TVS has released a teaser announcing the introduction of a new electric scooter on August 23, 2023. The teaser suggests that the scooter will have a sporty design, leading us to speculate that it could be an electric version of the NTorq, inspired by TVS previous showcase, the Creon e-scooter concept. The invite for this momentous event suggests that TVS has something unique and exhilarating in store for the masses. With the tagline “Thrill has a date,” it is highly likely that the new product will cater to a youthful demographic, emphasizing on performance and excitement. Moreover, the launch date has been set for August 23, with the unveiling taking place in the captivating city of Dubai. This international venue further adds weight to the speculation that TVS is gearing up to introduce a premium offering. The upcoming TVS electric scooter launch is expected to introduce an entirely new product, one that could potentially revolutionize the market. Speculations are rife about its design and features, with some suggesting a possible resemblance to the acclaimed TVS Creon concept unveiled at the 2018 Auto Expo.