Who We Are and What Are We Positioned as

BforBiker is an Indian based website that gives the user a complete biking experience by featuring everything that stars from bike news, launches, and travel guide around the globe.

We are governed by Indian laws and ensure that we adhere to the rules and regulation laid upon us.

In an unexpected event that you have any concern or queries with us, please contact us and we are sure to quickly provide a reasonable solution to resolve them.

We retain the right, within limits, to be held liable in Indian courts of law as appropriate.

What Terms and Conditions Apply When Consuming Our Sites & its Content?

There are few Terms and Conditions that we expect our visitors to abide by when visiting our website and consuming our compelling content as well as sharing it on other social media platform.

The Copyrights

This website and its content is copyright of BforBiker – © BforBiker. All rights reserved.

You agree to respect our rights and not copy our content before seeking an approval and being granted permission to do so for your own or commercial gain.

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Reasonable, Lawful Conduct

You are perhaps liable in the way you behave when on our site or while interacting with us or any other reader (social media channels as well), to be specific:

You may not use bad language or abusive words to us or another reader on our site as well as on our social media channels. If found doing so, we may take appropriate actions but won’t prevent you from accessing our site.

You may not do anything illegal according to Indian law while consuming our content on the site or on our social media channels. This includes:

  1. Cybercrime e.g. Attempt to harm, compromise our platform.
  2. Fraud
  3. Intentionally provide inaccurate information.
  4. Do anything that could be considered vicious or irrelevant by a reasonable person.

Please ensure that you are not infringing any laws that can affect our website directly or indirectly.

What Disclaimer Do We Make?

We do the best to ensure that all descriptions, details which appear on the website are definite but errors could be possible.

If you feel anything is incorrect, you can mail us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

We may make changes or add points on our website including the Terms & Conditions or any other information, service without notice.

We do the best to make our website secure and safe we do not warrant that our website will be ceaseless or without errors.

We aren’t liable to anyone including you if conflict with your computer system occurs in connection with the use of our website or any linked site.