Top 5 Hill Station Destinations near Mumbai

Mumbai, being one of the busiest cities in India, is home to many people – all hustling and bustling on a daily basis, striving to achieve their dreams. But from time to time, we all need a break – an escape to some peaceful destination.

The word “hill station” brings to mind the idea of an open area at a height, with nature all around and a cool breeze that instantly brings a smile to your face. Well, isn’t that exactly what we long for as a break from our urban crammed up lifestyles?

Here’s our pick of the top 5 hill stations near Mumbai that you can visit on your bike…


1. Lonavala

Who hasn’t heard of this amazing twin destination! Popular among kids as a picnic spot and equally well-known among adults as a getaway destination, Lonavala top the list of hill stations near Mumbai. With the number of sightseeing and too many places to visit in Lonavala, tiger point, Bhushi dam, and adventure activity options, this place never fails to draw tourists to itself throughout the year.

Maybe it’s your turn to plan a bike trip from Mumbai to Khandala and enjoy the beautiful Lonavala weather this time.

malshej ghat

2. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat has a number of species of flora and fauna. The peace and tranquillity that this place emanates are way beyond what we Mumbaikars can even hope to experience in our cities. It is definitely a great idea to take your bike, and set out to find what you are really looking for – true peace– during your ride as well as at your beautiful destination. Malshej Ghat weather is always amazing and pleasant. Trek lovers also love the Harishchandragad trek here which is very famous and quite challenging. And if you are visiting Malshej Ghat in summer, the climate is moderate and not too hot, usually preferable during winters and the rainy rides are risky but worth it. Also if you are planning to have a good stay nearby, Malshej Ghat resorts are very popular that gives you a really beautiful scenic experience from the window.


3. Mahabaleshwar

The hill station of Mahabaleshwar is ideal for those looking to enjoy a few days with nature and God. With its natural viewpoints and Mahabaleshwar temples, the peace and serenity of this destination are sure to strike a chord with every person who visits the place. Having your bike with you on a trip from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar will only add more passion to the experience so it’s better to know when is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar, so accordingly you can plan your journey. Also, Mahabaleshwar temperature is always mild and pleasant; you don’t feel hot, anytime you visit this scenic place.


4. Panchgani

As you create your list of getaways near Mumbai that you’d like to visit, don’t forget to include this beautiful destination. This hill station is pleasant throughout the year far better than Mumbai weather, and so, you don’t need to plan this trip for a particular time. Whenever you get to take a break, you can just pack up and get going. Known for its strawberry farms and scenic sights, riding to Panchgani will be a delightful adventure. Why not give it a try? Who knows, it might just outdo your expectations!


5. Matheran

Living in Mumbai, the only view you get to see is that of buildings all around. Matheran, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy some dramatic views of the sunrise and sunset in addition to the fantastic sights you will see from the hill station’s many famous viewpoints, best Matheran hotels to stay in. Biking from Mumbai to Matheran could surely feature in your upcoming plans for a break to visit places around Mumbai. You will definitely not be disappointed.

So let’s get geared up for a few trips to some beautiful hill stations near Mumbai. Neither too far, nor too close – this hill station near Mumbai will be just perfect to satiate your need for a break. Get packing, get riding.

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