Bike Accessories: Safety with Style

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Bike Accessories: Safety with Style

Your appearance gives away a lot about your mindset, attitude, and the way you see yourself. This is why we spend a lot of our time grooming and perfecting our looks. “Dress to impress,” you hear all the time.

But of what benefit is style and appearance, if one’s life is at risk?

One of the major questions that haunt many riders in their quest to find the correct bike accessories while setting out on a trip is- Go safe, or go stylish? And the answer is that you really can have the best of both worlds! All you need to know is how to strike a perfect balance between the two, and you will carry it off well.

Some Of The Must-Haves Of A Safe And Stylish Biker Are:

A Good Helmet

One that fits the size and shape of your head to i.e., not too tight and not too loose, strapping snugly below the chin. It is also important to bear in mind the kind of biking you are planning. There are a number of different styles of helmets available in the market to suit the requirements of various types of motorcycle trips. Identifying the purpose and type of riding you will be undertaking will help you choose a helmet best suited for the same, which will protect you optimally. And the best part about this safe gear is that their appearance can be designed and customized to match your own personal style!

Proper Motorcycle Boots

Boots, in general, have been adopted by popular culture as a modern, yet classic look that can rarely ever go wrong. And if you select the right pair, it can even do you a lot of good. A sturdy pair of motorcycle boots would ideally be strong and solid, with a proper fit at the ankles and a non-slip sole for grip on the pedals. These will not only help keep your feet safe, but will also give you the feel and image of a confident biker.

Long Pants And A Jacket

No matter how tempting it might be to wear shorts on a hot day, or a skirt while heading to a party, this urge must be strongly avoided. Make sure you wear long pants and a full-sleeved jacket to protect your skin from the wind and sun, as well as to ensure that you have fewer injuries in the case of an accident. Remember, the color scheme and designs you pick are always up to you, so you need not worry about your style quotient taking a back seat.

A Nice Pair Of Gloves

A good pair of gloves should fit just right, and cover your hands leaving no skin exposed between the gloves and the jacket. Saving you from the heat and cold, it also helps keep a firm grip on the handles even if your palms get sweaty along the way. So you’ve got to admit, that this small bit of gear has the potential to save you from a lot of trouble. The little things in life really do matter, I guess.

A Pop Of Color

This will add the final touches to your perfect look. Black may be your spontaneous first choice, but a few fluorescent reflective stripes would definitely help you stand out in a dark setting, thus preventing any unintentional mishaps. Besides, colors add joy to your life and save you from coming across as a Goth geek with a dark appearance, when in reality; you may be the chirpiest person in town!

  1. Another bit of good news is that this wonderful idea of ‘safety weds style’ is not necessarily an expensive affair. There are numerous sites from which one may buy cheap motorcycle accessories online. With a wide variety of options to choose from, its high time safety is taken seriously. There is no excuse now. It can, and must be done.
  2. When on a bike trip, we also tend to forget about taking care of our health. Staying hydrated and satiating hunger pangs rarely strike us as important in contrast to the fun of the adrenalin rush of speeding along. The gear alone does not completely tick off the boxes of biker accessories. A bottle of water or hydration bladder and some protein bar also do prove to be very useful, if kept handy. Having these in the storage area of the bike, or, alternatively, finding one’s self a saddle bag that is both compact and comfortable would be a good idea, especially for long road trips and adventure outings. Carrying some basic first-aid items and basic medication is also highly advisable.
  3. Along with all of these, one must not forget to be alert to the maintenance requirements of his/her bike itself. Choosing good motorcycle gear, but having an ill-maintained bike would be completely fruitless. Just like the human body requires its nourishment, exercise and rest, so does your bike need regular servicing, cleaning, and repair. It is, therefore, of utmost importance for you to know your motorcycle well, as it will enable you to take good care of it based on its requirements, as well as to choose the correct accessories for it.
  4. Once chosen and put to use, it is also important to see to it that your biking gear is also cleaned regularly. Long stretches of usage may cause hygiene issues due to the sweat and dirt that comes from bike traveling. So, don’t forget to wash your pants, jacket, and gloves correctly and wipe your helmet and boots too. The more you care about things, the better and longer they serve you. And this holds true for both your belongings as well as your life itself.

Bikers keep saying that their bike is their life. But more important than considering your bike as your life is to learn to care for your life, even while on the bike. Good bike accessories, surely, are the perfect solution to both your style and safety concerns. So BforBiker suggests that you kick-start your journey, with some cool and creative motorcycle gear and I assure you, you can have the ride of your life without losing it on the way.

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