Glancing out for a new bike? This dawn to dark days, you have a lot of good machines to choose from. And a lot of them look elegant similar on paper, or if you’re comparing spec charts. But when you literally come down to ownership, there’s a world of difference. And Honda takes insights better and better. Why?

  • First, there’s Honda’s eminent engineering better materials and better design that make your bike lighter, more powerful, and more fun to ride.
  • Second, there’s Honda’s prestige for reliability, another byproduct of superior design and materials.
  • And finally, there’s Honda’s recognized build quality. Taken together, they elevate your new Honda far above other akin machines.

If you’re wondering, what are the Upcoming Honda bikes in India? Check out our video below for more information:

We have a gazette of all the Honda upcoming bikes with their expected prices and tentative launch dates. In 2019-20 Honda bikes are likely to be launched and this adds bikes like:

New Upcoming Honda Bikes in India:

  1. Honda CB500X
  2. 2019 Africa Twin CRF1000L & Africa Twin Adventure Sports CRF1000L
  3. Honda CBR650R
  4. Honda CB150R
  5. Honda XRE-300
  6. Honda CBR 500R
  7. Honda CX 01
  8. Honda NXR 160
  9. Honda CBR300R
  10. Honda CB500F

So if you are devising to buy a new Honda bike, your search ends here.

1) Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X

Take a warm look at the unique features that make CB500X the stuff of legend.

Honda CB500X has a stiff new look that exudes adventure. Honda upcoming bike CB500X is for the free-spirited, those who want to trample underfoot the urban jungle. With its all-powerful two-cylinder engine and long-travel suspension, it was built for your adventures. A freebie spinning two-cylinder engine turns the Honda CB500X into a dynamic machine capable of taking on any adventure. So, get ready for an unforgettable journey.

The Honda advanced bike CB500X retains and enhances the comfort pioneered by its predecessor to give you a smooth ride while urban commuting or high-speed cruising and also incorporates new looks that make cruising dirt roads just as enjoyable.

Whether you want to take a concise trip through the rough city streets or explore the endless vistas of the open road, Honda CB500X is ready. Its 41mm telescopic forks and Pro-Link rear monoshock overture smooth, extended travel to absorb hits. One and the other are adjustable for spring pre-load, tailoring the steering geometry to accommodate a pillion and full luggage.

Honda Bike adventure is all about enormous freedom. But freedom is futile if your ride is uncomfortable. The Honda CB500X’s steel diamond-tube frame has a tuned rigidity balance to magnify feedback. The engine is proximate to the swing-arm pivot point for easy handling. The seat height is 830 mm, which assemble the riding position upright and relaxed, offering excellent forward visibility and control.

The CB500X is dope out to handle any kind of terrain. An elevated ground clearance improves performance on rough roads, and three extra degrees of turning angle on the handlebars gives you outstanding handling. A 19-inch front wheel convalesces stability and roll-over ability, and block-pattern tires ensure tenacious grip and feedback. The hoisted windscreen keeps you protected for a more enjoyable ride.

When you’re analyzing the open road on Honda bike you need a clear, concise information panel. The brand new Honda CB500X features a new, attractive negative-display LCD dash to alleviate any tensions you might have. It combines a speedo and rev-counter, dual trip meters, fuel level, and consumption gauges and a Gear Position Indicator.

The 8-valve, the liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine produces 35kW @ 8,600rpm – making it A2 license compliant – with peak torque of 43Nm @ 6,500rpm. Revised camshafts and valve lift have marked low- and mid-range torque for faster acceleration.

Expected Launch Date: December 2019
Expected Price: 5-6 Lakhs

2) 2019 Africa Twin & Africa Twin Adventure Sports CRF 1000L

african twin adventure

The city is the new savage with Honda Africa twins

Redefining the experience with Honda Bikes India, some people just can’t take “No” for an answer. Neither can some bikes. Arrived in 2019 Honda Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports are designed for endless possibilities, they know no boundaries. Both at the same time share the same legendary engine and frame, but the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports is optimized for range and comfort with a bigger fuel tank, more suspension travel, a larger skid plate, wider foot pegs, a larger windscreen, and more. This New Year, the new Honda Africa Twin is available in stunning colors. Although the Africa Twin Adventure Sports is now available in Light Silver & Gray Metallic. Both the models receive gold rims and while the Africa Twin gets a new black logo, the Adventure Sport receives a white frame.

