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Kawasaki KX100 — Entry Into The Motocross World

Kawasaki KX100 — Entry Into The Motocross World

Prices in Different Metro Cities

₹ 4.87 Lakh
₹ 4.87 Lakh
₹ 4.87 Lakh
₹ 4.87 Lakh
₹ 4.87 Lakh
₹ 4.87 Lakh

Key Highlights

  • Displacement
    99 cc
  • Mileage
    60 km/l
  • Top Speed
  • Kerb Weight
    77 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    5 litres
  • Seat Height
    870 mm

Latest on Kawasaki KX100

  • The Kawasaki KX100 is imported into India as a Completely Built Unit (CBU), which attracts high customs duties.
  • In India, the KX100 has priced at Rs. 4.87 lakh (ex-showroom), but it is not road legal.
  • This championship-proven supermini produces 99cc of instant torque with 30 PS @ 9000 rpm power.

Introduction of Kawasaki KX100

The Kawasaki KX100, one of the few dirt bikes available in India for your young riders, is also among the best motorcycle for motocross enthusiasts to begin their careers. The 2-stroke engine bridges the gap between mini-bikes and full-size motocrossers. Focussing on young people who want to get into motocross, the bike incorporates a 99cc engine that produces adequate power. The large front wheel, an adjustable handlebar, and good ground clearance add more to the look of the bike.

Kawasaki KX100 introduces kids to dirt biking. Despite its small size, the engine is powerful enough to provide thrills for adults of average size.

Also, this off-road motorcycle can be ridden on private property or an off-road circuit.

What's New in the Latest Model of Kawasaki KX100?

  • Front and rear fender designs have been updated in the Kawasaki KX100
  • The Kawasaki KX100 improved ergonomics thanks to all-new flush-fit bodywork, a new seat, and an adjustable handle position.

Highlights of Kawasaki KX100

Design of Kawasaki KX100

This little bike has an excellent presentation for its dirtbike features.

The Kawasaki KX100 gets designed after its elder sibling, the Kawasaki KX450. The compact shroud and sharp mudguards of the KX450 are carried over to this motocrosser.

The radiator is neatly hidden in front of the engine, and the exhaust is visible on the left side of the bike.

The bike gets a distinctive shade of green with hints of black, which makes it eye-catching.

The KX100 has a seat height of 870 mm (2.85 feet) and a ground clearance of 330 mm (1 foot).

The KX100’s new bodywork and graphics strongly resemble the larger KX models, allowing young racers to look just like Ryan Villopoto and other Kawasaki heroes when leading the pack.

The updates in the front and rear fender designs add more to the bike’s looks.

Colour and Vareint of kawasaki KX100

Kawasaki KX100 is available in one colour:

  • Green

Kawasaki KX100 is available in one variant:

  • STD 99CC

Engine of Kawasaki KX100

A 99cc liquid-cooled, 2-stroke engine power the Kawasaki KX100 bike. A carburettor is used to feed the fuel. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission, generating 30 PS @ 9000rpm and 24 Nm of torque.

Feature of Kawasaki KX100

This bike has enough power to allow the rider to experience tail slides while negotiating track corners.

The handlebars on the KX100 can be adjusted for greater customisation. It can be increased by up to 10 mm, and it can also be moved forward and backwards by 10 mm.

This mini-motocrosser is designed to be the right size for youth and beginners to practice their motocross skills. It, on the other hand, only has a kick starter.

The bike is only 77kg in weight, so it is ideal for riders new to trail riding.

Riders can customise their riding position with an adjustable handlebar. Riders can select from six different handlebar positions.

Collars are available in three heights, and reversible handlebar clamps allow for two forward/reverse positions.

Suspension, Transmission And Brake Of Kawasaki KX100

Kawasaki KX100 has a single shock rear suspension with a 33 mm telescopic fork front suspension. It also gets a Uni-Trak monoshock with 275mm of travel that is fully adjustable.

