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Hero Electric Photon HX: A High-Speed Scooter with Classic Looks

Hero Electric Photon HX: A High-Speed Scooter with Classic Looks

Prices in Different Metro Cities

₹ 74,240
₹ 74,240
₹ 74,240
₹ 74,240
₹ 74,240
₹ 74,240

Key Highlights

  • Max Power
    1,800 W
  • Riding Range
    108 Km
  • Top Speed
    45 Kmph
  • Kerb Weight
    87 kg
  • Battery Capacity
    1.872 kWh
  • Seat Height

Latest on Hero Electric Photon HX

  • After the Indian Government revised the FAME II policy and reduced the GST on several electric vehicles, the price of Photon HX was reduced by Rs 8,491, from Rs 79,940 to Rs 71,440.
  • Apart from home and offices, Photon HX can get charged in any charging station of a total number of 1,650 existing stations in the country. Hero Electric plans to increase the number of charging stations to nearly 20,000 by 2023.
  • In January 2021, the company announced a five-year warranty across its e-scooter models purchased between January 1 and March 3, including Photon HX. But now, the electric scooter comes with a three-year warranty, and so does the company’s entire product line.

Introduction of Hero Electric Photon HX

With the looks of a classic Italian scooter, the Hero Electric Photon HX stands out from all the other e-scooters from the company’s stable. Listed under the City Speed (HX) category, Photon HX is Hero Electric’s most expensive and most powerful e-scooter.

The round headlamp of the scooter gives it a vintage look, but its motor and configuration make it a high-speed two-wheeler. It has two drive modes—Economy and Power, which enables the vehicle to achieve a maximum speed of 40kmph and 45kmph.

In the Power mode, the scooter can cover a distance up to 50-60 km, whereas it can cover up to 108 km in the Economy mode. The vehicle is perfect for those who are environmentally conscious and want value for money.

The model, manufactured in Hero Electric’s production plant in Ludhiana, Punjab. It’s available in authorised dealerships and showrooms of the automotive manufacturer.

The braking, suspension, body materials, motor, and other scooter components get designed per Indian road and climatic conditions and come with a three-year comprehensive warranty.

What’s New in Hero Electric Photon HX?

The Hero Electric Photon HX gets equipped with two batteries. A customer can take one from the two-wheeler and charge it in their home or office. However, the other batteries remain in the scooter.

The scooter comes with a remote key, which can start and lock and unlock the vehicle.

Highlights of Hero Electric Photon HX

Photon HX Specifications

  1. Powering the electric scooter is a 1200 W BLDC (brushless DC) Electric Motor, generating maximum power of 1.8kW. Protecting the motor is IP65 water and dust-proof cover.
  2. The vehicle gets fitted with two 76 V, 26 Ah all-weather Li-ION batteries (each weighing nine kgs), which take five hours to get charged completely and can travel a distance of 50-80kms in a full charge in Power mode and up to 108kms in Economy mode. The power consumption will be two units in a complete charge.
  3. Both the wheels get fitted with drum brakes, and the scooter has a combi braking system that makes both the wheels slow down at the same time when the brakes are applied.
  4. Like any electric vehicle, Photon HX gets equipped with a push-button start that starts the scooter with just a button push. And like all gearless vehicles, it has an automatic transmission.

Design of Hero Electric Photon HX

The design of the electric scooter is attractive and contemporary. The round-shaped headlamp and the side lamps give it a classic look.

The body gets made up of fibre plastic, and the build is that of a conventional gas-powered scooter. 

Photon HX gets well designed to suit all gender types and age groups. The front side gets fitted with a plastic compartment that gives a little space to keep handy things.

The leg space gets wider than Hero Electric Dash but a bit less than Hero Electric Flash. So, it gives a comfortable riding experience to people of average height. However, it can be a tad small for six-footers and above.

The seat can easily accommodate two people with average weight, as the load capacity of the scooter is 150 kgs. The seat length could have been a little longer to provide a more comfortable ride.

The BLDC motor is fitted right under the rear shock absorbers, while the battery pack gets fitted under the front seat. The charging point is below the front seat. The boot space under the seat is adequate to accommodate a half-helmet charger, purse, small bag, and more.

