Nardò, Italy, June 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Iván Cervantes, 5x Enduro World Champion and Triumph Global Ambassador, has officially claimed the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for ‘The greatest distance on a motorcycle in 24 hours (individual)

Riding a Tiger 1200 GT Explorer on the High-Speed Ring at the Nardò Technical Center in Italy, Iván travelled more than 2493mi (4012km) in a 24-hour period, beating the previous record of 2116.39mi (3406km) by a huge margin of more than 372.82mi (600km).

The existing GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of 2116.39mi (3406.17km) was previously set by American Carl Reese on February 26, 2017, recording an average speed over 24 hours of 141.9km/h (88.2mph).

Riding consistently at speeds of over 124mph (200km/h) at the Nardò Technical Center in Italy, Iván surpassed the existing record with an incredible 5 hours to spare in the 24-hour window. Not content to simply beat the record, he set his sights on defining a new benchmark for this challenge – 2485.49mi (4000km).

In the 5 hours that followed, he proceeded to ride a further 376.551mi (606km) – essentially matching the existing record then continuing to ride the equivalent of the width of France, and greater than the width of North Dakota, in addition.

The record attempt was witnessed by an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator, who validated the final distance travelled in 24 hours as 2493.28mi (4012.53km), with an average speed of 104.26mph (167.79km/h).

Iván Cervantes


“The Tiger 1200 GT Explorer was the perfect bike for this attempt. It’s very comfortable to ride for a long time. For sure, the hardest part was the weather, because it started to rain, but this bike has a very big screen and excellent protection, which helped me a lot. It is a very special bike for me. It’s not easy to ride for 24 hours in a row but, in the end, the record is mine with this amazing bike!”