MV Agusta Brings in Light 2019 F3 800 & F3 675

The F3 800 is a complete eye-candy on Street Avenue and doesn’t procure to work hard & to grab eyeballs, more so in the Red and Ago Silver shade bike came soaked in. An enthusiast worth his salt will easily with no sweat be able to remark adjusted exhaust pipe placement on the F3. The brand-new dewy Agusta 2019 F3 800 & F3 675 is out with exciting & hair-raising new colors. The F3 800 now hit town in the new white and grey color option apace with the new red and grey combination.

Each of the single design elements on the bike blends together in harmony and there is no quirkiness evoked by this amalgamation. Considering light of the road, MV Agusta assembles enormous option for supersport fans that are on the lookout for something that looks roaring. The Design is straight out flawless. It comprises a powerful engine with a strong linear power & coupled with excellent brakes. The F3’s engine sounds truly harsh and vocal in the top-end. Count to that, there are lousy vibrations arising from the fairing as you approach.

The bike’s front-heavy nature clinches that unintentional front wheel lifts are corrected without much effort. On smooth tarmac, high-speed stability is incredible & fascinating as the bike remains unaffected by crosswinds.

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