Plan Your Perfect Life Off The Road with these 11 Dirt Bikes in 2022

Have fun, Be active, Go harder with dirt bikes

If you are an adventure lover and have a passion for riding then Dirt bikes or off-road bikes can serve you a lot to enjoy your passion at fullest.

What are the Dirt Bikes?

As the name suggests the dirt bikes are meant to ride in dirt and off-road. These bikes are specially designed keeping in mind the circumstances of off-road riding.

Dirt bikes allow you to ride on rough surfaces with dirt and dust that are not smooth to ride easily.

Riding bikes on rough tracks, taking high jumps are a real thrill for adventurous riders.

Dirt bikes are the ones that give you full-on adventure by supporting your needs to ride conveniently at breakneck speeds.

These are lightweight compact bikes meant to maintain riding over rough terrains like dirt, mud, and rocks.

Difference between Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles

Many people have a misconception that there is no difference in dirt bikes and motorcycles. You can ride any bike on roads, tracks, or in rough terrains.

There are different techniques and mechanics involved in riding bikes on different surfaces.

Although both the dirt bikes and motorcycles are two-wheeled there is a world of difference between the two to ride in the dirt and on the streets.

Dirt bikes are designed to ride on the surfaces that are not conveniently paved, which means they are often naturally made with mud, snow, gravel, or sand.

Whereas motorcycles are designed to ride on smooth surfaces that are man-made.

When compared to the motorcycles the dirt bikes are lighter, more flexible, compact, have long suspension travel, high ground clearance, and are equipped to give more torque in off-road situations.

Frame, weight, and size: Dirt bikes are small in size and lightweight in comparison to motorcycles.

Dirt bikes are designed so that rider can control it easily in situations. They are made up of hard plastics for easy control. Street bikes are metal and more fashionable.

Dirt bikes are equipped with a single-cylinder and smaller displacement, making it better suited to rough patches.

Sitting Position: The seat of the dirt bikes are designed to give maximum visibility and control to the rider.

The seat leans forward with a low set of handlebars for better adjustment of the rider during the ride. As riding the dirt bikes you will have to stand up at times and shift your weight forward in the corner.

The street bikes have a lower rider position, thereby giving comfort to the rider.

Tyres: The tyres of dirt bikes are narrow and have nobs and big blocks tread for traction. The large empty regions in the tyres help the tyre to hold dirt, mud, and sand.

Whereas street bikes tyres are broader, rounded and do not have much spacing.

Suspension: The dirt bikes are built for providing desired mobility, jumping, and absorption of shocks.

The suspension system is designed with hydraulic tubes and spring shocks. The suspension travel in dirt bikes is commonly 12 inches or more, to absorb high shocks.

The suspension in motorcycles for the road is few inches as for absorbing minor shocks.

Tanks: The tanks of dirt bikes or off-road bikes are generally small, so that it may not add weight to the bike.

Motorcycles are ideal for long-distance, so they have bigger tanks.

Brakes: Dirt bikes have smaller brake rotors and rear brakes play an important role. Applying rear brakes is useful for birt bikes because it turns the bike tighter giving rider better control.

Well, it’s always fine to use the front brakes in a straight line.

Clutch: In dirt bikes, there is a lot of use of the clutch. Riders prefer to be in the same gear and make use of a clutch to increase revs, make the rear tyre spin harder, and get out of the corner in the same gear.

In dirt bikes, it is much easier to maintain the throttle constant and employ the clutch to control drive to the wheel.

Street bikes are heavier and hard to control at low speed. So they do not generally need to slip the clutch.

Steerings: When riding street bikes there is no need to apply lots of steering to control the bike. Just leaning to the direction desired to turn will help you to make it easy to take a corner.

You can also do the same with a dirt bike, take corners with lean, but most of the time you will have to make use of bars to take turns. Dirt bikes have wide bars to give more leverage and capacity to turn tyres.

Dirt bikes make the rider to use the handlebars and put their feet down to maintain the balance of the bike.

Gear: Dirt bikes are capable of giving you good speed in low gears to leap to the top part of steep hills and pull the bike out of the mud and sand.

Motorcycles are geared to move effortlessly and can reach triple digits with powerful throttle application.

Different Types of Dirt Bikes

There are a variety of dirt bikes or off-road bikes, let us get a look at each:

Dirt Bike India

1: Motocross Bikes

Motocross Bikes are often called as “MX”. these bikes are for closed road tracks with a variety of obstacles, jumps, and bumps, that are manmade.

It has a small fuel tank to provide lightness to the bike and has low
travel-suspension for jumps at high speed.

