidson Low Rider S incorporates a 1,923 cc engine.

    Is cruise control available on the 2022 Low Rider S?

    No, it is not a built-in option, but there is an add-on option.

    Does the 2022 Low Rider S have ABS brakes?

    Yes, Dual Channel ABS is present in Low Rider S

    When is Low Rider S launched in India?

    The 2022 model of Low Rider S is set to launch in December 2022.

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