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Royal Enfield 250cc Bike plans to develop new engine platform

We have created a detailed video on Royal Enfield’s plan to enter into a 250cc segment, watch the full video below to know what you are the possibilities that you can expect from this motorcycle.

It is expected that Royal Enfield is working on a quarter-liter motorcycle. The Company is planning to launch a 250CC motorcycle in an attempt to slow down the reducing sales figures of the company. According to the reports, the new product is to cater to a larger audience while making its products more affordable in the market.

affordable enfield 250cc

Though there is no confirmed news from the company’s side, it is expected that the new motorcycle from Royal Enfield will make its public appearance sometime next year. This motorcycle is said to be a classic fun to ride a bike for customers.

Let’s see what are the possibilities.


affordable enfield 250cc

Mechanically, the company would work on the 250cc engine from scratch; this platform could spawn more than one motorcycle.


There is still no information on the nature of the bike, but Royal Enfield can be expected to adopt the Interceptor or Classic design approach.

The history behind the 350cc stage would be the strongest element of 250’s prospects:

affordable enfield 250cc

For a considerable length of time, Royal Enfield has been making its fortune out of its 350cc cruisers. Naturally, there’s a great deal of history behind this motorcycle and the Indian clients can likewise associate the 350cc motor with the brand.

So presenting a totally new 250cc cruiser can give its buyer a chance to identify with the brand’s history. By considering all these things Royal Enfield has a background marked by making 250cc cruisers like the Crusader Sports and the Continental GT during the 60s.

What do we expect?

affordable enfiled 250 cc

If Royal Enfield manufactured a quarter-liter bike, its commercial potential would be essentially limited to the Indian market. At best, Royal Enfield could export the bike to other developing markets as a beginner motorcycle. But it’s just a possibility that the bike is much lighter and more user-friendly for beginners than its current offerings.

Not only that, but Royal Enfield is also looking to launch no-frills versions, which means that non-essential features have been removed to keep the price of its bikes low. These basic versions of motorcycles will be a good option for people on a limited budget who do not want additional features. Even for people looking to personalize their bike, these no-frills models can make sense.

affordable enfiled 250 cc

With the new motorcycle, the company expects its customers to be offered a wider choice of motorcycles, thereby increasing its customer base. The product is in its very early planning stages, with no official statement yet. Royal Enfield is currently updating its current products for future BS-VI emission standards. Comparing the price structure and performance of this 250 CC bike can be really challenging.


This strategy should generate more sales for the company, but there is also a risk of dilution of the brand. At present, the most affordable Royal Enfield, the Bullet 350, costs Rs 1.21 lakh. It would be very difficult for the brand to reduce the price of Bullet. We expect the price to be higher than the Bullet 350.

affordable enfiled 250 cc

The feasibility study of this upcoming bike is underway by the Indian R & D team. Once the project is launched, expect that this Royal Enfield 250cc is fully designed and developed in the UK technical center. We believe this bike will debut by 2022 at least in a concept form. It is quite interesting to see how the brand is not just entering the bigger displacement segments, but also force its way to a lower displacement area.

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