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Motorcycles Predictions for 2019: We Can’t wait to Ride

2018 has been a pretty wild year with all kinds of crazy things happening.

Let the New Year Begin:

As 2019 kicks off, most of these are pulled straight out of my noggin without much to back them up. With that said, I pay attention to the motorcycle industry closely, and I think they may have some merit.

Regardless of gender, motorcycle enthusiasts will have plenty of new two-wheelers to play within the New Year. Throwback bikes are hot right now. So are sports bikes (but what’s new). Here, check out the motorcycles that we can’t wait to ride in 2019.S

  1. Someone Will Buy Ducati

Modern Ducatis endure among the dominant performance motorcycles available today partly because of the desmodromic valve design, which is nearing its 50th year of use. Ducati assembled this motorcycle for one purpose.

I think 2019 could be the year that someone pulls Ducati from VW Group’s grasp.

2. We’ll see More Small Displacement Bikes

There has been a slew of 125cc motorcycles whops the market in the last few years. I think we’ll see numerous bikes in 2019. I don’t look forward to many 250cc bikes. Most of the models that used to have a 250cc engine have enhanced to something bigger. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see many more 100cc and 125cc commuter bikes.

3. Harley Will Have to Do Something Dramatic

Harley Davidson is decaying public silence. I don’t know how much longer it can stand to sway on. Harley’s new Livewire electric motorcycle could do objectify to bolster sales, but I think it’s going to take acreage more than an electric bike to bring the company back to its former glory.

4. Electric Bikes Will Go Mainstream

There are some natures of beast electric motorcycles out there right now, but I don’t notice tons of them riding around. 2019 can be the year that electric bikes go mainstream. During this year, you could see these hushed, two-wheeled machines zipping around towns across the nation.

Are you looking to step-up your riding adventure? Here’s part one of what you can expect from the big bike arena in 2019!

We can also expect the adventure game to step out a few notches. Here’s what each big bike manufacturer has in store.

With things kicking off we thought we would put together a guide for all the new motorcycles that we expect to see in the coming weeks. There is a bevy of the new layout that we know will be released at these three trade shows, and there are more than a few rumors of new bikes as well, which may surprise us.

Without waning more time, let’s get down to it. We have broken downward the new models and rumors by each manufacturer.


1. The LiveWire will be an expensive halo bike — and just the beginning

Harley-Davidson will release the LiveWire in 2019. Regardless of what you think of their performance, Harley-Davidson’s top-tier machines like the Touring line, the nicer Softails are finely crafted machines of immensely high quality. They exhibit excellent engineering and the fit and finish on them is always show-stopping.

Livewire bikes will be incredible and expensive, by design, and they will pave the way for the more workaday models sure to follow.

2. Major revamps will come about by October

Sure, we consistently see new models around that time. That’s not a bold prediction. But I think we’re set to see some old stalwarts disappear and others morph into drastically redesigned machines. India will be implementing Bharat Stage VI emissions standards concurrently. BS VI is actually more noticeable, not just because the Indian market is enormous, but also because motorcycles aren’t recreational there. They’re the biggest portion of new vehicle sales, according to the International Council on Clean Transportation. 2019 will be a big launch year for new models.

3.  The most popular Adventure “BMW” bike will get a makeover

BMW has been a head commander in the adventure bike market for more than 35 years. For 2019, the top of the line R1200 GS is getting retrieved by the R 1250 GS. Though its looks are analogous, the R 1250 GS gets a bigger (1,254cc) and more powerful (135 horsepower) engine with a new variable camshaft control system, called ShiftCam, that helps to ensure homogenous power delivery across the entire power band.

  • Engine: flat-twin
  • Displacement: 1,254cc
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  •  Horsepower: 136
  • Torque: 105 pounds-foot
  • Top Speed: more than 125 mph
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.3 gallon
  • Fuel Economy: 50 mpg

Even less likely is the thought of a supersport model from BMW, though that would certainly be prepossessing to see. Perhaps this will be the year that rumor makes the sense true.

4. Welcome Back Katana!

After 13 years on the sidelines, 2019 Suzuki is resurrecting one of its most iconic models, the Katana. Not your typical crotch rocket, the all-new Katana features sleek Eighties styling, a proven 998cc inline-four engine, and approachable ergonomics. The powerplant has been tweaked & came across to deliver smoother throttle response and a broader torque band, so the bike is more capable yet easier to ride in everyday situations. Modern enhancements include a three-mode traction control system.

  • Engine: inline-four engine
  • Displacement: 998cc
  • Transmission: 6 speed
  • Horsepower: 147
  • Torque: 79 foot-pounds
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.17 gallons

When you look at younger genesis of riders coming up there are even more women riders, I would anticipate that the ownership levels among women will quickly rise to 25 percent or beyond in the next few years. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the future of mobility and the transition from driven to driverless. Long live the driver! Anyway, those are my crystal gazing for the year. It will be fascinating to see how things pan out in the upcoming months.

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