Legendary Yezdi 350 Planning To Relaunch in 2019 – New Launch Date, Price, Specs, and Mileage

Starting from Twinkle shine with a gleam in the eye up to the conversation of news and ideas exchange involves Yezdi. The Yezdis of India Project is looking in a specified way to restore the life consciousness and memories of remarkable legendary Yezdi motorcycle in India. Currently, they are sufficiently compact on a journey expressing the position of the country extending directly upwards for the coming months to be in a particular condition that will comprise a thousand stories of magic with Yezdi motorcycles to life.

Having started life in a particular way that needs speed and a strong desire for victory, Fariborz A. Irani, a remarkable racer and a role model to many who opens up thousands of riders life filled with an amount of charge, circuits, desire, competition, and championships.

Now at the present moment as you can enjoy with a brand new Jawa and a Perak, Finest Legends may get you to indulge in a daydream of all-new Road kings and emperor as well. As the additional work done at the time of launch of new Jawa Motorcycles, Standard Legends has made a formal public statement about a fact that can be proved true working on a Yezdi to return with a successful remark.

Designating the most recent version, phase, or stage of development of Yezdi, which emphasize to hold massive appeal, will not act as of leaving a rebadged with an exotic brand like Jawa and with all new authoritatively independent and conducive to development. It means that with the old Yezdis, a set of ideas, motives, or devices which justify or form the basis will be possessed with the Jawas excluding the styling and possibly some engineering determined attempt beyond will help to recognize the new age Yezdis.

With reference to past events, the Yezdi brand was an idea or invention which is considered to be a particular person’s creation of Mysore-based Ideal Jawa originated by Farrokh Irani, with the motorcycles being the nature-based as the center of operations on operation at the current time with Jawa being serving to distinguish it from other mechanical architecture and design. Some of the prominent eyes like models are manufactured in India under the Yezdi brand name or marquee of a motor vehicle.

Additional interesting or significant entries in the Yezdi firmly fixed were the Jet and the Colt, which were 60cc step-thrust based on modification from the Jawa Pioneer and Jet. While the Jawas were more in a detailed and carefully styled and altogether become conscious as prettier, the Yezdis have distinctive attributes boxier lines but won favor with the youth and particularly to give special emphasis to a point those with motorsport inclination from person’s nature. Yezdis with an important role headlined the road racing and rallying acts of their time and are revered deep respect or admiration for their performance among loyalists and supporter to this day.

For one, Classic Legends has demonstrated by evidence its talent, skill, or proficiency in a particular area to go the whole hog in terms of restoring and recreating Jawa’s old-world magic at least in a way that relates to sight, in spite of the fact that our final decision on an issue banks equals status or quality how the motorcycles are to ride with a resemblance in appearance approach to Yezdi isn’t a big ask. Altogether, it remains to be seen if Classic Legends goes satisfactorily down the neo-retro way with Yezdi, something expressed indicating that a description in a specified way with Jawa. The Yezdi brand might give the necessary time or opportunity to take more state of being free from authoritarian treatment restrictions in terms of modernization given to youths, racing-bred DNA, in spite of the fact that the all-new Yezdi will be entirely disconnected from the yesteryear is in the same manner it is important, how fast the retro motorcycle market is becoming greater over a period of time.

At a very brief period of time, Legends has not made known to others a timeline relating to Yezdi’s comeback. With its fact or condition of being regarded or treated at hand being dispatches and, subsequently, set up firm on a permanent basis with a reputable after-sales network for Jawa in the first quarter of 2019, most important significance or value on to the full-scale process of developing the new motorcycles, is likely will see the rebirth of Yezdi becoming a reality only by 2020. Production of the all-new Yezdi will take place at Mahindra’s Pithampur facility. We wait for an official word for the launch day of the month at this moment.


Yezdi is the most essential redesigned of Jawa. In 1973, Jawa bikes became Yezdi as they presented with a couple of design with a completely new transformation. The working parts of a vehicle remained identical.

For example, illustrating a general rule Yezdi got a rectangular cross-section to fuel tank substitute of Jawa’s bulbous one. Also, Jawa came with a full headlamp covering cowl, which took off from the position occupied in Yezdi. Basically, it summarizes the most important aspects; Yezdi adapts to modern needs a bit from the younger creation.

You can regard Yezdi, as likely to be the same squared fuel tank, twin-pea shooter exhausts, single flat seat, and the headlamp style.


Price of the new Yezdi model will make a formal public statement only at the time of its launch. However, Mahindra has been attractive in a delicate way about positioning this brand new Legendary Yezdi as a way in which a person lives. This means there is a high possibility of prices existing on the higher side.

So, we regard pricing of Rs 1.4 Lakhs, ranking it a bit lower than Jawa bikes.

The new bike will be produced locally and India will be the export effective center of activity for this new model.

Engine Specification

The most famed bikes were Classic 250 and Road king 250, Yezdi strongly accepts the truth that it might express a new 250cc engine as the subject of the clause. In the intervening period Classic Legends remained true to the design of Jawa, it can also use the same philosophy here. Having the same characteristics as Jawa, it will set up with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The air expelled from exhaust note might not be the same as the initial 2-stroke engine, but near the state of resembling would be able to continue.

Engine250cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Maximum Power21 BHP
Peak Torque25 Nm
Transmission6-speed Manual


Maximum Mileage45 KMPL
Minimum Mileage40 KMPL

Other Details

Front Tyre100/90 – 19-inch
Rear Tyre130/70 – 18-inch
Front Wheel1.85 x 19-inch
Rear Wheel3.00 x 18-inch
Battery TypeMaintenance Free
Seat Height760 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity12.5-litres
Reserve Fuel Capacity2-litres

The brand new model of the Yezdi has a dry weight of 154 KGs. It has a fuel tank of 17-liters. The bike produce will get spoke wheels, with the front wheel denoting ascertain size, amount, or degree 19-inch in diameter and the rear wheel discovering 18-inch in diameter.

If you know any specified person who has devoted their life to these incredible machines, then do let us know we would be happy to have knowledge of the chronicle history. In the intimate time, do let us be aware of your observation that can take on what an upcoming Yezdi motorcycle probably is all about in the comments below.

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