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New Generation Apache RTR Under the Sign of Ethanol-Powered Motorcycle

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It is true; the TVS motor launches India’s first ever ethanol-powered motorcycle

The green APACHE RTR 200 4V is the first ever motorcycle to be powered with Ethanol. The past couple of years, the government have strongly encouraged the electrification of automobiles, as well as greener alternative fuels, and all manufacturers in the country have been working to implement it. However, TVS Motor has taken the lead in ethanol-powered two-wheeled vehicles.

The Apache RTR 200 Fi E100 uses 100% ethanol to replace petrol and is the first two-wheelers in the country to achieve this feat.


Ethanol-Powered Motorcycle

The Apache RTR 200 Fi E100 delivers 21 hp and 18.1 Nm of the same air-cooled 200cc single cylinder engine that powers the standard Apache RTR 200 4V, though with modifications. In comparison, the petrol version offers about half a PS less.


TVS has modified the Apache RTR 200 fuel injection generator set to run on 100% ethanol. For this, they modified some elastomer and rubber parts and used a dual twin spray, twin port electronic fuel injection setup.

Ethanol-Powered Motorcycle

The Apache RTR 200 Fi E100, fueled with ethanol, has aesthetic differences in the form of white paint with green graphics and the indication “Ethanol” on the fuel tank along with hyper aggressive naked headlamps. This one also receives a fully digital interactive speedometer.


The maximum speed declared is 129 km / h. More importantly, the engine significantly reduced NOx and CO emissions. If necessary, this engine can also operate with a mixture of 80% ethanol and 20% petrol.

Ethanol-Powered Motorcycle

The fuel tank capacity is 20 liters with a kerb weight of 152 kgs. It gets a uniquely designed alloy wheels with tubeless tyres fitted that gives a better handling and riding experience and is equipped with ABS and RLP. The brakes are in control with roto petal disc at both the ends.

Featured We Liked are:

Ethanol-Powered Motorcycle

  • Agile Handling
  • Smooth Engine
  • Good Brakes

What to Expect?

The bike will be offered in three states – Maharashtra, UP, and Karnataka. TVS says it improves maneuverability, throttle response and emissions reduction as well, TVS Motor also tells us that ethanol gives a boost to engine performance, in addition to being a less polluting fuel as compared to petrol.

Ethanol-Powered Motorcycle

The CEO of TVS Apache said that work is underway to create the supply network needed to produce and supply more petrol and ethanol blends, rising up to 100%. Even discussions on authorizations for ethanol distribution would be underway.

What We Think?

With a reasonable price you can bring home the Green Apache RTR 200 4V once launched in the Indian Market to ensure a dynamic comfort riding experience like never before!

ethanol powered motorcycle


The ethanol-powered Apache RTR 200 retails higher price tag as compared to that of the RTR 200 Fi as it is priced at around 1.20 lakh.

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