Simple one is aming to roll out two new e-scooter in the next quarter, to attract more customers the 2 scooters will be priced cost effectively. Simple one is the only scooter brand in India to provide safety at a affordable price. The aim of the company is to be the NO1 E-2Wheeler within a year. The upcoming scooters will be priced lower and based on the same platform as simple one. One scooter will be a utility-built while the other will be a performance oriented

“We are working on two more electric scooters and an electric motorcycle which will be launched within the next 18 months. We are also working on an electric car and hopefully it will be launched by 2025. Our target is to improve powertrain efficiency and we are also building a new motor technology for that and it will be magnetless. Apart from this, we are also exploring the option of a strong hybrid car,” Suhas Rajkumar, Founder & CEO, Simple Energy.