It has a single-cylinder engine with two-stroke or four-stroke units. These bikes don’t have lights, kickstand, speedometer, mirror or electric starts, making it lighter.

It has a low flat seat, riders of motocross are generally standing and riding, so comfort is not very important in motocross design.

2: Enduro Bikes

It is similar to the Motocross Bikes in appearance and it is a road-legal motocross bike.

Enduro bikes compete over a longer course that includes street racing and off-road racing along with rough terrains.

These bikes have turn signals, mirror, lights, number plates and silencers.

These bikes are not suitable for long-distance travel because of less comfort.

3: Trial Rider Bikes

Trials riding is a specialized form of off-road competition testing balancing skills and precision rather than speed. These are not made for high-speed jumps.

Balance is more important in these bikes rather than speed. Fuel tanks are smaller.

When riding the trial bikes, the rider generally stands on the footpegs so it has only a vestigial seat or no seat.

These bikes have a single engine with two strokes to give maximum torque and tension.

4: Dual Sportbike

It is a multipurpose bike for on-road and off-road.

It is a street-legal bike that has lights, headlights, mirrors, turn signal. These bikes are not made for competitive and are heavier than Endura and Motocross.

This is the best dirt bike for new riders, as they provide an easier way to balance and controls are in plain sight. These bikes are less expensive.

5: Rally Raid Bikes

It is a type of Enduro bike having large fuel tank for long-distance racing, especially through deserts.

The capacity of the engine is larger that is between 450cc to 750cc.

6: Track Racing Bikes

These bikes are for high-speed oval racing and they don’t have brakes and rear suspension. These bikes have two gears and the engine is fueled by methanol.

7: Snow Bikes

These bikes are for riding in the snow. In these bikes, the rear wheel is replaced with a single tread system similar to a snowmobile and front wheel with a large ski.

These bikes have a tighter turning radius that let you go wherever a snowmobile cannot go.

List of Best Dirt Bikes in India with Price in 2020

To get you the best of dirt bikes or off-road bikes, here we present a list of bikes that would help to compare all the bikes at one place and thus it will be helpful to you in your decision.

1: Kawasaki KLX 110

A perfect dirt bike for teenagers

Kawasaki KLX 110

Expected Price of Kawasaki KLX 110 in India: 2,99,893

Specifications Of Kawasaki KLX 110
Power and performance:
Fuel TypePetrol
Max Powe7.1 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Maximum Torque8 Nm @ 4,000 rpm
Emission StandardBS-IV
Displacement112 cc
Bore53 mm
Stroke50.6 mm
Valves Per Cylinder2
Compression Ratio9.5:1
IgnitionDigital DC-CDI
Cooling SystemAir Cooled
Transmission4 Speed Manual
Transmission TypeChain Drive
ClutchWet, Multiple Disc
Fuel Delivery SystemCarburettor
Fuel Tank Capacity3.8 litres
Riding Range266 Km
MileageOwner Reported: 70 kmpl
Brakes, wheels and suspension:
Front Brake TypeDrum
Front Brake Size90 mm
Rear Brake TypeDrum
Rear Brake Size110 mm
Front Wheel Size14 inch
Rear Wheel Size12 inch
Front Tyre Size2.50-14 4PR
Rear Tyre Size3.00-12 4PR
Tyre TypeTubed
Wheel TypeSpoke
Front Suspension30 mm telescopic fork/110 mm
Rear SuspensionSingle shock/110 mm
Dimensions And chassis:
Low Battery IndicatorNo
Digital Fuel GuageNo
Start TypeElectric Start
Shift LightNo
Electric System12V DC

Details of Kawasaki KLX 110

Kawasaki KLX 110 will be launched in India around February 2021. This bike is made by Japanese manufacturers. It is an off-road bike for the teenagers of the country. It is not road legal.

This bike is designed keeping in focus the teenagers who are interested in dirt riding and are willing to have a career in it.

It is a good training machine that helps teenagers to learn the basics of dirt biking. It gives the choice of a hassle-free kick start and electric start.

The new shrouds, tank, number plate, side covers, and fenders have new designs that make it attractive for the new riders. The factory styling gives the KLX110 the look of motocross bikes.

The design of the bike and the ability to operate the throttle with one hand while starting or stopping the engine with starter and kill switch make the bike user friendly for the riders.

The revised rear suspension offers increased bottoming performance. The bike is capable of holding up to 70 kg weight of the rider.

KLX 110 has a small engine 110 cc engine and the user-friendly torque make it sufficient for off-road ride. The engine is coupled with a new 4-speed transmission with an automatic clutch that means it gives even more gear selection.

