World’s top high-dive motocross riders to enthrall Mumbai in an FMX Showcase


World’s top high-dive motocross riders to enthrall Mumbai in an FMX Showcase

If you’re placed out of Mumbai, you’re in for a thrill & refreshment in the New Year. The world’s top motocross athletes are enrooting to the city in February and well hassle their skills at the Gateway of India.

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation targets to position Maharashtra as an emerging landing place for hosting various national and international occasions such as these. MTDC is encouraging Red Bull FMX Jam to cheer up adventure sports activities in the state and position it as a head-most destination to host international events.

There are sporadic famous names expected to make it down here.

  • Robbie Maddison, who has gone to route as a stunt double for Daniel Craig and Vin Diesel will be here.
  • Tom Pages who is the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Champion and recently curvet a 10 story replica of the Arc de Triomphe,
  • Alexei Kolesnikov who is the first rider to land a backflip in Russia, and a few alternative international riders.

Originated back in 2001, Red Bull X-Fighters is the highest prestigious freestyle motocross (FMX) event series around the world with a 15-year history and aggrandized than 50 past events on six continents. The riders challenge head-to-head through a string of knockout rounds in front of anxious sell-out crowds. They assassinate unbelievable gravity-defying tricks on their motorcycles in some of the world’s most iconic locations.

The finest FMX riders in the world are set to walk it up and push the sport forward with state-of-art innovative tricks year after year.

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