The scooter comes with both a centre stand and a side stand, but the latter does not have a sensor.

The dashboard displays speed, battery percentage, and odometer. To its right and left sides, fitted are buttons for headlamps, indicators, horn, and speed modes.

The headlamp comes with yellow light and polycarbonate films. Below it, there are two sidelight indicators. On the rear, there are two sidelight indicators and a taillamp.

Colour Options and Variants of Hero Electric Photon HX

The Photon HX is available in three colours at present:

  • Mat black
  • Beige
  • Blue

The scooter comes in a single variant: Photon HX

Features of Hero Electric Photon HX

  • Digital Instrument Cluster: The digital instrument cluster is the dashboard located between the handles that shows all the relevant information such as the current speed, remaining percentage of battery power,
  • Telescopic Suspension for both front and rear wheels: The state-of-the-art shock absorbers at the front and rear wheels smoothly move up and down and give a jerk-free riding experience on the roughest of roads.
  • Alloy Wheels: The 10-inch sized alloy wheels at the front and rear add a contemporary style statement to the scooter and make it lighter and steadier.
  • Portable Battery: The 72V / 26Ah portable battery inside the vehicle makes charging convenient and easy. It can be detached from the scooter and can be charged indoors before going on a ride.
  • Polycarbonate LED Headlamp: The classic round headlamp of Photon HX gets fitted with a brilliant light-emitting diode (LED), and the lenses are polycarbonate-based, which allows riders to travel safely in the dark.
  • Remote Lock and Anti-Theft Alarm: The scooter comes with a remote lock, which locks the scooter with just a press of a button. The anti-theft alarm means extra safety against burglary.
  • Regen Braking: The vehicle’s Regen braking system converts the kinetic energy lost while applying brakes into stored energy in the battery.
  • Combi brakes: The combi brakes ensure that the front and rear wheels decelerate at the same time when the brake is applied, thereby enhancing stability and giving a smooth ride.
  • Low battery indicator: The scooter has a low battery indicator that beeps when the power is low, and the battery needs to get charged.

Pros and Cons of Electric Photon HX


  • Classic looks and sound quality exteriors
  • Three-year warranty
  • Mileage of 108 km for a full charge
  • Combi braking and Regen braking
  • Telescopic suspension


  • The seat could get a bit longer
  • The seating capacity of 150 kg is a bit low
  • Disc brake not fitted but can be upgraded
  • Ground clearance of 140 mm is a bit low

Specifications & Features

Power & Performance

  • Fuel Type
  • Max Power
    1,800 W
  • Rated Power
    1200 W
  • Max Torque
  • Transmission
  • Riding Range
    108 Km
  • Gradeability
    7 Degree
  • Top Speed
    45 Kmph
  • Battery charging time
    5 Hrs
  • Fast charging time
  • Carrying capacity
    150 kg
  • Battery capacity
    150 kg
  • Battery type
  • Motor type
    BLDC Hub Motor
  • Charger output

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

  • Braking System
  • Front Brake Type
  • Front Brake Size
    130 mm
  • Rear Brake Type
  • Rear Brake Size
    130 mm
  • Calliper Type
  • Wheel Type
  • Front Wheel Size
    10 inch
  • Rear Wheel Size
    10 inch
  • Front Tyre Size
    10 x 3 Inch
  • Rear Tyre Size
    10 x 3 Inch
  • Tyre Type
  • Radial Tyres
  • Front Suspension
    Telescopic Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
    Telescopic Suspension

Dimensions & Chassis

  • Kerb Weight
    87 kg
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Height
  • Wheelbase
  • Ground Clearance
    130 mm
  • Seat Height
  • Chassis Type
    Reinforced High Strength Steel Chassis