The height of the seat is 26.8 inches making comfortable for the teenagers to use it conveniently.

KLX 110 has a centrifugal clutch, which enables easy riding. It has a beefy 30 mm telescopic fork at the front that offered 4.3 inches of travel and a monoshock at the rear.

The gear pattern of KLX in N-1-2-3-4

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2: Kawasaki KLX 140

Perfectly fitting the need of the beginners

Kawasaki KLX 140

Expected Price Of Kawasaki KLX 140 in India: 4.06 Lakh

Specifications Of Kawasaki KLX 140
Engine and Transmission:
EngineSingle Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 2-Valves, SOHC
Emission TypeBS6
Engine Displacement144 cc
Number of cylinders1
Number of gears5
ClutchWet multi-plate
Cooling systemAir-Cooled
Compression ratio9.5:1
StartingKick start and self-start
Front suspensionsø33 mm telescopic fork
Rear suspensionUni-Trak with aluminium single shock; piggyback reservoir; adjustable preload; adjustable compression and rebound damping
Dimensions and capacity:
Length2005 mm
Width790 mm
Height1135 mm
Fuel capacity5.8 litres
Seat height860 mm
Wheelbase1330 mm
Kerb weight99 kg
Tyres and brakes:
Tyre sizeFront :-2.75-21 Rear :-4.10-18
Tyre typeTubeless
Wheel typeSpoke
Front and rear brakeDisc
Front brake Diameter220 mm
Rear brake Diameter190 mm

Details Of Kawaski KLX 140

Kawasaki KLX will be launched around February 2021.

Made by Japanese manufacturers this bike is a pure off-road bike for new riders you who are keen to learn dirt biking. It is not legal for a road ride.

It has a motocross styling. The knobby tyres, raised suspensions, pointy mudguard, and a sharp rear makes it a perfect dirt bike and off-road bike for beginners who want to indulge in dirt riding.

It has a small four-stroke single-cylinder engine of 144 cc that is perfect for training and the torque is appropriate for off-road ride.

The engine is paired with a five-speed gearbox with a wet and multi-plate clutch

The bike is 99 kg that makes its handling easy for new learners. It has a 5.8-litre fuel tank.

The top speed of Kawasaki KLX 140 is 65 km/h. Both wheels are equipped with disc brakes having 220mm diameter in front and 190 mm diameter at the rear.

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3: Kawasaki KLX 450R

Largest KLX series in India

Kawasaki KLX 450R

Expected Price of Kawasaki KLX 450R in India: 8.49 lakh

Specifications Of Kawasaki KLX 450R
Power & Performance:
Fuel TypePetrol
Emission StandardBS-IV
Displacement449 cc
Bore96 mm
Stroke62.1 mm
Valves Per Cylinder4
Compression Ratio12.0:1
Transmission5 Speed Manual
Transmission TypeChain Drive
ClutchWet Multi-Disc
Fuel Tank Capacity8 litres
Brakes, wheels, and suspension:
Front Brake TypeDisc
Front Brake Size250 mm
Rear Brake TypeDisc
Rear Brake Size240 mm
Calliper TypeFront-2 Piston Rear-Single Piston Calliper
Front Wheel Size21 inch
Rear Wheel Size18 inch
Front Tyre Size80/100-21M/C 51P
Rear Tyre Size120/90-18M/C 65P
Tyre TypeTubed
Wheel TypeSpoke
Front Suspension48 mm inverted AOS type telescopic fork with 22-way compression
Rear SuspensionUni-Trak with 22-way low-speed, 2 turns or more high-speed compression damping

Details Of Kawasaki KLX 450R

Kawasaki KLX 450R will be launched around February 2021.

KLX 450R has lights, indicators, and instrumentation, making it road-legal but it is a dirt bike that is made purposely.

The knobby tyres, raised suspensions, pointy mudguard and sharp rear make it a perfect dirt bike.

The easy to handle, balance makes it rider-friendly. Electric start and performance component combine to deliver the best quality to ride off-road.

This dirt bike and the off-road bike is a lightweight bike having 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. The bike is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox and a multi-plate clutch.

Kawasaki dirt bikes are rugged, durable, and pack a punch. KLX 450R is equipped with a lightweight all-aluminium chassis.

The bike has a single semi-floating 250 mm petal disc with a dual-piston calliper upfront and at the back, it gets a single 240 mm petal disc with a single-piston

The adjustable inverted front forks and an adjustable Unit-track monoshock unit a the rear help the riders to ride in hostile terrains.
It has an eight-litre fuel tank.

