New delhi to Mcleod Ganj

Long Trail

Motorcycle Tour Guide New Delhi To Mcleodganj

  • Starting Point:

    New Delhi

  • Destination:

    Mc Leod Ganj

  • When to Visit:

    September to June

  • Type of Bike Required:

    An off-road bike to deal with sharp turns near Bagrot is recommended

  • Cuisine:

    The destination is a mix of varied flavors such as Chinese, Tibetan, Lebanese, North Indian, and lots more.

  1. New Delhi-Rohtak-Hoshiarpur-Kangra-McLeod Ganj Via NH352

    530 kms

    Approx. 12 Hours

  2. New Delhi-Rohtak-Kaithal-Sirhind-Kangra-McLeod Ganj Via NH503

    538 kms

    Approx. 12 Hours

  3. New Delhi-Karnal-Ambala-Kangra-McLeod Ganj Via NH44 and NH 503

    494 kms

    Approx. 10 Hours

‘McLeod Ganj’ is a beautiful hill station near Dharamshala. The location has the influence of Tibet in its culture. Being a hill station the location is popular for the trekkers and adventure sports lovers. Nature’s beauty is the one to admire in Mc Leod Ganj. The city has a pleasant and cozy climate in summers. Home of Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, the city is also known for its calm and serene atmosphere.

Let us explore the various routes to visit this beautiful town in the hills.

  • Starting point: New Delhi
  • Ending point: McLeod Ganj
  • Via: NH352
  • Distance: 530 km
  • Duration: approx 12 hrs

The following route to the beautiful cliff passes via NH352. The amazing mountainous views, valleys, and the breathtaking scenic route is a treat to the eye. A rider must be careful while the ride to the peak is a mountainous and curvy one.

  • Starting point: New Delhi
  • Ending point: McLeod Ganj
  • Via: NH503
  • Distance: 538 km
  • Duration: Approx 12 hrs

This route is usually picked by bikers to enjoy the long route and lengthen ride. It crosses via NH503. There are many petrol pumps on the way where bikers can refuel their bikes and can continue the journey. One can experience a ride with a view of snow cliffs in winters. The ride itself proves to be an enjoyable and bliss for photography havocs.

  • Starting point: New Delhi
  • Ending point: McLeod Ganj
  • Via: NH44 and NH 503
  • Distance: 494 km
  • Duration: approx 10 hrs

The route Via NH44 is a smooth and even one. A Biker can enjoy an obstacle-free ride on this route. Being a journey of around 10 hrs one can find various restaurants or dhabas around Karnal, Dharamshala, and various other spots. Being a cliff city the numerous dhabas provide you with many Tibetan food options. Visitors can enjoy the various Tibetan Dishes like Momos, Thukpa, and lots more. There is also a touch of North Indian flavors in the cuisine of Mc Leod Ganj. People also enjoy the fresh lemon ginger tea and lemon tarts too.

Triund, a beautiful spot for trekking is at a distance of about 4 km from the city. The visitors who wish to experience trekking can learn the sport by the training provided in the trekking schools here. Triund is a beautiful cliff covered by snow in the month of winters.

One of the enjoyable nature spot, ‘Bhagsu Falls’, is located in Dharamshala. The falls are in the vicinity of Bhagsunath Temple. A paradise for nature lovers, these falls are a treat to eyes. Located among the beautiful nature and the hilltop these falls are one of the most visited ones by the tourists. Visitors can also enjoy the view of these falls by the cafes nearby. It is one of the perfect picnic spots. These monsoons are their best in the months of monsoon when nature is in its full lush and greenery.

The visitors who wish to enjoy their vacay in peace and tranquility they can visit ‘Namgyal Monastery’. It was set up by Dalai Lama, and is one of the largest Tibetan Temples. The monks here work for the welfare of Tibetan culture and to attain utmost peace. The artwork of the temple is an exquisite and appreciative one. ‘Dharamkot’, another spot for nature lovers, is at a distance of about 9 km from the city. This beautiful nature spot has some eye catchy views of the beautiful fields and a long trail for a walk. Dauladhar Range has visibility from this spot. It is one of the must-visit tourist destinations.

Hope BforBiker was helpful enough to provide some useful information to the bikers planning their next ride to Mc Leod Ganj.