We take both privacy and security as a topmost concern as visitor’s privacy is very important to us. This section provides details on points relating to our privacy and security policies.

If you feel anything is unclear, you can contact us or leave any suggestion; we would love to read your feedback.

We take information from you that are necessary for us.

Below provided information speaks of the specific areas we want our visitors to understand:

What Information Do We Collect?

  • We respect the purpose for which the visitors gave us their personal information. Information that we receive from you will be used only to fulfill a few specific requests unless you give us the authority to use it in any other manner.
  • The types of personal based information we collect from the visitors include name, email address, nationality, specific interest, type of motorcycle ridden.

Why We Collect The Information?

  • Responding to the feedback the visitors have to provide us.
  • Providing links to the website that can be of the best preference depending upon the visitor’s interest.
  • We will send you newsletter through emails (we will not send a newsletter or promotional emails that don’t fit your interest)
  • You may opt out of receiving any kind of information that’s provided to you from us, at any time by responding us via email.


It is our policy to send the subscription request to our visitors. We’ll remove the details immediately as per the request of our visitors. There will be an unsubscribing link in every mail as per the convenience.


It is our responsibility to handle cookies in the best possible manner, to help visitor gets updated and don’t trouble them in any way.

Cookies are small files that we send to your computer, so the next time you visit our site, we can recognize you easily.

You are sure to set cookies on your computer as per your needs, if you need more information on this, refer to your web browser help file.

Web Site Traffic Information

Website traffic information is generated for our benefit, so as to learn and understand the reader’s preference better. This can help us to manage the load on the servers and improve your experience with the website.

When you reach BforBiker website, your web address details from the site you came from, are immediately received to us. We also get information on which page you visit, browsed, spent time and the total time you access our Website.


If we decide to use the personal details provided by the visitor in any manner different from the stated ones, then we will definitely notify the users through emails. Users will have the choice completely to accept it or deny. We are sure to use the information in accordance with the privacy policy set.