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Hero Electric Flash LX: A Value for Money Entry-Level Scooter

Hero Electric Flash LX: A Value for Money Entry-Level Scooter

Prices in Different Metro Cities

₹ 59,640
₹ 59,640
₹ 59,640
₹ 59,640
₹ 59,640
₹ 59,640
₹ 46,640
₹ 46,640
₹ 46,640
₹ 46,640
₹ 46,640
₹ 46,640

Key Highlights

  • Max Power
    250 W
  • Riding Range
    85 Km
  • Top Speed
    25 Kmph
  • Kerb Weight
    69 kg
    Kerb Weight
    87 kg
  • Battery Capacity
    1.536 kWh
  • Seat Height

Latest on Hero Electric Flash LX

  • At an ex-showroom price of Rs 46,640, Flash LX (VRLA) is the most affordable electric scooter of the company.
  • The scooter got launched in 2020 with an initial road price of Rs 42,640, and the company also announced an exchange offer during the festive season.
  • In January 2021, Hero Electric announced a five-year warranty for all its Lithium-ion battery variants, including the Flash LX.
  • Now Flash LX (VRLA) comes with a three-year warranty on the scooter and a one-year warranty on the battery, while Flash LX has a three-year warranty on both the scooter and the battery.
  • The company plans to manufacture more Flash LX (VRLA) and Flash LX along with other models, for which it has announced an investment of Rs 700 crore.
  • The company aims to achieve a manufacturing target of 10 lakh units (of all scooter models) by 2022. Hero Electric also eyes to augment its domestic dealership network from 450 to 1,200 by 2024.
  • Flash LX can also get charged at any Hero Electric charging station. The electric automaker has established 1,650 stations, and it looks to increase the number to about 20,000 by 2023.

Introduction of Hero Electric Flash LX

Hero Electric Flash LX, an entry-level electric scooter, is listed under the company’s Comfort Speed (LX) category.

It comes in two variants: the lead-acid battery version Hero Electric Flash LX (VRLA) and the Lithium-ion battery version Hero Electric Flash LX.

The only difference between both variants is the battery. Flash LX (VRLA) gets powered by a 48V / 20Ah valve-regulated lead-acid battery that takes eight to 10 hours to get charged entirely.

So, after charging, the scooter can cover a distance of 50 km. Flash LX gets fed by a 51.2V / 30Ah Lithium-ion battery that takes four to five hours and allows the two-wheeler to cover a range of 85 km.

Flash LX (VRLA) carries a price tag of Rs 46,640 (ex-showroom), which makes it the most affordable scooter in Hero Electric’s product line. Flash LX gets priced at Rs 56,940.

The electric scooter gets a maximum of 25 Kmph and does not require registration and a two-wheeler driving license.

The Electric Flash entails a curb weight of 66 kg, and it gets ergonomically designed to provide greater comfort to first-time riders.

What’s new in Hero Electric Flash LX?

Flash LX comes with a USB port that can charge mobiles and other electronic devices on the go.

It comes with a long carrier and crash guard at the rear, and a frame is fitted in the scooter to carry belongings.

Highlights of Hero Electric Flash LX

Flash LX specifications

  1. Both the variants get propelled by a 250 W BLDC hub electric motor that can achieve a maximum speed of 25 Kmph. Giving protection to the engine is IP65 water and dustproof cover.
  2. Flash LX (VRLA) variant gets fed by a 48V / 20Ah valve-regulated lead-acid battery that takes eight to 10 hours to get fully charged, after which it can cover a distance of up to 50 km.
  3. Both the variants are fitted with drum brakes and have a combi braking system, which slows down both wheels simultaneously.
  4. Flash LX comes with a push-button start. It starts the scooter with only a push of the button and gets an automatic transmission.

Design of Flash LX

Above the front wheel, a giant LED light roughly in the shape of an inverted triangle is the most striking feature of the scooter.

Just above the headlamp, the red-and-white logo of Hero Electric set on a black inverted triangle looks eye-catching.

Between the handles, the visor gets fitted with two LED lights with built-in side indicators.

Below the left handle, the scooter gets the word ‘ELECTRIC’ printed to convey the scooter type.

A lightweight body with a body balance design.

The chassis of the electric scooter, made with high-grade fibre plastic and the build, is light, sleek, and designed to get suitable for first-time electric scooter users; true to its tagline ‘Meri Pehli electric.’

The 12-inch chrome-finished front alloy wheel gets equipped with telescopic forks and a drum brake.

