QJ motors SRK800 has been unveiled and this seems to be company’s 3rd inline 4-cylinder bike which will be launching soon. The first was the SRK 600RR, China’s first four-cylinder motorcycle, launched in 2020 with an engine originally designed by Benelli (another member of the Qianjiang Group, which owns QJMotor). QJMotor has already introduced a new four-cylinder engine this year, a 600 cc V-4 to equip a new cruiser model. The 800RR, which can first be identified in this leaked image, will add another four-cylinder option when it is officially introduced – currently expected in the third quarter of 2023. A fourth four-cylinder option will follow, the 1000RR superbike, equipped with an engine designed by MV Agusta. The bike will be equipped with USD front forks from Marzocchi and a monoshock at the rear. The bike shares a similar layout of the motor to the Honda CBR650R. The engine’s 778 cc capacity is due to a much longer stroke than that of the CBR650R. QJ Motors has entered the Indian market, but bike launch in India is uncertain.