For 2019, the Honda motorcycle retains styling and equipment. They will layout on a steel semi-double cradle frame, will get dual headlamps and semi fairing while the Adventure Sport will get a taller windscreen for better wind protection and a larger sump guard along with more fuel carrying capacity, front light bars, and heated grips. 2019 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L and Africa Twin Adventure Sports CRF1000L have made a universal debut. They promise word of honor for better performance and touring potential.

The new Honda Adventure Sport will also latch on 21 front and 18 rear wheels, a tall set exhaust system, and split seats. Ground clearance will also be aggrandized than that offered on the Africa Twin at 10.6 which is 0.8 more than the ground clearance on the Africa Twin. The Adventure Sport will also get aluminum side cases and elite box for mounting equipment.

2019 Honda Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports get their capability via a 998cc, parallel twin, SOHC engine delivering 89 PS peak power at 7,500 rpm and 93.1 NM torque at 6,000 rpm and a 6-speed manual transmission or an optional 6-speed automatic dual clutch transmission.

So, in case you’re getting ready for a weekend or a year away, a Honda Africa Twin In India is ready and able.

Expected Launch Date: End of 2019
Expected Price: 12-13 Lakhs

3) Honda CBR650R

Honda CBR650R

Bring to light your place with your obsession & take a closer look at unique features that make CBR650R legend.

This is a brand new Honda bike born for competitors. Taking its design precisely from the Honda CBR1000RR Fire blade, the all-new Honda CBR650R is an ultra-sharp beast with sporting minding, fierce power, and exceptional torque. Thrill Goodwill and Power. That’s what the brand new Honda CBR650R is all about. The four exhaust downpipes sweep altogether around the front of the engine, and the muffler has been constructed to deliver a thrilling growl as revs climb.

The road is clear, infinite. You curve on the engine. The exclusive unique sound of New Honda Bike is the highly tuned four-cylinder symphony that immediately transports you. The muffler angle has been specially designed to channel the resonating roar of your bike directly to you, giving you an enveloping aural experience you can only get with an inline four engine. So, be accessible to embark on your journey.

Honda CBR650R line-up, with all new aggressive styling and a racier riding position to offer more highly-tuned sports performance for the street. Honda bikes valves four-cylinder 650cc engine revs higher and gets more power and torque, plus Honda Selectable Torque Control and an assist clutch. In the action of its metamorphosis, the Honda bikes in India have become, deliberately, a rare breed. A Honda bikes India that puts up similar pleasure, enjoyment, and adrenaline to an RR machine, yet with enough practicality and sensible Honda bike price in India with a running cost to compose it a viable option as day-to-day transport in addition to weekend fun.

The taillight has a sleek, minimalist model. Hard braking, rapid downshifting smoothly controlled edge entry: the Assist Clutch grants you to confidently experience the thrills of the CBR650R while easily admonishing the six-speed gearbox.

Let’s talk about the inside facts of Honda Motorcycles. The peak power of this beast has been encouraged to 70KW. The brand new Honda CBR650R undergoes its class in power-to-weight ratio. The 64NM torque is extraordinary, and the redline is now 12,000 RPM. The inline four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine captivates attention. Clutch comforts up-shifts and manages hard down changes, while Honda Selectable Torque Control maintains rear wheel traction so you can focus on the center of the racing through turns. The twin-duct intake system visage improvements to the interior structure of the air cleaners, and marked up tailpipe diameter producing piercing pick-up response from around 7,000 rpm.

No amount what the weather might be, the all-new Honda CBR650R is accessible to tackle any journey. The dual radial-mount calipers bout a single-piston rear caliper for improved balance. The dual-channel ABS cultivates smooth control in wet or dry conditions.