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4: Kawasaki KX 250

Kawasaki KX 250

Expected Price of Kawasaki KX 250 in India: 7.43 lakh

Specifications Of Kawasaki KX 250
Type4-stroke single
Bore x Stroke78.0 x 52.2mm
Compression ratio14.2:1
ValvetrainDOHC, 4 valves
Fuel SystemEFI w/ 44mm Keihin throttle body and dual injectors
Final DriveChain
FrameTwin-spar aluminium
Front suspension/travelFully adjustable KYB 48mm inverted fork/12.4 inches
Rear suspension/travelLinkage-assisted fully adjustable KYB shock/12.2 inches
Front tire80/100 x 21
Rear tire100/90 x 19
Front brake270mm semi-floating petal disc wi/ dual-piston calliper
Rear brake250mm petal disc w/h single-piston calliper
Dimensions and Capacities:
Wheelbase58.3 inches
Rake28.6 degrees
Trail5.1 inches
Seat height37.3 inches
Ground clearance13.1 inches
Curb Weight231 pounds
Fuel Capacity6.5 litre
ColourLime Green

Details Of Kawasaki KX 250

Kawasaki KX 250 will be launched around February 2021.

Made by Japanese manufactures, with classic upgrades.

KX 250 has a new 249 cc four-stroke engine that gives a higher rev limit and increased power across the entire rev range.

The electric start gives a quick start to the engine by push of a button. The new disc spring hydraulic clutch offers light lever action.

The new Lower triple-clamp reduces weight and contributes to the ability of the front suspension to absorb bumps.

This dirt bike and off-road bike has a new front brake master cylinder that offers a high level of control. The Ergo-Fit adjustable handlebars are such designed to give reduced vibrations.

The adjustable handlebars and footpegs are such designed to fit different riders and their riding style.

Its power and adjustability personalize the feel of the motorcycle and provide higher confidence for motocross riding at all levels.

The new slim, ergonomic bodywork and light aluminium perimeter frame give easy handling of the bikes.

The launch control system of the KX250 motorcycle is of great advantage and favourite feature for riders who are focused on getting to the first turn ahead of their competition.

The push-button reduces the ignition timing in first and second gear, that help to maximize traction on slippery surfaces. Once the rider shifts into third gear, normal ignition mapping immediately resumes and thereby full power is resumed.

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5: Suzuki RM Z250

A dirt bike with several features to give high performance

Suzuki RM Z250

Expected Price of Suzuki RM-Z250 in India: 7.52 Lakhs

Specifications Of Suzuki RM Z250
Power and Performance:
Fuel TypePetrol
Emission StandardBS-IV
Displacement249 cc
Bore77 mm
Stroke53.6 mm
Compression Ratio13.75: 1
Cooling SystemLiquid Cooled
Transmission5 Speed Manual
Fuel Tank Capacity6.5 litres
Brakes, wheels and suspensions:
Front Brake TypeDisc
Rear Brake TypeDisc
Front Wheel Size21 inch
Rear Wheel Size19 inch
Front Tyre Size80/100-21 51M, Tube Type
Rear Tyre Size100/90-19 57M Tube Type
Tyre TypeTubed
Wheel TypeSpoke
Front SuspensionInverted telescopic, air spring, oil damped
Rear SuspensionLink type, coil spring, oil damped
Dimension and chassis:
Kerb Weight106 kg
Overall Length2,170 mm
Overall Width830 mm
Overall Height1,270 mm
Wheelbase1,475 mm
Ground Clearance345 mm
Seat Height955 mm

Details Of Suzuki RM-Z250

Suzuki RM-Z250 is a dirt bike that is incorporated with many features that make the riders to choose it. It is not road-legal. It is expected to be launched around May 2021.

The engine is 249 cc with four power stroke and a single-cylinder that offer good mid-range power and torque while maximum power is maintained.

This lightweight is easy for riders to balance and ride. These are well suited for motocross competitions only, so it cannot be used for streets.

The bike has Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) that helps rider for an early lead from starting and it comes in two selectable modes, enabling the rider to choose the option for according to the conditions and skill levels.

The S-HAC has a new, three-stage version on the RM-Z250, which adjusts the ignition map for the initial launch moment, and then re-adjusts the timing when the motorcycle moves through the starting gate area, then another adjustment is applied.

The RM-Z250 has black anodised Excel aluminium rims that help the bike to withstand severe conditions in rough terrains during supercross and motocross events.

The fuel pressure in RM-Z250 is increased by 17% over the previous model that promotes effective mixing of air and fuel for improved throttle response.

