Bajaj to Launch Electric Two-Wheeler By 2020

Bajaj Auto, the homegrown automotive giant, is expected to sling electric two-wheelers by 2020. Bajaj Auto avowed that the company will early launch an electric premium vehicle segment supporting the brand name ‘Urbanite’.

The brand is conventional to launch a slew of electric vehicles in 2020. Urbanite is expected to shake the electric vehicle segment and is likely to announce performance-oriented motorcycles and scooters with long-range proficiency paired with leading-edge telematics.

Electric vehicles have zero emissions and thus, environmentalist deal with them to be the best thing ever to cull as your daily commute. If Bajaj Bikes goes this way, it can manifest itself as the competitive two-wheelers in a market.

Securing a corner over the peer not just need a marvelous product as buyers but will also look for easiness of use through whack connection of charging stations and easy service. The forthcoming products will urge more user interactive consoles and that will take a lot of time from Bajaj Auto’s up-to-date plan of expansion of exports.

Bajaj Auto is down the pike one of the largest manufacturers in India in terms of sales. Pulsars are vending like hot cakes and Bajaj Auto will try enclosing the electric motor under the same sort of design for maximum benefits.

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