Top 5 Bikers Groups in India

Having friends with similar interests is always a blessing in life. However, when you are passionate about biking, and talk about it to your non-biker friends, they will most probably either be bored to death or tell you that you’re crazy right to your face.

But what if I were to tell you that it is possible for you to talk to a group of people about your love for bikes, and they would gladly share it with you too?

Yes, there are bikers groups that you could be a part of, and here is our list of top 5 bikers groups in India that we think you might want to join.


The Musafirs is a fun-filled bikers group located in Mumbai and Pune. The only criterion for membership to this clan is to have a motorcycle, no matter what brand or make it may be. They not only have group rides but also exchange some very useful information about new bikes, gear, accessories and anything else related to bikes. This group will give you the feeling of being a member of a larger family with a common passion, rather than just being a member of a ‘club’.

2. 60KPH

Unlike what its name suggests, 60kph does not promote speed or race riding. Instead, it calls for stillness and a mental connect among its members in the spirit of brotherhood that motorcycle riding brings. The experiences shared by bikers here are not related to the factual details of their trips, but rather they include discussions about one’s frame of mind and the way it changes depending on what place is being visited. Established in 2002, this group has ever since, been the strength and support of many-a-biker across the country that loves long-distance riding, but feels restricted by the topography of the Indian roadway system.


This is a group which had its beginning spark way before it actually became a biking group. It is a result of weekend meetings of a group of teens who loved motorcycle racing and stunt biking but grew in its membership as the youngsters grew into adults, and their love for bikes blossomed into a full-blown passion. The Ghost Ryders are a group that encourages the love for stunts and bike racing among anyone who owns a bike or even loves watching these sports. Well known across the country, this group is one of the best in its category, along with others like “The OutlawZ” and “Bandit Bikers”.


Started up in 2011, the Bikerni is an all-women’s motorcycle group that aims at empowering women through their interest in motorcycle riding and create an equal platform for the same in India. Spread across most major cities in the country, this group has a number of events and has even created some notable records that make it a much-respected group in the women’s motorcycling movement. So if you are a woman who loves to hit the road on your bike, and would like to break the stereotypes of motorcycle riding, then this group would be just perfect for you!


This is another group of just women racers, for who riding a bike is just as normal and it would be if a man were to do it. And undoubtedly, women in motorsports should be normalized phenomenon in today’s age of women’s empowerment. It places before its members, not only the challenge of racing fellow members to the finish line, but also that of defeating the age-old Indian mentality that women cannot and should not engage in “men’s” sports like bike racing. It is this very mentality that makes it one of the best bikers clubs you could join, not only in the ‘”women’s” category but among all biking clubs in the country as a whole.

So let’s not keep our passion to ourselves, but let it grow as we share it with other biking enthusiasts. I hope you do join one of these clubs really soon. It will definitely be a great feeling and give you many experiences and memories to cherish.

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