Both wheels of the bike get disc brakes and did not fade even after much use on rough roads and climbing up and rolling down the hilly roads.

It is a rugged style bike for off-road adventures. The performance it gives in dirt ride is exceptional.

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6: Suzuki RM Z450

Professional dirt motorcycle

Expected Price of Suzuki RM Z450 in India: 8.31 Lakhs

Specifications Of Suzuki RM Z450
Power and performance:
Fuel TypePetrol
Emission StandardBS-IV
Displacement449 cc
Bore96 mm
Stroke62.1 mm
Compression Ratio12.5:1
IgnitionElectronic Ignition (CDI)
Cooling SystemLiquid Cooled
Transmission5 Speed Manual
Fuel Tank Capacity6.3 litres
Brakes, Wheels and suspension:
Front and rear Brake TypeDisc
Front Wheel Size21 inch
Rear Wheel Size19 inch
Front Tyre Size80/100-21 51M, Tube Type
Rear Tyre Size110/90-19 62M Tube Type
Tyre TypeTubed
Wheel TypeSpoke
Front SuspensionInverted telescopic, air spring, oil damped
Rear SuspensionLink type, coil spring, oil damped
Dimensions and chassis:
Kerb Weight112 kg
Overall Length2,175 mm
Overall Width835 mm
Overall Height1,260 mm
Wheelbase1,480 mm
Ground Clearance330 mm
Seat Height960 mm

Details Of Suzuki RM Z450

Suzuki RM Z450 will be launched in India around May 2021. It is a non-street bike.

It is a Dirt bike designed to fulfil all the requirements of dirt riding just like RM Z250.

RM Z450 has a bigger engine and higher-spec components. It has a 449cc four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. It has a 5-speed constant gearbox.

It is a tall bike with a seat height of 960 mm and its ground clearance is 330mm and its kerb weight is just 112 kg.

The Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) is an integral part of the RM-Z range. The three-stage S-HAC assesses throttle position, and gear selection, and then adjusts ignition timing to optimize the engine.

The three selectable riding modes of S-HAC can be selected with a switch on the handlebar. The “A” mode is for hard surfaces, “B” mode is for normal dirt conditions. Riders can also select “Off” setting to retain standard ignition timing.

RM-Z450 has Showa front and rear suspension. Light wheel rims and new Bridgestone Battlecross X30 tyres maximise grip and give good control of the bike while off-road riding.

As per the company, it is the first motor-cross motorcycle to adopt new balance-free rear cushion (BFRC) technology ensuring traction and better shock absorption along with high responsiveness on the track.

The sporty look of the bike makes it perfect for dirt biking having great power to weight ratio. It has disc brake at both ends with ABS.

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7: Suzuki DR Z50

A Mini dirt bike especially for youngsters

Suzuki DR Z50

Expected Price of Suzuki DR Z50 in India: 2.55 Lakhs

Specification of Suzuki DR Z50
Power and performance:
Fuel TypePetrol
Emission StandardBS-IV
Displacement49 cc
Bore39 mm
Stroke41.8 mm
Compression Ratio9.7:1
IgnitionElectronic ignition (CDI)
Cooling SystemAir Cooled
Transmission3 Speed Manual
Transmission TypeChain Drive
Fuel Delivery SystemCarburetor
Fuel Tank Capacity3 litres
Brakes, wheels and suspension:
Front Brake TypeDrum
Rear Brake TypeDrum
Front Wheel Size10 inch
Rear Wheel Size10 inch
Front Tyre Size2.50 – 10 33J, tube type
Rear Tyre Size2.50 – 10 33J, tube type
Tyre TypeTubed
Wheel TypeSpoke
Front SuspensionInverted telescopic, coil spring
Rear SuspensionSwingarm type, coil spring, oil damped
Dimensions and chassis:
Kerb Weight54 kg
Overall Length1,320 mm
Overall Width580 mm
Overall Height790 mm
Wheelbase935 mm
Ground Clearance135 mm
Seat Height560 mm

Details Of Suzuki DR Z50

The bike is designed suiting the needs of young riders who have the willingness for motocross and dirt riding.

This is one of the best dirt bikes and off-road bikes for emerging bikers. It has a 49 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that is mated with a 3-speed transmission.

The automatic clutch, electric starter and kick starter make it convenient for the riders to ride at their own pace.

The easy seat height of 560 mm and a kerb weight of 54 kg make it rider-friendly.

The mini bike is equipped with 10-inch wheels and knobby tyres, along with an upside-down fork and 96.5 mm of suspension travel to better absorb bumps during jumps.

The DR-Z50has security of a keyed ignition, thereby the engine can’t run unless an adult has switched it on.