The bike is equipped with a 6-speed return manual transmission.

A single 220 mm disc assists the front brakes with dual pistons, and a single 184 mm disc assists the rear brakes with a single piston.

Pros and Cons of Kawasaki KX100


Pros of Kawasaki KX100

  • Adjustable handlebar mounts
  • Perfect motorcycle for young racers
  • The 99cc engine provides good performance.
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Perfect handling
  • Ideal gift for the beginners


Cons of Kawasaki KX100

  • Quite pricey
  • Limited sales and services
  • Only one colour option

Specifications & Features

Power & Performance

  • Fuel Type
  • Max Power
    30 PS @ 9000 rpm
  • Max Torque
  • Emission Standard
  • Displacement
    99 cc
  • Cylinders
  • Bore
    52.5 mm
  • Stroke
    45.8 mm
  • Valves Per Cylinder
  • Compression Ratio
  • Ignition
    Digital CDI
  • Spark Plugs
  • Cooling System
    Liquid Cooled
  • Transmission
    6 Speed Manual
  • Transmission Type
    Chain Drive
  • Gear Shifting Pattern
  • Clutch
    Wet Multiplate
  • Fuel Delivery System
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    5 litres
  • Reserve Fuel Capacity
    5 L
  • Riding Range
  • Mileage - ARAI
    60 km/l
  • Mileage - Owner Reported
    55 km/l
  • Top Speed
  • Engine Type
    Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke Single

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

  • Braking System
  • Front Brake Type
  • Front Brake Size
    220 mm
  • Rear Brake Type
  • Rear Brake Size
    184 mm
  • Calliper Type
    Front- 2 Piston, Rear- Single Piston Calliper
  • Wheel Type
  • Front Wheel Size
    19 inch
  • Rear Wheel Size
    16 inch
  • Front Tyre Size
    70/100-19 42M
  • Rear Tyre Size
    90/100-16 52M
  • Tyre Type
  • Radial Tyres
  • Front Tyre Pressure (Rider)
    18 PSI
  • Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider)
    18 PSI
  • Front Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion)
  • Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion)
  • Front Suspension
    30 mm telescopic fork/275 mm
  • Rear Suspension
    Single shock/275 mm

Dimensions & Chassis

  • Kerb Weight
    77 kg
  • Overall Length
    1,920 mm
  • Overall Width
    765 mm
  • Overall Height
    1,151 mm
  • Wheelbase
    1,310 mm
  • Ground Clearance
    330 mm
  • Seat Height
    870 mm
  • Chassis Type
    Perimeter, high-tensile steel

Manufacturer Warranty

  • Standard Warranty (Year)
    2 year
  • Standard Warranty (Kilometers)
    30000 kms


  • Odometer
  • DRLs (Daytime running lights)
  • Mobile App Connectivity
  • GPS & Navigation
  • USB charging port
  • Front storage box
  • Under seat storage
  • AHO (Automatic Headlight On)
  • Speedometer
  • Fuel Guage
  • Tachometer
    Not Present
  • Stand Alarm
  • Stepped Seat
  • Tripmeter Type
  • Low Fuel Indicator
  • Low Oil Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Pillion Backrest
  • Pillion Grabrail
  • Pillion Seat
  • Pillion Footrest
  • Digital Fuel Guage
  • Start Type
    Kick Start
  • Shift Light
  • Killswitch
  • Clock
  • Battery
  • Headlight Type
  • Brake/Tail Light
  • Turn Signal
  • Pass Light
  • Additional features

Expert Reviews

  • The entire purchasing process is fantastic; the bike has incredible looks.

  • Kawasaki KX110 offers the most comfortable riding experience, and the seating position is also highly comfortable.

  • With its 99cc engine, a beginner rider can get started. The machine has a 6-speed gearbox, which makes it highly convenient and easy to use.

  • It’s a fantastic bike, especially for motorcyclists, and it’s both cheap and powerful.

