Kawasaki India has announced the launch of KLX 230RS in India, and it will be available at Rs 5.21 Lakh. It will be imported has a CBU unit, and hence the price will be premium. The bike is Track legal and cant be ridden on our roads, it misses the headlight, turn indicators, rear view mirrors, taillight making it not legal for our roads.

The bike is equipped with a 233cc fuel-injected engine, a steel perimeter frame, and long-travel suspension. It is designed for off-road adventures and has a low seat height of 35.4 inches. It also has electric start and fuel injection for easy starting and smooth performance.The KLX 230RS is based on the KLX 230R model, but with shorter suspension travel to lower the seat height by one inch. This makes it more accessible to shorter riders or beginners who want to enjoy trail riding.