The front brake lever can be adjusted according to the size of the rider’s hand. The throttle limiter allows adjustability in the throttle opening to suit the young rider’s ability.

The DR-Z50 is stable in terms of speed and it doesn’t over or under-steer in the corners manoeuvrability is very much up to the mark.

8: Yamaha WR 155R

Dual sport motorcycle

Yamaha WR 155R

Expected Price of Yamaha WR 155R in India: 1.5 lakhs

Specification Of Yamaha WR 155R
Engine and gearbox:
Engine Description155.1cc, Liquid Cooled, Single Cylinder
Fuel SystemFuel Injection
CoolingLiquid cooling
Displacement155.1 cc
Maximum Power16.5 HP @ 10,000 rpm
Maximum Torque14.3 NM @ 6500 rpm
Compression Ratio11.6:1
Bore58 mm
Stroke58.7 mm
ClutchWet type Multi-plate
Number of gears6
Brakes and tyres:
Front brake240 mm Single disc
Rear brake220 mm Single disc
Front tyre2.75-21
Rear tyre4.10-18
Wheel typeSpoke wheels
Dimensions and weight:
Fuel tank capacity8.1 litres
Kerb/Wet weight134 Kg
Wheelbase1430 mm
Ground clearance245 mm
Seat height888 mm
Overall height1200 mm
Overall width840 mm
Overall Length2145 mm

Details of Yamaha WR 155R

Yamaha dirt bikes are one of the best among dirt bikes and off-road bikes.

With growing enthusiasm in India for adventurous rides, Yamaha is considering to launch WR 155R in India in 2021.

It is an off-road bike, a dual-purpose motorcycle with long-travel suspension, high ground clearance, spoke wheels and knobby tyres to better perform in off-road.

It has a 155 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. It has minimal bodywork and a single-piece handlebar for ease of riding

It is quite light in weight but the high seat height of 888 mm and small 8.1-litre fuel tank will restrict its usage.

It has the same engine as Yamaha R15, but the motor is detuned for better off-road performance.

At present Hero, XPulse 200 is the most affordable dual-sport motorcycles available in the market and Royal Enfield Himalayan is the another one but its little pricey. If Yamaha can localise the components and the price at 1.50 lakh, then WR 155R could bridge the gap between the two

9: Honda CRF250L

A dirt bike for beginners to old riders

Honda CRF250L

Expected Price Of Honda CRF250L in India: 1.5 lakhs

Specification Of Honda CRF250L
Engine And Gearbox:
Engine249.6cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Power24.4 horsepower
Bore X Stroke76mm X 55mm
Compression Ratio10.7
Fuel systemPGM-FI, 38mm throttle body
Number of gears6
Brakes and Tyres:
Front and rear brakesHydraulic brakes
Wheel size3.00-21 51P – 120/80-18 62P
Wheel typeSpoke wheels
Suspension and chassis:
Front suspensionTelescopic
Rear suspensionSwingarm
FrameSemi-double cradle
Dimensions and height:
Overall Length2195.00 mm
Overall Width815.00 mm
Overall height1195.00 mm
Ground clearance255.00 mm
Kerb/wet weight144 kg
Fuel tank capacity7.70 litres

Details Of Honda CRF250L

It is an enduro-style motorcycle.

The lightweight, knobby tyres make it a good option for dirt riders. It is a dual-sport bike good for dirt and 100% road legal.

It has 249.6 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke, long-travel suspension with easy and light handling.

The bike enables the rider to ride anywhere by delivering all the power needed.

The Honda 250 dirt bike has two trims that are with or without ABS. Both models come in red colour.

Among honda motorcycles, CRF250L serves you to ride on rough terrains as well as on roads as it is an off-road motorcycle street legal.

To give extra braking power a 296 mm floating, wave-style, the disc is gripped by a two-piston calliper.

The CRF series of Honda dirt bikes are a line of four-stroke motocross, trail, dual-sport motorcycles.

The long seat of the bike enables you to move forward and backwards, Left and right conveniently to navigate changing with comfort.

A 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel give you a wide selection of tyre choices for everything from off-road riding to smooth on-road riding.

The sturdy steel frame of CRF250L makes the bike survive and overcome the rough routes.

The single-shock Pro-Link rear suspension delivers excellent comfort, traction, and handling, while also improving rider confidence. The Rally’s suspension front and rear offer more travel and greater ground clearance.

The six-gear and clutch are designed to cope with the extra stress of riding off-road and delivering smooth control on roads.

This is one of Honda Powersports bikes having lightweight, is agile with all the features of dirt bikes.