  • There are no heating issues on the roads, and the Kawasaki always attracts attention while providing a respectable amount of mileage for a bike that can easily travel long distances at highway cruising speeds.

Top 3 Competitors of Kawasaki KX100

Kawasaki KX100 vs Kawasaki KLX110

The base model of the Kawasaki KX100 costs Rs. 4.87 Lakh, which is Rs. 1.88 Lakh, more than the base model of the Kawasaki KLX110, which costs Rs. 2.99 Lakh.

The claimed mileage for the Kawasaki KX100 is 55.00 Kmpl, while the mileage for the Kawasaki KX110 is 20 km/l.

In terms of technical specifications, the Kawasaki KLX110 has a 112 cc engine, while the Kawasaki KX100 has a 99 cc engine.

Kawasaki KLX110 comes in one colour, while Kawasaki KX100 also comes in one colour.

Kawasaki KLX110 has an air cooling system, whereas the Kawasaki KX has liquid cooling for the engine.

Kawasaki KLX110 has 53mm bore with a 50.6mm stroke. Kawasaki KX100 has 52.5mm bore and 45.8mm stroke.

Kawasaki KX100 vs Kawasaki KX250 2022

Kawasaki KX250 2022 Price starts at Rs. 7.99 Lakh, which is Rs. 3.11 Lakh costlier than the base model of Kawasaki KX100 priced at Rs. 4.87 Lakh.

The claimed mileage for the Kawasaki KX100 is 55.00 Kmpl, while the mileage for the Kawasaki KX250 is 25 km/l.

In technical specifications, Kawasaki KX100 is powered by a 99 cc engine, while Kawasaki KX250 2022 gets powered by a 249 cc engine.

Kawasaki KX100 is available in 1 different colour, while Kawasaki KX250 2022 comes in one colour.

Kawasaki KX100 has 52.5mm bore and 45.8mm stroke and kawasaki KX250 2022 has 72mm bore and 52.2mm stroke

Kawasaki KLX 140 vs Kawasaki KX100

Kawasaki KX100 Price starts at Rs. 4.87 Lakh, which is Rs. 81,200 costlier than the base model of Kawasaki KLX 140 priced at Rs. 4.06 Lakh.

The claimed mileage for the Kawasaki KX100 is 55.00 Kmpl, while the mileage for the Kawasaki KX 100 IS 18.00 Kmpl.

In technical specifications, Kawasaki KLX 140 is powered by a 144 cc engine, while Kawasaki KX 100 gets powered by a 99 cc engine.

Kawasaki KLX 140 is available in 1 different colour, while Kawasaki KX100 comes in 1 colour.

Kawasaki KX 100 has 52.5mm bore and 45.8mm stroke kawasaki KLX 140 has 58mm bore and 54.4mm stroke


Kawasaki has long been the dominant brand in mini-moto crossing at amateur and professional levels, with many of today’s top experienced riders getting their start on KX mini-crosses.

The KX100 is a bike that combines durability and performance in the best possible way. The championship-proven supermini bike delivers instant power of 99cc and thus is easy to handle for new riders. The bike is the smallest member of the Kawasaki family that suits well to off-road riding conditions.

The Kawasaki KX100 is an excellent investment for beginning riders, a durable one-time purchase, and a worthy purchase.


Is Kawasaki KX100 cc?

99cc, 2-stroke, 1-cylinders, liquid-cooled engine.

Is Kawasaki KX100 Seat Height?

Kawasaki KX100 has 870 mm in height, which is comfortable for average-height riders.

Is Kawasaki KX100 bike weight?

Kawasaki KX100 is 77 kg, and its lightweight makes it easy to handle.

How many colours is the bike available in?

The Kawasaki KX100 is available in only one green colour

What is the gearbox type of the Kawasaki KX100?

The gearbox of KX100 includes a 6-speed return and manual transmission.

What is the engine capacity of the Kawasaki KX100?

The engine capacity of the Kawasaki KX100 is 99 cc.

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