Taking a bold step, Ola is coming up with helmet detection technology. Taking rider safety as an important priority, ola has developed a technology. Ola’s state-of-the-art helmet detection system employs advanced camera technology to identify whether a rider is wearing a helmet or not. Ola’s helmet detection system uses a camera to detect whether the rider is wearing a helmet or not. It then sends this information to the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU is to an EV what an ECU is to an ICE vehicle) and then relayed to the Motor Control Unit which determines whether the vehicle will switch to Ride mode or not. If the vehicle is in Ride mode and the system detects that the rider is not wearing a helmet, the EV will automatically switch to Park mode. Once the vehicle is in Park mode, a notification will appear on the dash to remind the rider to wear a helmet. Only if the system is able to detect that the rider is wearing a helmet, will the VCU allow the electric scooter/bike to switch to Ride mode, and it will then continue monitoring the rider.

It is anticipated that other manufacturers will follow Ola Electric and TVS in spearheading this critical initiative for rider safety. These groundbreaking measures pave the way for a future where helmets become an indispensable part of every rider’s journey, emphasizing the paramount importance of road safety in India. Ola Electric’s helmet detection technology showcases their dedication to building an ecosystem that prioritizes rider safety and sustainable transportation.