Weekend Getaways in India

Weekend Getaway from Bangalore to Bandipur National Park, Bike Rides

  • Starting Point:


  • Destination:

    Bandipur National Park

  • When to Visit:

    March to June

  • Type of Bike Required:

    A good, sturdy and well-maintained bike

  • Cuisine:

    Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

  1. Bangalore - Channapatna - Madduru - Kesare - Hosahundi - Nanjanagudu - Gundlupete - Bandipur Via Mysore Road


    Approx. 4.5 Hours

  2. Bangalore - Kanakapura - Malavalli - Nadanahalli - Hosahundi - Nanjanagudu - Bandipur Via NH948


    Approx. 4.5 Hours

  3. Bangalore - Channapatna - Madduru - Malavalli - Sathyagala - Kollegal - Santhamarahalli - Chamarajanagar - Gundlupete - Bandipur Via Mysore Road & NH948


    Approx. 5 Hours

Being caught up with work all week is a part of life in a big city like Bangalore. However, that only increases the need for a break at least once a week. The weekend allows for rest, but wouldn’t it be better if you could take your bike and set out on a little trip to some peaceful place, surrounded by nature, animals and all things good? The Bandipur National Park will give you just that with a great ride and some wonderful memories to take back with you.

Historical Background

The Bandipur National Park was initially generated as a shelter by the Maharaja of Mysore in the year 1931. The Bandipur forest was the personal hunting grounds for the Individual Kings of Mysore. The Maharaja of Mysore had molded a sanctuary in a region of 90 sq. km, in the year 1931 and termed it as Venugopala Wildlife Park, as Venugopala was the main divinity of this land. In 1974, a supplementary 800 sq km was enhanced to Venugopala Wildlife Park and it was managed by the Indian government as a Tiger Reserve to preserve tigers in the area, under the name of Project Tiger after which it moved forward to be known as Bandipur National Park.

We shall now have a look at the route that you should take to get to Bandipur from Bangalore on your bike.

Option 1: Bangalore – Channapatna – Madduru – Kesare – Hosahundi – Nanjanagudu – Gundlupete – Bandipur

  • Starting point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Ending point: Bandipur Forest Entry Checkpost (Bandipur National Park, Karnataka)
  • Via: Mysore Road
  • Distance: 219 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 4.5 Hrs
  • Type of Road: Tar roads, decent condition

You may ride from Bangalore to Bandpur National park via the Mysore road. It will take you approximately 4 and a half hours for you to cover the distance of around 219 kilometers. With fairly good roads, his journey should not be too tiring for you.

Option 2: Bangalore – Kanakapura – Malavalli – Nadanahalli – Hosahundi – Nanjanagudu – Bandipur

  • Starting point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Ending point: Bandipur Forest Entry Checkpost (Bandipur National Park, Karnataka)
  • Via: NH948
  • Distance: 227 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 4.5 Hrs
  • Type of Road: Tar roads, decent condition

Another way to reach Bandipur National Park from Bangalore, is to ride via the NH948. This route runs for around 227 kilometers and can be covered in approximately 4 and a half hours, depending on your bike and the weather and traffic conditions.

Option 3: Bangalore – Channapatna – Madduru – Malavalli – Sathyagala – Kollegal – Santhamarahalli – Chamarajanagar – Gundlupete – Bandipur

  • Starting point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Ending point: Bandipur Forest Entry Checkpost (Bandipur National Park, Karnataka)
  • Via: Mysore Road & NH948
  • Distance: 226 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 5 Hrs
  • Type of Road: Tar roads, decent condition

Yet another possible route involves a combination of the Mysore Road, and the NH948. This 226 kilometer long route can be covered in 5 hours of continuous riding, and is not too rough either. You could however, stop for refreshments, that will make your journey more enjoyable.

Places to Stay

The tropical Bandipur National Park, situated in the Chamarajanagar region in the state of Karnataka, recommends one of the tempting locations, to allow one to enjoy the pleasure of the thrill of adventure. The sightseers spend the time to see the locality of Bandipur to get enthralled by the ambiance of the forests and the wildlife. The pleasing place always furnishes the upright medium to reconstruct the past lash with Mother Nature.

Bandipur, the essence is located downward the Nilgiri Biosphere encounters with numeral rivers such as Kabini, Nugu and Moyar as a blessing. Bandipur lodges have a numeral of resorts that cater to the necessity of different categories of every individual. There are resorts that perfectly suits for a family weekend or for personal exposure.

The special intervention of the splatter location in Bandipur provides lots of incredible grandeur resorts with well comfy hotel rooms. The attractive environment of the place, as well as its diverse magnificence packed resorts, will surely make your travel sense you alive, by making you realize that there is nothing best in the world, then this place. Trekking journey accompanied by skillful experts is another attraction of this scenic beauty place. So put your adventure shoes and get prepared to lose yourself in the world of wilderness. Connect upon puzzling terrain environment and trek down to some of the calmest and composed trails of open beauty. The food, the people and the places are too good and while you are in Bandipur you can stay at the respective places that are available at reasonable prices.

