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CFMoto Bikes Set to launch in India- Dealership Plans Leaked

“CFMoto partnered with AMW Motorcycle to launch their bikes in India”

We’ve created a video on CFMoto Bikes to be launched in India soon. Check out the video below to know, who they have partnered with, which of the bikes are set to launch & when, including each bikes specification.

CF Moto is all set to launch its range of motorcycle along with its Indian partner AMW motorcycle. The expected launched motorcycle’s segment will start from around 250cc and will go up to 650cc. It is also heard that these Chinese brand is planning to target them in the premium product segment probably in the future. For those who had kept a keen eye on the launching of the motorcycle of CF Moto, already knows about the initial launch planning with Eider Motors that failed. But due to some serious issues with Eider Motors, they couldn’t launch the motorcycles at any cost. But it’s worth the wait, and maybe a suitable time to make the launch.


  • The Chinese company has partnered with AMW Motorcycle for a launch in India
  • The dealerships are set up to be in Hyderabad & Bengaluru, the third dealership could be in Chennai
  • Apart from the CF Moto 150NK, the entire lineup are planned to be launch by AMW Motorcycle
  • Apart from this motorcycle, ATVs, side by side utility vehicle will be introduced as well
  • First bike set to be offered in mid-2019 via CKD route.



Their current launch planning is with the AMW motorcycle, it’s a Bengaluru based private company which is probably new into this. Their main focus, for now, is setting up & successfully assembling the plant.  CFMoto & AMW partnership will lead to successfully launching 3 of the motorcycles, 250NK, 650 NK & 650MT. The interesting part here is the 250NK and the 650MT were the first 2 bikes to be spotted testing in India. And then we get to see the CF 650NK on the roads being tested. With this, one thing is pretty sure clear; this Chinese brand is soon to be officially launching them in the Indian market. This company is claimed to deliver cost-effective motorcycles in the world.

It is such great news that AMW motorcycle is planning to launch the entire lineup except for the 150NK model, they want to start the CFMoto lineup in India with a direct 250 cc engine motorcycle interesting, Isn’t it?. Apart from these 4 models to be launched, we’ve also got to know that they are about to launch the ATVs and side-by-side utility vehicles in India and this is for sure super crazy news. We are pretty sure that the motorcycles are going to make a huge success in India as we Indians are now longing out for more fun & some thrill & adventure. It wouldn’t be surprising if we would spend high on a motorcycle because now it’s a part of life & now we do need to test bike we haven’t done ever but only have heard stories of.

CF Moto 250NK:


It comes armed with a 250cc, single cylinder, four valves DOHC, and liquid cooled engine for power production. This is probably going to be the company’s entry-level to be offered in India. It features LED lighting, fully digital TFT instrument cluster. Being capable, to produce around 26.5hp at 9,000rpm maximum power as well as 22Nm of torque at 7,500rpm. It also comes mated with a 6-speed gearbox with a fuel injection system. It gets a USD Fork at the front with monoshock at the rear. Talking about the brakes, you can see 300mm disc at the front and a 245mm disc at the rear.

CFMoto 400NK:


This one is probably a lower capacity than 650NK, also an aggressive street naked motorcycle with larger bodywork as compared to the 650NK. Talking about the engine it gets a 400.4cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled motor that is capable to churn out a maximum power of 41.4hp at 9,500rpm and 34.4Nm of torque at 7,650rpm. This DOHC, eight-valve engine comes armed with a 6-speed gearbox and gets a telescopic fork at the front with monoshock being at the rear. For the brakes, it has a300mm twin discs up front and a single disc at the rear.

CFMoto 650NK:


This one is a naked motorcycle designed by Kiska. The all-new 650NK will be powered by the same engine which is seen in the 650 MT but with a more performance upgrade. We expect this one to be priced around 5 Lakhs or below. Offering 649.3cc, liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder engine capable produces 61PS of power at 9,000rpm and 56Nm of max torque at 7,000rpm, paired to a six-speed gearbox. It also features conventional telescopic forks at the front and a mono-shock at the rear. While talking about the brake, it gets a Twin disc at the front and a single disc at the back. It gets LED lights at both ends with ABS & digital instrumental cluster. As this one is in the testing phase, we don’t expect the brand to launch it any time soon in the Indian market.

CFMoto 650MT:

MT 650

It is an adventure tourer that uses entirely different 649.3cc liquid cooled, twin cylinder engine. With this power, the bike is capable to deliver a maximum power of 70.7hp at 8,750rpm and 62Nm of torque at 7,000rpm. The look & bodywork of this model is slightly different than the rest of the model also because of the bulky look, it is slightly heavier. The crash bars are a standard feature in this bike that is usually inbuilt for safety concerns of the rider as well as the pillion. It has a USD Fork & Monoshock suspension. Considering its safety, it is taken care of by a 300mm disc at the front and 240mm disc at the rear.

Well, the bikes are currently in the testing process and undergoing ratification & the company’s first offering will be seen to launch by mid-2019. While the company did not make any official statements about which one will be launched first, but as we’ve seen their CF Moto’s 3 motorcycles on roads for testing which are 250NK, 650NK, and 650MT, we bet it could be these three. These products will be up to India through the CKD route and are expected to assemble in Hyderabad AMW Motorcycle’s facility. Their main focus is to localize as many possible components as they can. The company has officially said that they will keep the price of this bike by considering and thoughtfully analyzing the competitive price.

There is also information on CFMoto’s bikes, Utility vehicle, ATVs to be sold under the same roof. While AMW Motorcycles are hunting out for dealership locations as of now, but the news is confirmed that Hyderabad & Bengaluru will be the first few cities to receive this one. Whereas the third dealership is expected to be in Chennai. Apart from all of these concerns, one thing that is going to benefit a lot of us planning to buy this beast is, CF is also on a plan to launch their app that will give customer every sort of information of the dealership & service centers nearby. CFMoto Global already has an app so the chances of the app to be used in India strongly possible.

The bikes set to be launch in India are already secured with a Euro IV-compliant, we’re also aware that the future bikes of the company are in progress to comply with the BSVI emission norms. We can expect them to be on sale probably in March next year! Fingers crossed.

Let’s just wait for the company to make an official call on this, till then, stay tuned. To know more about bike updates & launches, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our channel to never miss out any updates on bike & adventure.

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