The floor panel area provides enough leg space for a person of average build to sit and ride comfortably. A plastic compartment gets fitted in front of the driver seat that can hold small things.

The charging point, located down the front seat and the battery, kept inside the boot, also has adequate space to fit a half-helmet and small things such as a small bag, purse, charger, and more.

The battery can get detached from the scooter and taken inside the home and office for an energy refill.

The dashboard is attractive and displays all the vital stats such as speed, battery percentage, and odometer.

Buttons for headlamps, indicators, and horns are fitted just beside both the handles. Two rearview mirrors enable the rider to have a look at the vehicles behind.

The scooter has a ground clearance of 170 mm, which is among the highest in Hero Electric’s offerings. While on rest, it gets ably supported by its side and centre stand.

Like all conventional scooters, it provides a pair of footrests for the pillion rider.

Flash LX gets a prominent tail light fitted with side indicators and a steel passenger arm support and carrier.

Colour Options and Variants Of Hero Electric Flash LX

The scooter gets available in two variants:

  • Flash LX (VRLA)
  • Flash LX

Both the variant comes in three colour variants:

  • White
  • Red
  • Silver

Features of Flash LX

  • Digital Instrument Cluster: The digital instrument cluster or the dashboard shows all necessary information such as the current speed, remaining percentage of the battery, distance travelled.
  • Telescopic Suspension: The sophisticated telescopic suspension system provides a smooth and bump-free riding experience on the roughest of roads.
  • USB Port: Both scooters’ variants incorporate a USB port, enabling riders to charge their mobiles and other charging devices while on the move.
  • Alloy Wheels: The 12-inch alloy wheels at the front and rear wheels give durability and enhance the scooter’s looks.
  • LED Headlamp: The bright light-emitting diode (LED) headlamp and the polycarbonate-based lenses allow riders to travel safely in the dark.
  • Pass light: This will alert drivers in front of you to know about your presence.
  • Alloy Wheels: The scooter comes with 12-inch sized alloy wheels at the front and rear.

Pros and Cons of Hero Electric Flash LX


  • High ground clearance
  • Low curb weight
  • Low price
  • Comfortable for a short distance
  • Good mileage


  • Low on performance
  • Uncomfortable for tall riders
  • Not suitable for long-distance travel
  • Low load capacity

Specifications & Features

Power & Performance

  • Fuel Type
  • Max Power
    250 W
  • Rated Power
    250 W
  • Max Torque
  • Transmission
  • Riding Range
    85 Km
  • Gradeability
    7 Degree
  • Top Speed
    25 Kmph
  • Battery charging time
    4-5 Hrs
  • Fast charging time
  • Carrying capacity
    100 kg
  • Battery capacity
    100 kg
  • Battery type
  • Motor type
    BLDC Hub Motor
  • Charger output

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

  • Braking System
  • Front Brake Type
  • Front Brake Size
    130 mm
  • Rear Brake Type
  • Rear Brake Size
    130 mm
  • Calliper Type
  • Wheel Type
  • Front Wheel Size
    12 inch
  • Rear Wheel Size
    12 inch
  • Front Tyre Size
    90*90 12
  • Rear Tyre Size
    90*90 12
  • Tyre Type
  • Radial Tyres
  • Front Suspension
    Telescopic Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
    Telescopic Suspension

Dimensions & Chassis

  • Kerb Weight
    69 kg
    Kerb Weight
    87 kg
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Height
  • Wheelbase
  • Ground Clearance
    170 mm
  • Seat Height
  • Chassis Type
    Reinforced High Strength Steel Chassis

Manufacturer Warranty

  • Battery warranty
    3 Year
  • Motor warranty
    3 Year


  • Odometer
  • Regenerative breaking
  • Reverse mode
  • Touch screen display
  • DRLs (Daytime running lights)
  • Mobile App Connectivity
  • GPS & Navigation
  • Central locking system
  • Artificial sound
  • Parking assist
  • Hill assist
  • Anti theft system
  • Geo fencing
  • Start/stop button
  • USB charging port
  • Front storage box
  • Under seat storage
  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Stand Alarm
  • Stepped Seat
  • No. of Tripmeters
  • Tripmeter Type
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Pillion Backrest
  • Pillion Grabrail
  • Pillion Seat
  • Pillion Footrest
  • Start Type
    Electric Start
  • Shift Light
  • Killswitch
  • Clock
  • Headlight Type
    LED Headlamp
  • Brake/Tail Light
    Bulb Type
  • Turn Signal
  • Pass Light
  • Additional features
    Bag Hook, Round Charging Point, Glove Box, USB Port, Mag Alloy Wheels, Comfortable Seating, Crash Guard

Expert Reviews

  • As an entry-level scooter, Flash LX (VRLA) and Flash LX are perfect for first-time or new riders.