Types of Accommodation Available

In spite of the fact at some time in past, Bandipur was brazenly a growing natural environment in the extent of the royal private hunting grounds for the Kings and Maharaja which recently became a point of accommodation for many tourists. One can eyewitness a good number of elephants roaming over a wide area in the huge flock here and so are the scenes of deer staring at people staying there. Residencies here are the victorious upshot of a carefully planned and great attention to detail the executed project, which aimed at providing excellent hospitality services and constant improvement of conveying the highest amount of quality at reasonable prices. Select from a variety of Standard, Deluxe, Court and Suite rooms with tremendous remarkable visibility of nature and the garden. What can be more preferable than a jungle resort & an open gaping bonfire night to connect sensation to your stay!

Places to Visit

An undiscovered treasure trove of delights, Nijaguna Residency is well suited for long stays or weekend breaks. Bandipur is precious for wildlife reserve that a country can treasure the richness. The national park is located to some of the most picturesque destinations and historically remarkable places in South India; therefore it is very credible for those visiting Bandipur to master plan a trip to one or more of these places based in the close vicinity.

Biligiriranga Hills

The Biligiriranga Hills is located in Chamarajanagar at the borderline of Tamil Nadu, South India. The zone is well-known as Biligiriranga Swamy (Lord Vishnu) Temple Wildlife Sanctuary or candidly BRT Wildlife Sanctuary which design the outline of a popular tourist and pilgrimage destination. The sanctuary extracts its name “Biligiri” from the White Rock face of a major hill with a 500-year-old temple atop, where devotees from remote places come to pay admiration to the lord.

Kyathadevara Gudi Wildlife Sanctuary

Between the streams, valleys, hills, and astonishing scenic beauty are a well-liked tourist destination, discovered in Yelandur, a town on B.R Hills Range. Mark a myriad species of birds, and animals along with sloth bears and leopards, and if you are blessed, one can also observe tigers! The camp propounds open top jeep safaris into the shrine of sacred Sanctuary and experienced staff to lead tourists into the variation of wildlife.

Gopalaswamy Betta

At a remoteness of 19 Km from Bandipur & 9 Km from Hangla (which is between Bandipur & Mysore), Gopalaswamy Betta is renowned for 13th-century Gopalaswamy temple devoted to Lord Krishna.

Established at an altitude of 1454 meters, Gopalaswamy Betta has attractive and pleasing weather all through the year. It is the preeminent peak in the Bandipur National Park. This Gopalaswamy temple was put together by the King Chola Ballala at the time of 1315 AD. There are quite a few lakes on every side of the hill. The temple on top of the hill is well acquainted by road.

Things to Eat

Restaurants will lay hold you on an overwhelming gastronomic junket! Refreshment for your taste buds, you can relish varieties of different culture dishes here like South Indian, North Indian, Andhra and Chinese cuisine in town. Its flawless atmosphere adds to an enriching exposure for the visitors.

The style of cooking in Karnataka carries the cultural values and the love for food of the people of Karnataka that has been involved down across generations. If you are devising a trip to Karnataka, then you must try delicate and pure dishes that are outlandish to the state.

Let’s begin with the breakfast items. So what can you get for morning brunch is healthy, simple and tasty? South Indians are notorious for their love for idlys. But, while we in Bandipur, try evaluating steaming hot idlis and uddina vada dipped in sambar and chutney. It is phenomenal and we bet you cannot finish with just one. Another morning meal and tea time snack delight, Maddur Vada got its name from the place Maddur, where it emerged. Have it with hot tea as it relishes the flavor perceived in the mouth.

Another surprising delight is known as Bisi Bele Bath. This authoritative dish made ready from rice, vegetables, and lentils is a lip-smacking pleasure. Ragi Mudde one of the common dish available in the rural areas of Karnataka. If you get a chance to visit the rural region of Karnataka for lunch, then Ragi Mudde and Soppina Saru would be a wedge fragment of your lunch.

With fascinating cocktails, spirits, and alcohol from around the world, the bar in Bandipur invites you to make one relax, loose and knock back a few drinks, recollecting over the adventures of a long day or just throw away a quiet evening with friends & family.

Best Time to Visit

Each division of the year depends on what you are looking for; if it’s wildlife you considering then the summery flaming months from March to May are when a group of animals flocks to the watering chamber. If you are gazing for cool relief environment, then months of November to February are perfect when the flora is resurging following the rains; the rainy period of June to September bring the elephants to the fore also conveying the measured amount of heat down and metalled roads is covered in a way with crushed stones of Bandipur.

The Bandipur National park was established in 1974, and is famous for its protection of a number of endangered wildlife species, especially tigers and elephants. From being a hunting ground for the Maharaja of Mysore, to now being a place of refuge for animals, birds and plants that need protection, the Bandipur National Park is the perfect example of correcting mistakes and making up for damage done.

You could set out from Bangalore early on Saturday morning. It should take you approximately 4.5 hours to cover the 220km distance. Once you reach, you will find no shortage of things to do. From taking the Wildlife Safari, to just taking a rest under the shade of trees and watching the beauty of nature, you will definitely be blessed through the experience. You could enjoy some nice food, and retire for the night’s sleep at an A/C or Non-A/C accommodation of your choice. You could begin your Sunday by waking up early and watching the sunrise and observing how the birds and animals come alive with the dawning of a new day.

So plan your next weekend now itself, get your bike ready, and get set to enjoy a weekend getaway to the Bandipur National Park!