Manufacturer Warranty

  • Battery warranty
    3 Year
  • Motor warranty
    3 Year


  • Odometer
  • Regenerative breaking
  • Reverse mode
  • Touch screen display
  • DRLs (Daytime running lights)
  • Mobile App Connectivity
  • GPS & Navigation
  • Central locking system
  • Artificial sound
  • Parking assist
  • Hill assist
  • Anti theft system
  • Geo fencing
  • Start/stop button
  • USB charging port
  • Front storage box
  • Under seat storage
  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Stand Alarm
  • Stepped Seat
  • Tripmeter Type
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Pillion Backrest
  • Pillion Grabrail
  • Pillion Seat
  • Pillion Footrest
  • Start Type
    Electric Start
  • Shift Light
  • Killswitch
  • Clock
  • Headlight Type
    LED Head Lamp
  • Brake/Tail Light
    Bulb Type
  • Turn Signal
  • Pass Light
  • Additional features
    Bag Hook, Round Charging Point, Glove Box, USB Port, Aerodynamic Style, Wide Seat, Remote Lock with Anti Theft Alarm

Expert Reviews

  • The initial pickup of the scooter is good, and it can steadily carry the load of rider and pillion rider.

  • While riding on bumpy and uneven surfaces such as potholes and speed breakers, the suspension does a great job absorbing the shock and giving the rider(s) a smooth riding experience.

  • The drum brakes provide average breaking, but the Regen braking system channels the power generated from braking and stores it in the battery.

  • Though the dashboard is visible while riding under the sun, it could have been a little clearer for a sharper view of the speed, battery percentage, and other stats.

  • The scooter gives a good riding and travelling experience to people of medium height and weight. Riders with a height above 6’1″ may face difficulty adjusting their legs in the existing seat height and the leg space.

Top 3 Competitors of Electric Photon HX

The specifications and features of Photon HX give a tough competition to:

  • Ather 450X
  • Benling Aura
  • Pure EV Epluto
  • Okinawa PraisePro

Let’s compare different aspects of each electric scooter.


Bearing a price tag of Rs 132,426, Ather is more expensive by Rs 60,986 than Photon HX.

PraisePro is pricier by Rs 5,000 at Rs 76,848.

While Benling Aura is costly by Rs 1,000 at Rs 73,000.

Priced at Rs 71,999, Pure EV Epluto is a tad dearer by Rs 500.

Charging time

Photon HX gets fully charged in five hours.

Ather 450X does that in five hours and 45 minutes.

Okinawa PraisePro takes two to three hours to get fully charged.

Pure EV Epluto and Benling Aura take the same time of four hours.

Distance covered

Ather 450X can cover a distance of up to 116 km in a full charge.

While Benling Aura can cover up to 120 km, making it one of the longest-distance-running electric scooters on Indian roads.

Pure EV Epluto can travel up to 80 km in a complete single charge

While Okinawa PraisePro covers 88 km. Ather 450 can run for up to 75 km once it gets fully charged.

Top Speed

Photon HX has a top speed of 45kmph.

Ather 450X achieves a maximum acceleration of 80 Kmph.

Benling Aura can achieve a peak speed of 60kmph.

Okinawa PraisePro can attain 58kmph.

The top speed of Pure EV Epluto is 25 Kmph.


Photon HX has double drum brakes.

However, Ather 450X and Okinawa PraisePro have double disc brakes.

Benling Aura and Pure EV Epluto each have one drum and one disc brake on their wheels.


Considering all specifications and features, Hero Electric Photon HX is a good bike in the high-speed category. True to the company claims, Photon HX gets equipped with features that will make for an enjoyable ride.

The flagship model gives good comfort to Indian riders, and the decent features make the scooter easy to handle and drive on Indian roads.

Frequently asked questions about Hero Electric Photon HX:

What is the mileage of Photon HX?

The electric scooter runs up to 108 kilometres in Economy mode after a full charge.

What is the power of Photon HX’s motor?

The motor power of the electric scooter is 1200 watts, and it is BLDC type.

Is Photon HX available in dual battery?

Yes, the scooter is available in two batteries.

What is the battery voltage of Photon HX?

The vehicle gets equipped with a 72 V, 20 Ah Li-ion battery.

What is the body of Photon HX made up of?

The body of the scooter is made from high-grade automobile plastics.

Is Photon HX suitable for long journeys?

It is suitable for a journey within a radius of 60 to 100 kilometres as the scooter can cover 50-60 km in the Power mode and up to 108 km in the Economy mode.

Will, the Photon HX, require registration from the RTO?

With a top speed of 45kmph, the scooter will need to get registered from the RTO, and a valid license will be required to ride the vehicle. An electric vehicle with a top speed of 25kmph will not require registration and a driving license.

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