2 wheel downbeat: Hunch for the New Year

If you’re outlining to ride to work as part of a new year’s health kick here’s our news to make sure you enjoy the ride rather than endure it.

Come the New Year, its universal & rooted for people to promote themselves that the next 12 months will be manifest by a health kick, and this sometimes will end up as a pledge to ride to and from work. If your drive is compressed enough, this can sometimes be a tricky prospect. But if it works out, the boon – to your health, to your wallet, to your general sense of wellbeing can be amazing & breathtaking.

This isn’t ‘exercise’ to be endured, it’s middle-of-the-road:

To heaps of the modish-day focus on physical activity views it as some sort of penance, the price one pays to eat cakes, or a hard routine to compress your body into some sort of socially acceptable mold.

The other category is being physical for the sheer joy & bliss of it, for the joy of maneuver, speed, momentum, the rush of the breeze against your face.
The weather is your soul mate:

There will be light & even dawn to dark. There will be rain lashes down & the wind howls. But even then you’re moving, you’re active, you’re very obviously, vividly, sensorial, moving under your own steam. That is to be celebrated.

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