Expected Launch Date: March 2019
Expected Price: 7.2- 7.5 Lakhs

4) Honda CB150R

Honda CB150R

Life is appealing with all new Honda CB150R

Honda Motorcycle is glad to present the latest generation of World Class Racing Engine with Class-Leading Advance Technology. The Honda CB150R has been made public and it has become a motorcycle that’s really caught everyone’s imagination. And to be honest, it isn’t solid to see why. After all the new Honda CB150R looks dazzling and because the Honda CB150R is a 150cc motorcycle, it is something we all admire will come to India. The background is promising and supportive to be sure with Honda India finally focused on the premium market and the Honda CB150R could just be the ethical motorcycle the company needs for its Indian premium bike affluence to finally turn around and look positive.

The reason why Honda be going to bring it to India is simple. The engine sound modulation like something that makes 17-19PS which should set up the Honda CB150R very nicely in the performance 150cc class. Presently, there aren’t too many motorcycles in that zone. Honda Motorcycle doesn’t really limelight on the CBR150R. And Honda’s CBR250R, next model that’s faded into near obscurity is both valuable and now very old. In that case, the Honda CB150R fills a whole number of roles and gaps in the Honda line-up and it should be launched in India. We do lap up there is a market for a premium, all bells, and whistles 150 that sit a good way in performance and specification. The classy retro designate will definitely help Honda’s case.

The eyeball-grabbing entitles & emphasizes the compact profile of the Honda CB150R and excitingly Honda can reveal that it has been absorbed in India. The hutch of CB150R is possible domestic entry level.

Honda CB150R is powered by a 149cc, liquid-cooled single engine which is said to outgrow around 20hp and is paired with a 6-speed transmission. With USD fork, ABS equipped Nissin brakes and a multifunction LCD display – this will absolutely be positioned as a premium 150, in case it gets launched in the Indian market.

Expected Launch Date: January 2019
Expected Price: 1 – 2 Lakhs

5) Honda XRE-300

Honda XRE-300
Be more adventurous with all new Honda XRE 300 for the day to day and on trips

The all-new Honda XRE 300 has its own characteristics. With the lid hinged to the tank, it has a modernized look and still ensures practicality when refueling. The Honda XRE 300 has ABS brakes that provide precise and safe braking, preventing wheel locking in more severe situations. All-new Honda XRE 300 have fully digital and exhaustive panel disposal. Practical and modern, the dashboard features inspiring a speedometer, partial and total odometer, fuel level marker, spokes, clock, and spy lights.

The Honda XRE 300 measures allotment of 2,171mm in length, 838 in width and 1,181mm in height, making it 20mm shorter in length and 180mm shorter in height in comparison to the Royal Enfield Himalayan, the other cost-effective adventure tourer in the market today. The Honda XRE has a wheelbase of 1,417mm and a ground clearance arena of 259mm. While the wheelbase of the Honda is lesser than that of the RE, the ground clearance is greater by 39mm.

The Honda XRE 300 appears with a telescopic front fork with a 245mm stroke length, whereas the rear gets a 225mm mono shock. It drives on 90/90R21 front and 120/80 R18 rear tires. Doing braking string are the 256mm and 220mm front and rear disc brakes. The Honda XRE 300 also comes with ABS as an optional feature. The regular model weighs 146kg while the one with ABS weighs is 153kg.

The Honda XRE 300 is propelled by a 291.6cc fuel injected single-cylinder air-cooled engine. This engine churns out a maximum power output of 25.4bhp at 7,500rpm and a peak torque of 27.6Nm at 6,000rpm. Power is broadcasted to the rear wheels of the bike via a 5-speed gearbox. It comes equipped with ABS as an optional.

Expected Launch Date: End of 2019
Expected Price: 2 – 2.2 Lakhs

6) Honda CBR 500R

Honda CBR 500R
Ride on Honda CBR500R with all your enliven senses

The Honda CBR500R is one of our uttermost popular street bikes, and it’s easily accessible to see why. It’s just about the perfect merger of performance, versatility, and price. And for 2019 this feisty road warrior is even prominent, with a whole menu full of advancement.