It is one of the best dirt bikes and off-road bikes for newcomers and old riders too that has friendly and compliant features within budget.

10: Benelli BX 250

Rugged dirt bike for young riders Benelli BX 250

Expected Price of Benelli BX 250 in India: 1.5 lakhs

Specification Of Benelli BX 250
Engine and gearbox:
Engine DescriptionSingle cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 4-valve, double overhead camshaft
Fuel systemFuel injection
Displacement249 cc
Maximum Power25 bhp @ 9000 rpm
Maximum Torque21 NM @ 7000 rpm
Number of cylinders1
Compression ratio11.2: 1
Bore72 mm
Number of Gears5
ClutchOil bath
Final drivechain
Brakes and tyres:
Front BrakeØ280 mm stainless steel disc with 2-piston floating calliper
Rear BrakeØ238 mm stainless steel disc with 2-piston floating calliper
Front Tyre100/80 – 17
Rear Tyre130/70 – 17
Front Wheel2.50″ x 17″
Rear Wheel3.00″ x 17″
Wheel TypeAluminum alloy
Suspension and chassis:
Front suspensionHydraulic telescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock with progressive link
FrameSteel tubes with a triangular structure
Dimensions and weight:
Overall length2184 mm
Overall width845 mm
Overall height1193
Ground clearance277 mm
Dry weight132 Kg
Kerb/wet weight136.6 kg
Fuel tank capacity7 litres

Details of Benelli BX 250

Benelli Bx 250 is built with steel tube double frame, which acts as the main chassis.

It has a 249 cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine. The vibrant suspension system and disc brakes at both ends for providing safety on adventure mud rides, make it a perfect dirt bike to ride off-road.

The engine delivers a maximum power of 25 HP at 9000 rpm, and 21 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm

The bike has been designed with high positioned raised mudguard, a compact and powerful headlamp, a fully digital instrument cluster, and a fuel tank of 7-litre capacity.

Specially designed for riders who seek thrill and adventure while riding, the bike comes without spending a huge amount.

The 7-litre fuel tank gives a long-running range for the bike and the tank scoops enhance the muscular look.

The seat of the bike is ergonomically designed and is lean and sleek to make the rider comfortable while riding. To make the off-roading task easier the bike has higher ground clearance.

Benelli BX 250 is a great motorcycle for those who want to learn the basics of off-road riding.

It is a high riding lightweight motorcycle making it easier to control and balance, the feature which is must for dirt bikes.

11: Hyosung RT125D

Slim bike with Humongous tyres

Hyosung RT125D

Expected Price of Hyosung RT125D in India: 1.5 Lakhs

Specifications Of Hyosung RT125D
Engine and Gearbox:
Engine DescriptionSingle cylinder, four-stroke
CoolingAir cooling
Displacement124 cc
Maximum Power13.5 BHP @ 10000 rpm
Number of cylinders1
Number of gears5
Brakes and tyres:
Front BrakesSingle Disc
Rear BrakeDrum
Wheel Size130/80-18 – 180/80-14
Wheel typeSpoke Wheels
Suspension and chassis:
Front suspensionTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionSwing Arm
Dimensions and weight:
Overall length2185.00 mm
Overall Height1125.00 mm
Ground Clearance230.00 mm
Wheelbase1430.00 mm
Kerb/Wet weight124.0 Kg
Fuel capacity9.1 litres

Details Of Hyosung RT125D

The bike attracted a lot of riders at the 2014 Auto-Expo.

The quirky styling of Hyosung RT125D makes it one of the most demanded dirt bikes and off-road bikes. It is a slim bike with massive humongous tyres.

The bike has 4-stroke 124 cc, oil-cooled, single-cylinder and carburetted engine. The engine is capable of delivering 10bhp of maximum power at 10000rpm, and 1.1 kgm of torque at 8000rpm.

The lightweight of the bike helps the rider to carry the bike effortlessly on harsh surfaces. The bike has a fuel tank of capacity 9.1 litres and rear plastic panels.

The Hyosung RT125D is powered with halogen headlight for giving good visibility in the night with clear lens indicator and daytime running pilot lamp and tail-light.

The high raised flat handlebar with palm grips and neatly placed rearview mirror provides good visibility, and the machined alloy foot-rests keep the rider’s feet planted at all times.

The seat is flat, narrow that means that you are in very attention induced position. The seat being slim means it will be not much comfortable but gives upright riding position.

The cradle frame and rear monoshock make the bike easy handler. The 275 mm front disc is capable to give it good stopping power.

