New Kawasaki KLX 140G Dirt bike Launched in India

Kawasaki India has put in motion their New 2019 KLX140G off-road motorcycle. The KLX140G is pie-in-the-sky for every beginner who is active & energetic to gain experience of trail riding. The amateur aspect breeze in the form of a mildly tuned 144cc, air-cooled, four-stroke motor that should not be quite a handful like Kawasaki’s other two-stroke dirt bikes.

2019 Kawasaki KLX 140G

  • Powered by 144cc, air cooled engine
  • Kawasaki India promises that the bike will be perfect for beginners and trail bikers
  • Costing at around Rs. 4.06 Lakh

The new edition of the Kawasaki dirt bike comes out with new body graphics, at the same time, carries forward the same engine and other mechanical components. The 140G is the intermediate model in the Kawasaki KLX series, which still has the 110 and the 450R models.

Kawasaki dirt bikes have fabulous history. The KLX140G is ideal for every beginner who is willing and active to gain experience of trail riding. The beginners commonly are adults and big youth of all sizes. Yet, the lightweight KLX 140 G is appropriate and comfortable can fit to suit a wide variety of off-roaders. Besides, this India has suitable landscape for dirt bikes. Therefore, we are sure that the KLX140G will have excellent success in India.

At over 30 pounds lighter & luminous than other off-road bikes with full-size wheels, the KLX140G pitch confidence-inspiring capability to take on change of terrain.

Full-size wheels lift more ground clearance on the trail and offer a taller seat height and roomy unfurled ergonomics for taller riders while still enabling a comfortable reach to the ground. The royal and rocklike electric starts along with five-speed gearbox with manual clutch allow smooth and smooth accessible engagement.

The KLX 140 G motorcycle endeavors full-size capability in a durable and lightweight combination. At over 30 pounds lighter than alternative off-road bikes with full-size wheels, New Launched KLX 140G offers confidence, refreshing and encouraging capability to take on variety of terrain.

This Kawasaki motorcycle is 13.6 kgs lighter than any other available off- road bikes on full-size wheels. It smoothly manages to offer full-size capability on all terrain in a durable and lightweight bundle. The company has mentioned about how Kawasaki bikes has a legacy in the field of dirt bikes and that of the KLX 140G is the right vehicle for every beginner looking to explore the world of trail biking.

The air-cooled engine eliminates the urge for radiators while keeping the chassis slim and lightweight. Kawasaki KLX 140G comes powered by a 144cc air-cooled single-cylinder SOHC engine mated to a five-speed gearbox. The suspension on the dirt bike is wrapped up to 33mm telescopic forks with 190mm of travel while the rear gets aluminum monoshock offering 200mm travel. Braking is managed by a 220mm and 190mm petal disc at the front and rear, respectively.


  1. Displacement – 144 cc
  2. Fuel Type – Petrol
  3. Cylinders -1
  4. Ignition – Digital DC-CDI
  5. Bore – 58 mm
  6. No. of Gears – 5
  7. Transmission Type -Chain Drive
  8. Clutch – Wet Multiplate
  9. Fuel Delivery System – Carburetor

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension:

  1. Front Brake Type -Disc
  2. Rear Tyre Size – 4.10-18 59M
  3. Front Brake Size – 220 mm
  4. Rear Brake Size- 190 mm
  5. Tyre Type- Tubed
  6. Front Suspension- 33mm Telescopic Fork
  7. Front Wheel Size- 21 inch
  8. Wheel Type – Spoke

Dimensions & Chassis:

  1. Wheelbase-1,330 mm
  2. Ground Clearance-315 mm
  3. Seat Height-860 mm
  4. Chassis Type-Perimeter & box-section
  5. Weight- 99 kg
  6. Overall Length- 2,005 mm
  7. Overall Width- 790 mm
  8. Overall Height- 1,135 mm


  1. Start type – Electric Start
  2. Tachometer – Not Present

Superior Suspension for a high level of trail riding performance:

Combined with highly rigid frame, highly capable suspension which ensures excellent handling off-road fun.

Great Trail Riding Potential:

The new Kawasaki KLX140G off-road motorcycle offers riders and crazy youth to chase the attention & detailing of KX machines. It helps to contribute detailing attention for durability & for high trail-riding performance.

Easy, Lightweight and Reliable:

The new Kawasaki KLX 140G maximizes fun as it is easy to just let’s go on. The lightweight frame contributes the easy handling with easy to use the highly reliable plant. Easy electric start helps to access the fun with the quick push away button.

For the Indian market, Kawasaki offers six different dirt bikes in two different segments. The motocross Kawasaki bikes constitute of the KX 450, KX 250, and KX 100 whereas the KLX 450R, KLX 140G and KLX 110 are the accessible endure bikes with such a variety of options in the dirt bikes segment.

Kawasaki India is genuinely championing the off-road biking culture in India.

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