For starters, Honda motorcycle gave it more power, more combative styling, a nicer sound, and a whole bunch of other practical upgrades. What didn’t change? The near magical balance of size magnitude, performance, and handling, so go ahead, live a little. Don’t be anxious the CBR500R is not too hot, but recognizance it’ll get your interest the minute you twist the throttle.

The new Honda bike CBR500R bluster a ton of upgrades this year, likewise midrange power, better acceleration, new fuel injectors, a new supersport styled dual-outlet muffler, refined classy transmission internals, a new rear shock, a slipper clutch and more.

Revised this year to feature extra power and torque in the midrange, the all-new Honda CBR500R is 471cc, the liquid-cooled engine features parallel cylinders with dual overhead cams. Light, narrow, and all-powerful, it just strikes the perfect balance of what a mid-size sportbike engine should be.

Honda CBR500R riding cruise position is right in the sweet spot without being too aggressive. Not too progressing or too laid back, it’s enormous for commuting or carving up a canyon. A new clip-on handlebar refines that position, even more, this year.

Expected Launch Date: November 2019
Expected Price: 4.45 – 5.10 Lakhs

7) Honda CX 01

Honda CX 01
Honda CX 01 Launching Soon in India Bike Market

The all-new Honda CX 01 is the new generation bringing forth the concept bike which is the first-ever bike model manufactured by Honda R&D in India. The bike looks excellent braking specifications with the existence of the single disc brake both at the front as well as at the rear ends. The bike Honda CX 01 has of now already snatched the awareness of several automotive admirers owing to its hostile styling and excellent body structure.

What is the CX-01? Well, the central fragment the engine and frame are pinched straight from the CBR250R, and the swingarm is from the current Integra 750. The wide bars and the controls look alike they’re from the NC700S, and that bike has also bequeathed its digital display, albeit with the admonishing lights redistributed to the sides instead of lined along the top.

While Honda Motorcycles is scheduling positive growth in automatic scooters segment leader and commuter motorcycles, the 150-160 cc segment is verifying to be a tough one to crack. The aging CB Unicorn which gratifies to the commuter end of the 150 cc segment manages to post decent volumes. Honda would be anticipating extracting more sales volume from this segment using the 160 cc motorcycle. There are the finest class safety and stability facilities. For safety, it is adapted with Front and rear disc brakes. This is conventional to come in 2 models 150cc and 250cc.

Honda CX 01 is assembled with a 249.6cc liquid-cooled engine, the Honda CX 01 acquires its style encouragement from the standard Honda CB Hornet 160R. The engine of the bike is expected to propagate an overall power of 25 BHP along with 23 Nm of peak torque. The liquid-cooled engine of the bike is a comrade to a 6-speed transmission gearbox.

Expected Launch Date: February 2019
Expected Price: 1.30 – 1.50 Lakhs

8) Honda NXR 160

Honda NXR 160
The city is new wild with all new NXR 160

Honda NXR 160 is a cost-effective and reasonable adventure bike gearing up to launch in the Indian market. With Honda bike 160 cc engines onboard this bike is not the as mundane equilibrist as the regular commuter, but not as powerful and pricey as the bigger engine mechanized high-end adventure bikes. So far, this Honda bike has been refined and advanced for those customers, who want to feel the thrill ambiance of the adventure biking, but doesn’t have a deep pocket.

In India, adventure bikes are seeing developing demand and Honda India is carrying to see the good response with this model upon its launch. It appears with a bold and eye-catching design that draws attention very easily. The Honda motorcycle takes design art inspiration from the bigger adventure models sitting in Honda’s product lineup.

As the bike is meant for some tough jobs on double- depending treacherous terrains, as it comes with higher ground clearance and the exhaust pipe to be positioned higher, right below the tail. It runs effectively on multi-spoke wheels, encased with off-road-spec tires. So far, the Honda motorbike comes pretty attractively from every whole angle and it will positively be able to draw the attention of the young generation buyers moving towards the adventure bike category.