Hyosung RT125D has all the essentials like speedometer, odometer, trip meters as well as a digital clock.

FAQs for Dirt Bikes

Are dirt bikes and off-road bikes legal in India?

No, the dirt bikes and off-road bikes are not legal in India for on-road riding as they do not have headlights, tail lights, turn indicator and public road tyres.

Though dirt bikes and off-road bikes can be used to ride off-road in India.

Why are dirt bikes so expensive?

Dirt bikes and off-road bikes are so expensive because these bikes are specially designed for an off-road ride in rough terrains where the surface is not smooth as roads.

The dirt bikes are lightweight, have tyres that can withstand in dirt and mud, longer travel suspensions. The features of dirt bike are incorporated so that it can overcome all the hurdles, bumps, and dirt during an off-road ride.

What are the cheapest dirt bikes and off-road bikes?

Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda are some of the brands that give cheap dirt bikes and off-road bikes in India.

How fast does a 250 cc dirt bike go?

A 250 cc dirt bike can go up to a maximum speed between 55 to 70 mph(90-113 Km/h), depending on the type of engine the bike has.

Are dirt bikes dangerous?

Yea, dirt bikes and off-road bikes are risky. The very usual thing when riding a dirt bike is the possibility of falling when riding on official track as it involves jumps and bumps.

How much a 250 dirt bike cost?

Major motorcycle manufactures like Honda CRF250L costs 4,04,121 Rs And Husqvarna TE250i costs 7,15,629 Rs.

What are the cheapest dirt bikes?

Apollo Agb-36, Taotao DB17, Taotao DB14, Coolster Dirtbike, Razor MX350 , Razor SX500 McGrath, Razor MX650 are some of the dirt bikes and off-road bikes that are budget-friendly.

Which are faster 250 4 strokes or 125 2 strokes?

It is not the fact that 250 being greater in size than 125 so 250 with 4-stroke will be more powerful than 125 with 2-strokes. But its the fact that 2-stroke bikes with same engine displacement have more power than the 4-stroke counterpart.

Two-stroke engine bikes are lighter and faster bikes that have an intense kick to the motor. Two-strokes help the rider to get the faster top speed with more power.

The two-stroke forces help you to learn the major fundamental of riding dirt bikes and off-road bikes.

The 125 exhausts you quicker both physically and mentally, but if you can handle it, then a ride on the 125 2-stroke would make you a better rider and more competitive on the track.

Is 250 a good starter bike?

If you are a beginner a 250 cc 4-stroke bike will be ideal for you. It is much easier and smoother to ride than any other bike. A 2-stroke bike is aggressive to handle as far as the powerbands go.

250 cc is also a good bike for the riders who are above beginner but not as good as advanced riders.

Where can a rider legally ride a dirt bike?

A rider can ride dirt bikes at following places

Private property (yours or others by permission)
Off-road riding park.
State trails.
Motocross track.

Is riding a dirt bike similar to a street bike?

Dirt bikes and off-road bikes are a type of motorcycle that is taller, lighter, with more suspension travel than the street bike. When riding a dirt bike the controls are the same as the street bike but their handing is different.

Dirt bikes cannot handle high speed whereas street bikes are designed to handle higher speeds.

Are electric dirt bikes good?

Yes, electric bikes are good, as they are eco-friendly. Electric dirt bikes do not need a kickstart or warm them up. These bikes are a good choice for beginners, easy to ride, and need low maintenance making the sport more accessible to the youngsters.


Over the last decades, motorcycling has matured well in India as a recreational activity.

The consciousness among people is letting the manufacturers launch all types of bikes in India as well, one among them is the dirt bikes and off-road bikes.

Dirt biking is a different field of biking that needs a different style of riding, and it also needs specifically designed bikes for the purpose.

Dirt bikes are designed so that they can withstand rough terrains, overcome hurdles. The dirt bikes are compact, lightweight, have long-travel suspension.

Dirt bikes come in a variety of range to meet the need of all types of rider be it thrill-seeking teens or adults.

Dirt bikes are rare in India but the growing demand led the manufacturers to officially launch off-road-ready bikes in India. In the above content, we have presented a list of dirt bikes with their expected price and details of each to help you decide the best for you.

Whether you are a beginner, expert, old rider, or young rider, above we have tried to focus the dirt bikes and off-road bikes for all types of riders.

Reading the above content would have helped you to clear your concept for dirt bikes and off-road motorcycles, the difference between a dirt bike and street-legal motorcycles, and you would be able to choose the best dirt bike that suits you the best.

Do share your thoughts about dirt bikes and off-road bikes and also the choice you would prefer for yourself.

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