2020 Royal Enfield Thunderbird X Spotted Testing

We have created a video on Royal Enfield Thunderbird X that was recently spotted testing in India. Based on the spy shot there are possibilities that the bike features multiple amazing options for riders, which we have mentioned in the video. Watch the full video below to know in detail:

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X has been spotted blazingly in the gloomy motorcycle market.


The newly discovered models will have a new design and features but will stay accurate and in accordance with fact to their marginal roots.

Royal Enfield is revealing all the capabilities by putting them under challenges for the next-generation Thunderbird and the cruiser that was spied completely under undisguised at a recent time. The spy exposure of the cruiser bike make known to others by various cosmetic and mechanical changes to make something this year in the market and we expect it to get a BS-VI compliant motor as well. For those who are not acquainted with the reliability of the statistics, Royal Enfield has even set in a motion the Trials of classic 350 and 500 and the 2019 Royal Enfield Classic also got a glimpse at the same day. It gives the impression of being the home-grown brand is hard to endure the competition in the Indian and global markets as well.

Royal Enfield 2020 model is gradually working under BS-VI compliant for the set of motorcycles. It let slips some host of changes that will seek confirmation of an utterance on the next-gen bike when it arrives next year. The motorcycle that was spotted on the streets has come out with quite a few changes compared to the motorcycle that is at the present time on sale.

Although, bike characteristic remains the same as split seat, tank, and panels as the standard Thunderbird. Anyway, the alloy wheels, shorter handlebars and by extension, its ergonomics has a resemblance in appearance to the X variant. In addition, the split grabs rails, as an alternative of a backrest word to wise hints at a more desirable city-friendly bike.


Forthcoming to the heart of the matter, the brand-new Royal Enfield Thunderbird X is improbable to get any mechanical modern or up to date; a recently developed suspension tune to handle the suspected weight change is quite likely. The turn of phrase of aesthetics though, with Royal Enfield betting to a great degree on the neo-retro segment, that we could regard as likely to happen for the future Thunderbird to retain some of its old school appeal to make it a serious call.

One more additional change supported and moved over from the upcoming Royal Enfield Classic is the shifting of the side for the rear disc brake from the left to the right. This means that the action or system by which a result can be achieved for the upcoming 2020 Thunderbird X’s chain drives up the setup and the rear each of several projections on the rim of a wheel to the left side of the bike.

Moreover to the changes of the engine, the new Thunderbird X is regarded as likely to be lighter compared to the current model, which will help in delivering better mileage and will authorization that the 2020 Thunderbird X can faster than the current bike as well. All these magnification, linked with the rising input costs mean that the new generation models will be costing a lot of money. But if Royal Enfield nails it or serves the desire need as a hook, then it’s market power to influence its dominance will proceed with the process and even increase if the standard of the motorcycles makes greater in scale.

One thing which also took our eyes back is that there is no kick-start lever. This points out that the process of developing a new engine block and head. All in all, new Royal Enfield bikes will be more desirable in every possible way as they have to counter recently launched Jawa motorcycles. Recently in the growing market, the company sells around 40,000 units per month which might get an increase in the near future.

So, Ride Safe, Ride hard and every time wear a helmet while riding.

Stay Tuned for more such news from the world of motorcycling!

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