Speaking about its engine, the bike will come mechanized by a 162.7 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke, OHC motor that is dynamite of churning out 14.3 bhp of peak power at 8,500 rpm and 14.3 Nm of peak torque @5,500 rpm. The engine will be coupled with a 5-speed gearbox that establishes smooth shifting.

Expected Launch Date: November 2019
Expected Price: Rs. 72,520

9) Honda CBR300R

Honda CBR 300R
Explore your world on CBR300R

In case this is your first bike or you have a garage full of them, Honda CBR300R is a blast and bang on to ride. Its single-cylinder engine that offers excellent fuel efficiency and is narrow so it’s easier and effortless to sit on the bike and get your feet on the ground. It has capable power and it’s one of the most ultimate maneuverable bikes Honda has ever designed. In town, the CB300R is a good deal of fun that really comes alive is twisty roads and makes the most of its light weight and nimble design.

Honda CBR300R race-winning heritage and combines well over 700 total MotoGP victories. This admirable engineering and technology puts our GP bikes in the winner’s circle and gives the CB300R the performance fulfillment it needs on the street.

Because it’s a single-cylinder machine, the CBR300R is precarious, with low 30.7-inch seat height and light 357-pound curb weight. This makes building more confidence and getting around easier than ever. The Honda CB300R is all about mid-range capability and torque, thanks to its single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, double-overhead cams, and a counterbalance.

As the competition in the 250 cc – 350 cc quarter-liter bike segments is increasing expeditiously in the Indian market, Honda aspires to encash the opportunity for growth by launching new models here. Upon launch, the Honda CBR300 is fully faired sports bike which will certainly draw a lot of attention from the young age buyers who contribute a large number in the total sales.

Honda CBR 300R gets mechanized from a 286 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, DOHC engine. The engine is paired with a 6-speed gearbox and it is adequate of churning out 30.4 BHP of peak power at 8,500 rpm and 27.1 Nm of peak torque at 7,250 rpm.

Expected Launch Date: June 2019
Expected Price: 2 – 2.30 Lakhs

10) Honda CB500F

honda CB500F
Ride on CB500F with its dynamic volume & is perfect entry level machine for the daily commute

The all-new Honda CB500F is compact and known for its all-round agility, punchy performance and sensible running costs which make it a great appealing motorcycle with which to commute through the week and ride for pleasure at the weekend, whatever is the rider’s experience level. The naked street-fighter style and rider knuckle down features add fun and excitement to every ride.

Honda CB500Fs slim form tenders great urban ability as well as enjoyable, out of town performance. It is also pleasant and satisfying for a large range of rider sizes especially smaller riders thanks to clever ergonomics. Neutral naked-bike seating position synthesizes easy maneuvering and keeps the rider comfortable on short rides or longer trips.

The styling impressive concept behind the Honda CB500F is ‘Mechanical & Aggressive’ with the compact headlight cowl and seat unit and downsized bodywork instating a condensed trapezoid form focused around the engine and frame. Small but profitable adequate LED headlight features position lights stationed in the upper left and right side, constituting an assertive front-on presence. A character line and duct are engraved into the speedometer case, adding a sharper-edged appeal.

The all-inclusive dash features a digital speedometer, digital bar graph tachometer, odometer, dual trip meters, clock, plus digital fuel level gauge and fuel utilization is built into the ignition; there’s space below the seat to store a U-lock. Lightweight cast aluminum wheels, 120/70-17 in front and 160/60-17 rear, return sporting sensation and handling traits. Front 320mm wave-style disc brake and 240mm rear that affords strong stopping power. ABS is standard on the CB500F establishing enhanced braking characteristics in less than ideal conditions. The 500cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin DOHC engine is assiduously modern in design and produces a broad power spread for enjoyable and economical riding.

Expected Launch Date: November 2019
Expected Price: 4.80 – 5 Lakhs

Let us get the idea in the comments section which Honda bike you would select. Tell us what you think? We’ll tell you everything you wish to know about Honda.