  • Extremely lightweight at 66 kg, it enables riders to manoeuvre the vehicle quickly and commute short distances.

  • The low seat height makes it easier for young riders and those who are little on the short side. It, however, can be a little uncomfortable for lanky and stout riders.

  • The maximum weight capacity of the scooter is 110 kg, so riders have to keep this in mind while seating someone in the pillion.

  • The telescopic suspension does a great job absorbing the jerks and shocks while negotiating an uneven surface, like a pothole or a speed breaker.

  • The combi braking system provided by the drum brakes is good but less efficient than disc brakes in other models.

  • Though expensive by over ten grand INR, the Lithium-ion variant offers better mileage and charges half the time than the lead-acid variant. Motor power for both the variant remains the same as both belong to the low-power category.

  • The scooter comes with some exciting features such as a USB port, alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, and more. The USB port allows a rider to charge their phone or other electronic devices on the go.

Top 3 Competitors of Hero Electric Flash LX

The features and specifications of Flash LX give robust competition to:

  • YObykes Edge
  • Avon E Mate
  • Komaki XGT KM
  • Lohia Oma Star

Let’s take a look at the various aspects of the scooters and compare the scooter sith Flash LX :


YObykes Edge gets priced at Rs 49,000, Rs 2,360 more than Flash LX (VRLA), and Rs 7,940 cheaper than Flash LX.

Avon E Mate carries Rs 45,000, which is more affordable than Flash LX (VRLA) and Flash LX by Rs 1,640 and Rs 11,940, respectively.

Komaki XGT KM, priced at Rs 42,50, is Rs 4,140 and Rs 14,440 less than Flash LX (VRLA) and Flash L.

Lohia Oma Star costs Rs 41,444, Rs 5,196 and Rs 15,496 less than Flash LX (VRLA) and Flash LX.

Charging time

YObykes Edge takes six to eight hours for a full charge.

Avon E Mate takes the same time of six to eight hours to get fully charged.

Komaki XGT KM also takes six to eight hours to get completely charged.

Oma Star takes six to eight hours for a full charge.

Distance covered

Yobykes Edge can travel 80 km in a single charge.

Avon E Mate gets capable of going 65 km when charged fully.

However, when the battery gets fully charged, Komaki XGT KM gives 85 km of mileage.

Oma Star covers 60 km.


Except for Komaki XGT KM, which has a disc brake in the front wheel and a drum brake in the rear, all other scooters have drum brakes both at the front and back.


Except for Komaki XGT KM, which comes equipped with a Lithium-ion battery, all other scooters have lead-acid batteries.


Powering Yobykes edge is a 250-watt motor. However, a 188-watt motor propels Avon E Mater.

Komaki XGT KM has a 60 V motor and Oma Star has a 250-watt engine.


All the available features and specifications provided by Hero Electric make Flash LX a good entry-level scooter.

Though it could have been better if the scooter gets disc brakes, still the drum brakes perform braking duties quite well.

The Lithium-ion variant is better than the lead-acid variant in terms of mileage and charging time but is expensive by nearly 20% of its price.

So, considering all the plus and minus of Hero Electric Flash LX, you can consider buying Hero Electric Flash LX.

Frequently asked questions about Flash LX?

Is Flash LX available in different battery options?

Yes, it is available in two battery options—lead-acid battery and Lithium-ion battery. 

The Flash LX (VRLA) gets fed by a lead-acid battery. The scooter gets priced at Rs 46,640. The Flash LX is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery and carries a price tag of Rs 56,940.

What is the warranty period for both variants?

Flash LX (VRLA) has a warranty period of three years on the scooter and one year on the battery. Flash LX has three years warranty on both the scooter and the battery.

What is the battery capacity of Flash LX?

The battery capacity of Flash LX (VRLA) is 48V / 20Ah, while it is 51.2 V / 30 Ah for Flash LX.

What is the top speed of Flash LX?

The top speed of Flash LX gets capped at 25 Kmph.

What is the power of Flash LX’s motor?

The electric scooter’s motor power is 250 watts, and it is BLDC type.

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