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Hero XPulse 200 to Launch in India Soon- Specs, Launch Date, Pricing, Features & Safety

“Hero XPulse 200 & 200T Launch Date Is Just Days Away”

We’ve created a video on Hero XPulse 200 expected to get launched in India anytime soon. Check out the video below to know the bike specification, launch date, pricing & performance in detail.

The demand for adventure tourer & off-road segment is increasing and is on the verge of expanding for year and year to come, as every rider now are longing out for extra fun and to show their daredevil side. This segment is getting overly popularized rapidly. Every manufacturer is trying hard to keep their focus on this segment. In order to please the demand of the riders, Hero MotorCorp has declared that Hero XPulse 200 will be their next biggest launch targeting into the most desirable segment. This is not the first time for Hero to get into a new category, which is the adventure sport. They had the Hero Impulse, but it did not make a great impact, in fact, it was simply discontinued.

All New Off-Road Adventure Bike
All New Off-Road Adventure Bike

Now we can clearly see Hero MotorCorp to make an official comeback onto this segment with a better and bigger performance bike. We first saw this concept of XPulse in the Milan motorcycle show in Nov 2017 and now the bike is production ready. Hero XPulse 200 is said to be focused more on off-road adventurer. The XPulse 200T, which is expected to launch along with it, will be more focused on touring. It’s more than a year now since the company Hero unveiled this motorcycle in India and it is heard that both Variant of the XPulse is scheduled together. Launch date is quite near, probably this month end (March 2019). As the company promised to offer commendable off-road performance with the XPulse, let’s see if it actually is a worthy one.


  • The XPulse 200 comes as a replacement of the Impulse
  • This bike is expected to receive more amazing features than Xtreme 200
  • Price possibility is around INR 1 lakh Rupees

Engine Performance:

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The 2019 Hero XPulse 200 is powered with a bigger engine this time with a 200cc single cylinder air-cooled & fuel injected. With its powerful & better engine, the bike is capable to strike out the maximum power of 18.4 HP and a torque figure of 17.1 Nm Newton meters. This engine will be mated with a 5-speed transmission. You are sure to notice a completely different engine as well as the performance of this motorcycle simply because it has a different engine base fitted better than the Xtreme 200R. The engine is claimed to be delivering better torque quality at low RPM’s. Well, the engine looks similar to the one we see on the Xtreme 200R.


headlamp hero xpulse

The XPulse 200 is loaded with some amazing features as well as designing that make it look like a really cool model. Off-roaders can expect great performance with a sporty design from this one. It features a tall stance which simply makes this one look appealing & different. As the bike is exclusive for off-road and adventure, the first most concern a rider has is to carry enough luggage for the trip. So you get a luggage rack on the rear end of the motorcycle so to enjoy long distance touring at ease. Unlike other Hero MotorCorp bikes, this bike has a broad & large front wheel including the bulky headlamp which is a round shaped one. The headlight looks similar to the one we’ve seen on the Himalayan model. The bike will also feature a digital instrumental cluster that can be connected with your phones for easy navigation. With the images that are been rolled out on the internet, one thing is for sure, the bike is fully supported with LED DRLs which makes it look glowing.

Safety Concerns:

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Adventure & off-roading is to some extent a risky job. The rider has to be extra sure while heading on to some adventure, even selecting the suitable bike for the plan becomes utmost important. Safe feature loaded bike can help you plan your trip safely and hassle-free. All the safety features that you expect from your motorcycle are inbuilt in the Hero XPulse 200. It gets an engine bash plate so as to protect the oil sump. There is windscreen at the front and the knuckle guards on the handlebars so the rider can be secure in case of the fall. Talking about the brakes, it gets a dual disc brake but in addition to it, also features a single- channel Anti-Lock Braking System. As the production will begin, the ABS will be present in the bike with a switchable format.

Wheels & Seating:

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Featuring Excellent Ground Clearance

Talking about the wheels of this upcoming bike of Hero, it is well equipped with long-travel suspension; it gets a 190mm telescopic forks and a 21-inch wheel for the front. Talking about the rear wheels, it has a smaller 18-inch wheel at the rear, considering long travel; it has a 180mm adjustable monoshock. With this, there will be an excellent ground clearance of about 220mm. This is combined with a dual purpose tires. Also, you will experience convenience in your seating position as the seats are really long with comfortable seat height. You also get under seat USB Charging socket on this model.



Hero MotorCorp has always offered a quality product with competitive pricing, the pricing is affordable ones and a true travel freak would not mind spending money on a motorcycle that delivers smooth riding experience. For Hero XPulse 200 the pricing is said to be around INR 1 lakh.


rivalries of xpulse 200
Expected to launch in March 2019

As of now, speaking about rivalries could be pretty confusing, but as this bike is targeted for adventure and some off-roading, the closest possible rival of the bike specifically in terms of pricing is Royal Enfield Himalayan. The Himalayan ranges up to INR 1.80 Lakh so probably Hero may give a tough competition to Royal Enfield considering each and every aspect, like features, pricing & performance.

We are also aware that the other XPulse version, XPulse 200T which is more focused for touring will be launched along with this bike. This adventure version will be a completely different variant altogether with few features similar to this one but slight changes, as it has an adventure aspect and not off-roading which you can see in the XPulse 200. The difference is alloy wheels, with a lower placed exhaust and a completely different seat & position. The brand is also expected to equip the spoke wheel at a higher position with the T variant. We are waiting for the official to gives word on each of the bikes in brief. As of now, considering the images rolled to on the internet, these many possibilities came to our notice.

We are sure that this adventure & off road variant will create a good call for the company. What do you think? Do you believe that it will give a tough competition to Royal Enfield Himalayan? Tell us in the comment section.

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