Bajaj Auto to launch the Avenger 160 Soon | Replacing Avenger 180 Street in India

We have created a video on the much Awaited Bajaj Avenger 160, watch the full video to know what we can expect from the upcoming Avenger and whether it is better than the about-to-be discontinued model Avenger 180:

“Smaller Engine, Same Power”

We’ve big news for you, surprisingly; there is a new avenger in replacement of the existing one, with a new price tag and with all new performance. Bajaj is in the process of replacing the Avenger 180 with the all-new Avenger 160 ABS. Though the company is already in the process of making the Avenger 180 Street comply with the norms and get equipped with ABS, it is also reported that they are in the making of all new model which may seem to get smaller engine but the performance and feature would be equal to the existing model.  Before you frown upon this idea of downsizing the engine, here is everything that you need to know about, why this step is considered to be the right one and what you can expect from the latest Bajaj Avenger 160.

bajaj avenger 180 getting replaced
New Avenger Replacing the Bajaj Avenger Street 180

The Bajaj Avenger 180 was a replacement for the 150 cc models last year, and this time, yet again, we see the 160cc model replacing the 180cc.  Now the main reason behind this big step is because of the engine, it is outdated and to make it well updated, the company has to spend a lot of money on it to make it compliant with new norms. The Avenger is such a series that has constantly seen variations, what we can expect from the avenger 160 is to have a refreshed set of graphics and a better paint scheme.


ns 160
The engine is borrowed from the Pulsar NS 160

The entry-level motorcycle will receive engine displacement of the 160.3cc motor, similar to the Bajaj Pulsar NS 160, which makes it produce 15.5hp at 8,500rpm and 14.6Nm of torque at 6,500rpm, which is slightly higher the avenger 180 and is DTS-i oil-cooled 4-valve, whereas the 180 model is air-cooled 2 valve. As the engine of this motorcycle seems to be really outdated, we can see the shift from 180 to 160 as a reasonably better decision made by the company.  Furthermore, it will carry a 5-speed transmission; single-channel unit could be employed in this. Overall, though the displacement is smaller, the power remains the same and it is also clear that this model motorcycle is going to borrow the engine from the Pulsar NS 160.


bajaj avenger street 2019

We don’t expect any cosmetic changes in this one, it is possible that the bike may get same suspension and brake, the front receives 260mm disc and rear gets a 130mm drum. Similar to the 180, the Bajaj 160 Avenger model will use a telescopic fork and twin rear shock absorber. Just to keep it most affordable avenger, the digital instrumental cluster will be seen missing & expected to come with an analog speedo, The Avenger 160 will comply with BS6 norms and will get ABS. The motorcycle is expected to be more fuel efficient with respect to the existing street model.


avenger street 160

Coming to its pricing, we expect it to be more or less similar to the avenger street 180, as the displacement is less but the power & performance is equal. Though there are no official updates yet on this one. Even if we assume a bit more, it is possible that the new motorcycle will be priced lower to the existing Avenger street 180 model, which is probably less than a lakh, but considering the ABS, the ABS variant will be a little higher but will actually be worth it.  We are sure that this motorcycle will hold the title proudly of being the most affordable motorcycle in the country.

What do we Think?

bajaj avenger street 180, 160

Well, that was all. Overall, the concept and the step taken by the company are truly amazing. The cost of updating the model would have been really high, for the very reason, this launch of the new motorcycle with the small engine but equal power will make wonders for the company. Bajaj has always surprised us with launching a new motorcycle, replacement of the models as well as giving riders every sort of comforts and bikes as we needed. Let’s see when this bike gets to launch and what else can we expect from it, till then don’t forget to tell us what do you think?

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