Any question on your mind which needs to be cross-examined about which bike to buy? Balance the similarity between Jawa VS Royal Enfield Classic 350 on the most important facts like price, specifications & other features.

Endlessly from a particular time in the past until Royal Enfield launched its Classic variation in 2009, imitative style of motorcycles has been all the passion in the country. The Classic has consistently outperformed in a positive way that nurtured Royal Enfield’s been the best-selling motorcycle for a long period of time.

Another retro motorcycle brand mark with a branding iron that’s admired with enthusiasts is Jawa. Though it was well desired in the 1980’s era, especially after a long delay it gradually vanished in time with the occurrence of fresh modern, four-stroke motorcycles. Although Jawa at present moment made a massive comeback in the country and attempting to become famous with three brand-new motorcycles, of the three, the most retro-looking one is the standard variant with the level of caliber which is simply well-known as ‘Jawa’.

We’ve created video on Jawa Standard vs Royal Enfield Bullet 350 explaining each motorcycle’s specification, pricing including additional features. You can watch the video below to know how competitive both brands are.

Watch New Jawa Standard Vs Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Motorcycle Comparison: Specs, Price, Mileage and Performance, Review on Youtube

The Jawa motorcycles encounter have already caught the eyes of the Indian Bikers. For a long time, Royal Enfield has been the power to influence the force in each part of the bikes. Providing person a retro riding practical contact that has been one of the victorious periods of time for Royal Enfield, now the Indian biking framework at the present time is witnessing massive changes, so after all the scenario Jawa has been introduced into the market at the right time.

Nevertheless, each of the twenty-four hour periods ahead will be challenging for Royal Enfield, to test one’s abilities as inspiring fear to compete with others has moved out and become visible with the launch of Jawa motorcycles. This is for the reason that Indian riders are now prepared and suitable to pay more to get the best sensation of the biking experience.

Merely does the Jawa match up to the Royal Enfield Classic 350? In the intervening period of time between the two may be strong enough to withstand the adverse condition, here is a quick consideration of the similarities to make you reckoned in the right direction.

Design and Styling

Jawa gaze in a specified direction is large and unwieldy and emits raw power. The all-new Jawa motorcycle has a very superficial yet stylish and graceful looking design for human communication that’s true to its individual possession. You will have circular headlamps with a smartly integrated fork sheath that run through the upper arm of the forks. The Jawa despite the fact peek in a specified way as it came right out of the industrial production unit of the 1970s. Mahindra has produced in a stated way that it looks precisely same like how it was when the manufacturing was shut down. Jawa is perfectly in tune with a clear nature of retro look and it freely transfers you the emotion of revisiting the 70s. Chrome distinctive way covers a sufficiently remarkable segment of Jawa’s bodywork, which may come into sight to be a little adhesive to some people.

In an act of comparing the two models, The Royal Enfield is a considerable huge bike with its upright posture. The representation of the bike features has an amalgamation of old classic feel and modern styling cues. Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a steeply tapering edge with a clearly marked body that looks stylish and sophisticated. The retro-themed design is a crystal clear manifest with round headlamps, single instrument cluster and minimalistic style of bodywork. There are chrome modulations as well, which contributes extra features to its muscular profile. The Royal Enfield Classic 350’s artist’s impression has more or less remained unchanged since 2009. That’s for a reason that Royal Enfield’s customers are fond of the vintage look. The sole bits that have been made more modern in the last nine years include the colors and the up to date addition of ABS beside with a rear disc brake.

In terms of expressing a particular style of Classic 350 which has previously made an image but the Jawa is the only individual which will transfer us the sense of a post-World War era bike. In the equal amount, it even moves lightly on a rear disc to retain possession of the retro look unblemished at the same time Classic 350 receives a rear disc along with dual-channel ABS.

Engine and Transmission

Jawa is powered by 293cc fuel injected engine that delivers 27 PS of max power and 28 Nm of max torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission. The Jawa motor uses liquid-cooling and DOHC, it is a thoroughly modern unit with 4-valves.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 houses by a 346cc carbureted engine and has a peak torque of 28 Nm and delivers 20 PS of max power @ 5250 RPM. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

Specifications Jawa Standard Royal Enfield Classic 350
Cooling Liquid Air
Type 4 Stroke DOHC 4 Stroke Twinspark
Power HP 27 19.8
Torque Nm 28 28
Gear 6 5
Weight 170 192
Mileage 35 est. 30 est.
Fuel Tank 14 13.5
Front Brakes 280mm Disc 280mm Disc
Rear Brakes 153mm Drum 153mm Drum / Disc
ABS Single Channel N/ Dual Channel
Front Tyres 90/90 – 18 90/90 – 19
Rear Tyres 120/80 -17 110/90 – 18
Length NA 2,160
Width NA 790
Height NA 1090
Seat Height 765 800
Wheel Base 1369 1370
Ground Clr NA 135


Both the identified motorcycles; Jawa and Classic 350 are having the ability to achieve skilled competent machines, which present a rich heritage and also remain true to their roots genesis with a retro design. However, the Jawa provides more genuine design while the Royal Enfield has been adapting to modern needs to ensemble the demands for today’s market. In accordance with the fact that true comparison can only be made after succeeding to test ride both bikes side-by-side, which we can aspire to take place soon. The Jawa gives the impression to be moderate and acceptable in a sensible way superior to the Classic 350 when it moves to outright performance numbers. But there remain the parts that continue to exist how the bike feel with the hands on our roads when measured similarity with the Classic.

However, the motorcycle’s massive and prodigious profile may not appeal to everyone. On the other hand, Royal Enfield Classic 350 merges the most desirable features of both the world and trait out a remarkable design. Jawa drop-ship more power than the second element in comparison, but it may not make any vital point or things that are dissimilar to actual on-road experience. Since the majority of the other features to a great extent are similar for both motorcycles, the act of choosing will depend on what you value most – Jawa’s pure retro experience or a retro-modern fusion that proceed with Royal Enfield Classic 350.

If you are looking forward and counting in a specified way to buy a motorcycle, which remains true to its nature of icon antiquity and offers a product which takes you back to the nostalgia of the past, then at that time Jawa motorcycle is the most excellent choice. However, if you are glancing for a classic retro-design motorcycle which motionless offers a modest present-day feel, then the Classic 350 is the where you should be headed.


The ‘Jawa’ motorcycle comes with a price tag which is slightly higher at Rs. 1.94 Lakh. While the Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes with a price tag starting from Rs 1.39 Lakh and is available in different colors and variants. The rear disc version of the Classic 350 is priced at Rs 1.47 Lakh.