Hero is planning to open Premium Stores across India by the end of this month. These stores will sell Xtreme 160R 4V, Karizma 210 and all upcoming premium bikes. Initially 100 stores will be open in multiple cities and Xtreme 160V will be sold for the first phase. Upcoming bikes like Karizma will be sold in these stores, the baby Harley X440 launching on July 3rd may also be sold in these stores. This will help sales for Harley x440, since the network of Hero Motocorp is good in many cities and these upcoming stores will boast the sales. Since the launch of Xtreme 160R 4V development of these stores were confirmed. The aim of these stores will be similar to Maruti Suzuki Nexa stores. The small bikes like Splendor, passion plus will be sold in the regular stores, while these stores will have an experienced staff to sell these premium bikes like Xpluse 200v, Xtreme 160r, Karizma 210, Harley X440.