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2019 Harley Davidson LiveWire Electric Bike Boost Up a Better Range

“A new boost to this impressive Bike -Numbers now ranges up to 140 miles!”

Harley Davidson is known for producing the bike with a complete set of research on a new segment of the motorcycle. The project Livewire was a really tough call for Harley because developing a new powerful motorcycle is a completely different task than fitting in the same lineup a new bike. After a really tough job done on this one, the massive cafe racer look came out for the livewire project that’s a complete mixture of technology with elegance.

2019 Harley Davidson LiveWire Electric Bike


While we have already heard and have been assuming a lot of specs & features to be offered by this bike, there’s shocking yet exciting news out now! The Harley Davidson Live wire electric motorcycle will reach beyond the level of expectation we’ve made with this one. This bike was in the limelight since 2014 and since then the company is working very hard to make is extraordinarily amazing with some super-sporty features that will create a history in itself! Well? Did it really make a mark?  For now, the company has officially spoken about it. This bike is probably going to be on the card soon in August 2019, & the company has revised the original specification at the Geneva Motor Show this month. So it’s a win-win situation for, the company and we. In short, the first Harley Davidson’s Electric bike will be faster and more powerful than we thought.

LiveWire Electric Bike Boost Better

When the brand first showcased the concept, it did gain quite a lot of attention since then, it was considered as one of the bold moves made by the brand that’s always been said to be “big thing’s coming up”. However, when the price was revealed, it did make a lot of us extremely sad as it bears a completely unbelievable price tag of USD 29,799! Honestly, this did not sound worth the money as initially the claimed numbers and the power of the bike pretty much did not come up to the mark or in simple words, the features were not tagged as to be worth the money. Now, with the details officially revealed by the brands, we can make a judgment that the power & performance one will get to experience from the bike is much better than expected so the price tag could be fair for now!

What’s New?

At the Geneva Motor Show, this month, the brand has announced Live Wire will go 30 miles farther than we thought it could. Yes, you heard it right! Initially, the brand claimed it would have a city range of around 110 miles, but now they’ve made a statement stating that it’s going to reach about 140 miles. For those who travel on through highways often, it will have a mix range rating of up to 88 miles. Wheel size is around 17 inches at both the ends as well as high performance based tires is fitted.


This bike is claimed to get instantly powerful from 0 to 60 simply in 3 seconds! With no gear to run or clutch to release, simply a slight pull of your wrist & ride off, Crazy isn’t it? Of course, these numbers don’t really give a tough competition to the company’s main competitor, but yes it a great improvement done with the bike and all Harley Davidson Fans, will cherish this news for sure.

In fact, we don’t need to wait a lot for the charge to complete as the battery power is highly amazing. The battery will go up from 0 to 100% simply in an hour! Or it’s said that it takes hardly 40 min to reach 80% from 0. This is pretty possible simply because of the Level 3 DC fast charging. Plus the company has ensured that the charging points will be made available at all dealers selling the motorcycle. It really is a great idea to use their own dealer networks as the biker waiting for the bike to charge can socialize themselves with the fellow riders.

Technological System:

The model is well equipped with ECC system; this gives the rider more confident to ride well with full control & is armed with ABS sensor technology. Also, the ECC (Electronic Chassis Control) system manages the Anti-lock Braking system, Drag-Torque Slip Control System, Traction Control System, and also possibly manages to provide stability control function by torque availability at the rear wheels.

Harley Connect Service App

Also you can connect your smartphone with your bike with simply installing the Harley Davidson app, also known as “Harley Connect Service” that will keep you alert of the bike vitalities like battery charging status, the locations on the map & also you’ll receive a security warning alert message that will inform you whether your bike has been moved, bumped or tampered, touched or about to get stolen in any way at any time. What else could we expect more from this bike which gets to feature multiple things at the same time in a single model? For the first year, charges of the app will be inclusive with the pricing, but later it will have annual charges.


We are not shocked to see the superbly eye watching stylish color options the company has offered to us with this Live wire electric motorcycle. Reason being the company’s goodwill & high-quality product offered to the bikers.  You get to choose from amongst 3 color options, Yellow Fuse for a sporty sunny look, Orange Fuse for your travel freak mood & Vivid Black for a stylish elegant touch.


harley electric bike

The price of this one is around $30,000, about Rs 21 lakhs, for those who feel it’s not in the budget and highly overpriced or whatsoever! You still have Harley electric scooter and dirt bike that is in the process and will be out soon in the market with a lighter pocket price. While the high profile competitor, Zero is still leading on the top, but Harley is Harley! And with a huge fan base that doesn’t really get disappointed with any of the product sold by the company till date!


For those wondering how complicated it is to handle this, is an electric bike, one thing is for sure, you don’t need to worry or wreck your mind while maintaining this one as it is convenient to own it. There’s no engine oil to be changed on a routine basis, no spark plugs. Also, electric power eliminates maintenance issues with ethanol gasoline and off-season storage. The only concern the owner has to show is with the service of mechanical and consumable items, such as the tires, drive belt tension, brake pads, and brake fluid not regularly but as a when required.

One thing is for sure, Harley will not let us down in any way! What do you think? After the biggest bump to the range of the Live Wire Electric bike, do you think it is worth the price? Share us in the comment section your views.

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